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Tennessee Church Kicks Out Relatives Of Lesbian Cop

After openly-gay detective Kat Cooper helped Collegedale, Tennessee became the first city in the state to provide benefits to partners of LGBT employees, a local anti-gay church decided to do the most Christian thing they could think of: kick Cooper's relatives out of the congregation. 

The Times Free Press reports:

Leaders at Ridgedale Church of Christ met in private with Kat Cooper's mother, aunt and uncle on Sunday after the regular worship service. They were given an ultimatum: They could repent for their sins and ask forgiveness in front of the congregation. Or leave the church.

Their sins?

"My mother was up here and she sat beside me. That's it," said Kat Cooper. "Literally, they're exiling members for unconditionally loving their children -- and even extended family members."

But the family's support of Kat Cooper was as good as an endorsement of homosexuality, said Ken Willis, minister at Ridgedale Church of Christ.

"The sin would be endorsing that lifestyle," Willis said. "The Bible speaks very plainly about that."

Willis, a father himself, said the church didn't expect the Cooper family to disown their daughter.

"But you certainly can't condone that lifestyle, whether it's any kind of sin -- whether they're shacked up with someone or living in a state of fornication or they're guilty of crimes," he said. "You don't condone it. You still love them as a parent."

"There's no sin to repent for," said Hunt Cooper, Kat's father. "And she's not going to turn her back on her daughter."

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What a horrible "un-Jesus-like" action! Have they forgotten Jesus' last commandment? Please do not blame Tennessee, I blame the leaders of this church who have now become modern day Pharisees. As a christian (and gay), I am quite disappointed.

Another reason I hate Tennessee,  people like this make my skin crawl; bunch of hypocrites...

Not everyone in Tennessee is like this. I was born raised, and still live in Nashville. The issue is the Church of Christ. The CoC has always been known for intolerance. However, I did not find this out until I went to a CoC college. At the church I go to, which is NOT CoC, everyone is welcoming of everyone, regardless of sexual orientation. The CoC would say that my church is not really a church, but just about anything would be more of what Jesus considers a church than the Church of Christ.

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