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Craig Ramsay Is A Ripped "Bloke On A Boat"

Sure, Craig Ramsay's wearing nothing but white before Memorial Day, but we'll let it pass. On second thought, putting him in Fashion Police handcuffs sounds like a great idea. 

The renowned fitness instructor and our husband showed off his new boating attire on Instagram late Monday with the caption, "a #bloke on a #boat." And there goes what we thought we had accomplished in time for Speedo season. Oh well, at least we'll have this yacht to live vicariously through. 

(Image: Jeff Wayne Photography)


Craig is my sweetest cousin. He is always there with positive messages to keep me smiling. I love him and Brandon so much! Can't wait for you both to come home for a visit.

This pictures was on his Instagram 9 months ago. He reposted it yesterday.

Nice journalism Instinct, next time try scrolling down 8 inches... which is probably not as far as you think.

I met Craig when he auditioned for Matthew's Passion in NYC. He was wonderful then and am so happy for his success today.  Wishing u and Brandon all happiness and love

I have known Craig for over twenty years now, and he is Beautiful in so many ways, that you count yourself fortunate, to be able to share just a little part of the magnificent person he is. Wishing you and Brandon, all our love,and all the happiness marriage has brought to us..... your Canadian Unc's~xoxox

He is a super nice guy... I have had the blessing of corresponding with him, and you will never meet someone with as big a heart as he has. Wish him and Brandon a lifetime of blessings and happiness!

He's getting married in a week, y'all. He's not your husband.

I really think he should set an example, and take them off!.......:)

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