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Zac Efron Talks Dildos, D*ck Jokes, & Full Frontal Nudity!

God love him, we can always count on E!'s Marc Malkin to ask the important questions--or at least stay focused on the important subjects, which is why it comes as no surprise that he got Zac Efron to open up on dildos, dick jokes, and potential full frontal nudity during their interview at the Neighbors premiere in Los Angeles!!

From E!Online:

"Dildos are just funny," Efron told me last night at the Neighbors premiere in L.A.


"I was worried about how many d--k jokes there were," Efron said of the Nicholas Stoller-directed flick, which also stars Dave Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Ike Barinholtz and Jerrod Carmichael. "I was like, 'Guys, we're going overboard.' There were...a lot of them are in the movie."

No worries, he was happy with the end result. "Turns out you can get a movie through with a lot of d--k jokes," Efron said.


Could the former High School Musical star see himself flashing it all on the big screen one day? "Full frontal? I don't know, man," Efron said. "This movie makes me concerned because they could probably get me to do anything if they ask. Who knows? I'm not going to say yes or no yet."

That wasn't a "no" guys!! 

"They could probably get me to do anything if they ask." For the love of God, somebody ask him already!!


I would suck his xxx

Zac, he is so hot! I am also curious about this naked body!! Can I?

I would love to see his 'weener'...

Bro do you even lift?

Yea HOT GUY, he gets paid HIGHLY to work out, flaunt it and entertain. Showing us "full monty" ? Who cares, we all got what he has.

And occasionally he's a good actor as well.


His face has gotten too round, his body too big and hairy. I miss the boy Zac.

Boy Zac?   Okay, aren't supposed to want to have see naked boys.   Men are supposed to have muscle tone and body.

Back off pedo bear. Get a clue. He looks like a man his age should. Sheesh.

You tell him!  I like him just the way he is, all grown up!   

Yes guys, I agree, that would be sexy, BUT, God knows if this man was Gay, I'd be happy, all Gay men would. #1, I'd be happy to be with this sexy looking man, but I'd love to honestly get to know him. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, the frontal would be nice to see, but come on guys, getting close to him, knowing what he's going to say, finish his sentences and being able to look into those SEXY eyes every morning & when he's laying on his back......whoops, Sleeping, yeah, that's what I meant. lol
Good Luck Zac with your career, you'll continue to be at the top of your game for many, many years to come. A Fan of yours for life, John.

I too would LOVE to see Zac Naked and even more I would LOVE to be able to be with him as I am sure He would be Awesome indeed....   

would love to see what he looks like naked ...oh we can dream can't we 

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