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The Smurfs Get Reimagined In Homoerotic Tom Of Finland Re-Design Contest [NSFW]

A mind-bending entry into Dale Lazarov's "Homoerotic Tom of Finland Redesign Pin-Up Challenge" will either warp your childhood or salvage it. Yep, these are men from the Smurf village as imagined by artist Alessio Slominsky in a piece titled "Tom of Smurfland." Why have we not seen these guys in the Neil Patrick Harris films? 

More about the contest:

ATTN: ARTISTS/ILLUSTRATORS/CARTOONISTS OF G+/Tumblr/Facebook/DeviantArt/Twitter/etc:
It's the Homoerotic Tom of Finland Redesign Pin-Up Challenge! Redesign Tom of Finland characters in whatever comic or cartooning style you like. Or take a character from another comic and redesign him in the style of Tom of Finland! Here are some examples of homoerotic pin-up subjects for this challenge:

-- A Tom of Finland leatherman as an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

-- Tom of Finland's Kake as a *Metal Hurlant/Heavy Metal* sexy robot!

-- Popeye and Bluto drawn in the style of Tom of Finland!

And so on! Your deadline is Sunday, May 11th, 2014. When you are done with your illustration, send the image to along with 1) the name you want me to credit for the illustration, 2) a link to your web-presence if you want me to use one with the Tumblr post, and 3) the name you want me to tag on Facebook (friend me if we're not FB friends!) and/or G+ if you want me to tag you there as well. I will post Homoerotic Tom of Finland Redesign Pin-Ups on my tumblog and on my other online presences with link and credit as I receive them.

Check out more very NSFW submissions at Dale Lazarov's blog. 



Very Good Wow

I'm impressed about this news

Do you think that Smurfette will be as cute?

oh my thats cool! also curious about how gargamel looks like!

Shouldn't there pubes be blue? Lol

oh yeah, Papa smurf!

Oh Wow! I just noticed that! LOL

I meant "the houses".

Dale's pin-up challenges are always a fun exercise in hot manly depravity.

By the way, Alessio is my collaborator on GOOD SPORTS, a gay erotic graphic novel. Click here to see it :)


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