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Russia 'Clarifies' Anti-Gay Propaganda Law In Letter To IOC

The Russian government penned a letter to the International Olympic Committee today, per the IOC's request that the country "clarify" its anti-gay legislation.

Personally, we're just as confused as ever.

The Associated Press reports:

The Russian government assured the IOC on Thursday it will not discriminate against homosexuals during the Sochi Olympics, while defending the law against gay "propaganda" that has provoked an international backlash.

The IOC received a letter from Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak giving reassurances the host country will comply fully with the Olympic Charter's provision against discrimination of any kind.

"The Russian Federation guarantees the fulfillment of its obligations before the International Olympic Committee in its entirety," Kozak said.

However, Kozak did not back down on the issue of the new law, which penalizes anyone who distributes information aimed at persuading minors that "nontraditional" relationships are normal or attractive.

The law applies equally to everyone and "cannot be regarded as discrimination based on sexual orientation," Kozak said.

The letter still leaves open the question of what would happen to Olympic athletes or fans if they make statements or gestures that could be considered propaganda.


In his letter, Kozak said the legislation does not impose any restrictions on sexual orientation, and stressed the Russian constitution prohibits discrimination against anyone based on sex, race or religion.

The law on gay propaganda, he said, centers on the "restriction of information that promotes non-traditional sexual relationships among children."

"These legislations apply equally to all persons, irrespective of their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, and cannot be regarded as discrimination based on sexual orientation," he said.

The letter added: "These requirements do not attract any limitations for participants and spectators of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi on their legal right of residence in the territory of the Russian Federation or participation in any events stipulated in the Games program that are contradictory to the Olympic Charter or universally recognized standards of international law on human rights."


Kozak's letter came after IOC President Jacques Rogge asked the Russians for further clarifications on the law and how it could impact on the Sochi Games.

"We have today received strong written reassurances from the Russian government that everyone will be welcome at the games in Sochi regardless of their sexual orientation," Rogge said in a statement.

The letter was addressed to Jean Claude-Killy, the French IOC member who heads the coordination commission for the Sochi Games.

It's still not clear if an athlete or spectator could be prosecuted for wearing a badge or rainbow pin or waving a small flag in solidarity with gay rights. Political gestures of any kind are also prohibited by the IOC.


Well, IOC Pres. Rogge certainly seems satisfied (though we doubt George Takei will be).

What do you think, Instincters? Feeling any safer? Are things more "clear"??




pathetic hypocrites.

please help us find a russian boy. he was getting bullied with a internet video. visit our facebookpage to help. thanks a lot.

Bullshit from a man with secret Hitler like plots just to throw everyone off his scent until (maybe) he could amend that constitution or find other loophole around it until only pure blooded Russian heterosexuals without any disability will feel even the slightest bit safe in their own country.  You can tell a lot from a man's eyes and every picture shows the eyes of someone who is either a psychopath or sociopath.  They exude "evil" intent.  Not just him either.  I have seen those same evil eyes in at least one politician under him (the one who said the Olympics are not safe from their laws).

Barbaric Klingons!!

We are supposed to believe their letter to the IOC even though the Russian Government does nothing to protect their own LGBT citizens from attacks not only by the general population but also from branches of the Government.  What Russia has given to the IOC is about as Trustworthy as a Snake Oil Salesman (Con Artist).   It is a smoke screen to Placate the IOC and the Rest of the world.  But there are those of us outside of the IOC that can clearly see this as a sham.  Russia is only thinking about its financial gain.

Everyone who attends the Sochi games should all wear a single color of the rainbow and collectively protest without calling it a protest.  Just claim that they are "wearing their favorite color among others who enjoy the same thing".  Simple.

MORE CONFUSED NOW THAN EVER.  It seems Russia is still side stepping the issue and clarification.  But then what can you expect from the current government in that country. Instead of moving the country forward it is taking it backwards.   All the people of Russia did is trade one Controlling form of government for another. What amazes me the most is that the World is so shocked by Russia's new legislation and it's timing.  Honestly, I can't believe that they didn't see this coming?  This was all strategicly planned by the Russian Government after winning the Sochi location for the 2014 Winter Olympics.  The new so called "Propagand Law concerning Homosexuals" was approved by Russia close enough to the games that it would make it almost impossible for the IOC to change locations last minute.   I would hope the IOC would grow a pair and point blank demand clarification.  What is the IOC afraid of when it comes to Russia? What hold does Russia have over the IOC?  Is the IOC's lack of action due to the fact that one of the "Presidential hopefuls of the IOC" is from Russia?  What?  There is a lot of clarification that needs to come from both sides.  I have been an avid viewer of the Winter Olympics since I was a child.  Every time the Winter Olympics happened I was glued to the TV.   This TIME I will not be watching.  The world is outraged at the actions taken by the Russian Government against its LGBT citizens and lack of involvement protecting them from the rest of the citizenry.   The 2014 Winter Olympics and the IOC have been given a black eye by Russia. 

Wake the H*** up IOC!!!!!!!!!!

WHO THE HELL DO THEY THINK THEY'RE KIDDING? - Russia states in NEW letter that the Anti-Gay "law applies equally to everyone". The IOC interprets that as, "We have today received strong written reassurances from the Russian Government that everyone will be welcome at the games in Sochi regardless of their sexual orientation."

IMAGINE - This is like saying we passed a law stating people exhibiting the presence of darker pigmented skin should be fined and imprisoned (including athletes), AND that this does not go against the Olympic Charter, because the law applies equally to everyone, so cannot be regarded as discrimination based on race.

I agree.

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