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Todrick Hall Gives Beyonce's 'Grown Woman' A Disney Princess Spin

Todrick Hall previously held off on releasing his Disney-fied take on Beyonce's "Grown Woman," but now that the diva has snatched the spotlight from basically everyone, it appears that it's the perfect time for him to drop his latest video! 

Check out Disney Princesses Tiana, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, and Ariel showing just how grown they are in Todrick's latest Beyonce-inspired clip!




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I think it is tasteful and was done well, Hence Grown Women! I love this video. I don't know what era you all living in but kids these days know more than what we did at their age.

I just thought this was a pepsi commercial.

I thought it was too!

Clearly its not a childrens' video... and if you are worried about your child ,if you have one, watching this when there is much worse things that air on everyday television that depict sexism and discrimination or belittling of woman then maybe you should supervise and raise your child and not let the tv do it and quit complaining

THIS IS NOT F*CK*NG GOOD! He used the disney princesses did he ever think how will the kids react after watching this CRAP VIDEO?! 

This video is clearly not for children and if you knew anything about

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