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Dustin Lance Black Accepts Apology, Will Speak At Alma Mater's Commencement

It looks like Oscar winner and Pasadena City College alum Dustin Lance Black is willing to put the ugliness of being dis-invited from speaking at his alma mater's graduation behind him. (Black's invitation was rescinded based on controversy surrounding his 2009 sex photos theft and leak.)

Following PCC's apology and renewed invitation, Black has agreed to speak at commencement. 

"I've said it before and I'll say it again,” Black told the campus newspaper. “It will be my honor to deliver the commencement address for PCC's graduating class of 2014."

Los Angeles Times columnist Robin Abcarian spoke with PCC student trustee Simon Fraser, who originally extended Black's invitation; Fraser said:

“I’m ecstatic,” he told me Saturday. “I’m glad that Black can be forgiving and be willing to put the ugliness of the way that this all happened behind him to give a fantastic commencement experience to all our students.”

His sentiments were echoed by PCC President Mark W. Rocha:

In a news release Saturday, Rocha said he was delighted that Black had agreed to speak. “Mr. Black’s career represents a rare blend of public leadership and creativity,” Rocha said in a statement. “Additionally, he has generously committed his attention and resources to fighting for LGBTQ equality, the arts, and — not least of all — education.”

We think it's a classy move on Black's part and the students will benefit from hearing from such an accomplished alum. 

What do you think of Black's decision, Instincters?

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Good for him! this is how you make a stance

Isn't Tom Daley his boy toy! I wonder if they'll show up as a couple

My initial thought is that he'd be stupid to show up with Tom Daley at the graduation since the young man who would be on his arm is younger than the graduates, but that probably won't make a difference.  However, the college only asked him back to avoid embarrassment and bad publicity, and he probably only accepted for publicity.  There's no moral victory for DLB and PCC looks pretty bad.

Now if he does attend alone, he'll be ok as long as he does not meet someone else at the commencement and push Tom aside. Oh wait, I already mentioned the graduates are older than Tom, and for DLB 21 or 22 makes them senior citizens, not seniors in college.

Aww what's the matter? bitter you're single and eternally alone and this man is a successful, rich, accomplished individual? DLB will always be a staple of the gay community. Go backt o reading your trite bible.

Love your mind! You're amazing. 

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