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Captain America Arrested For Texting D*ck Pics To Teen

Before you go any further hyperventilating, rest assured that we're not talking about Chris Evans/Captain America. Nope, instead it's James Weldon Alton, 29, who stars as Captain America at Universal Studios has been arrested on felony charges of transmitting harmful material to a minor (aka: he sent a teen girl his dick pics). 

After the girl posted a picture of her posing with Cap on Instagram, the actor apparently struck up an online and texting relationship. Upon learning she's 16, the girl claims, he amped up his efforts by texting her a dick pick along with graphic sex talk. 

Alton defends himself by saying he thought the girl was joking when she told him that she's underage. He's been fired from the theme park where he's worked since 2010. 

(Source: Daily Dot)



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How pathetic. Age consent is dubious for a good percentage of teens. If you're sixteen you're not a child anymore. The world has seen fit to deem it so.

Each individual is different and people mature at different levels and most are not "coerced" out of their innocence. 

I don't believe he was smart to do something like that, but I do believe it takes two to tango, as others have said. If she was truly uncomfortable, she could've blocked him. Simple. It's social media ffs.

People start going on their cute little rants, well here's a thought:
16 is not too young - that may depend a bit on the individual, but that's a completely normal biological and mental age to lose one's virginity.
If it's consensual, don't give me this statutory rape codswallop.
I've seen someone's life ruined with legal battles because the parents (like some of you) made a tempest in a teacup, when they didn't like the relationship their boy was having (albeit at the time, 3 months away from 18, AoC in Oz, but then, the other was only 20 at the time), and basically made my friend's life hell.
Educate yourselves and stop acting like a raging mob.

Cut it off!! Fags do not deserve to have a cock, out spreading their disease and such, poking anything with a hole to it.

You, my good sir, are an ignorant idiot. Just because gay people like guys, it does not mean they like anything with orifices. They have standards too. More than half of society is at least bisexual. Heterosexuality is of the minority. So I'm pretty sure that you have spent time with a homosexual male and not known about it. How come, then, you are not "fag"?

what are you talking about, he is straight and sent them to a girl...

Grow up people! In the UK, 16 is the age you can get married ao really...get a grip!

Those of you that want age of consent lowered are child abusers and should also go to jail

She is a minor, he knew it, if any adult tries for anything with a minor he deserves whats coming to him, this is like whe a man rapes a woman and then says she asked for it because she is a slut. Minor is a child period

I am going to have side with common sense and the absurdity of our own legal system... and well, the fact we are young country compared and really should take a beat from cultures centuries and centuries older than ourselves... If law allows for 14 to 17 year old minors to be tried as adults for murder it stands to reason that there are minors out there who are adult enough. Sexually to be disclosed as minors... However, that is not the case with all... We have to evolve with the times and evolution of our young culture... Perhaps instead of making blanket statements... We should look at individual cases... 

That's why the legal age for stuff like that should be lowered to like 15 or 16. All this underage shit is bullshit.

Los gringos estan bien pendejos la edad de la calentura es de los 12 a los 20 en cualquier parte del mundo, lastima que en estados unidos los repriman, pobres teens pura manuela y sexcam...

I can post this message in english if you want, lol!

Just want to see the dick pics 

Just like the liquor store... Always ask for ID!

Did the girls lie about thier age
or is he just stupid ?!

Probably lied most do 

good thing I'm gay lol 

You have made my day after reading a horrid comment further up.

What's wrong with the people posting here? Even if she were the slut of the year, an adult sending a minor dick pics is illegal PERIOD.

Think we are all missing the point here.

Was his dick big or not, lol

that's the question for this post!!!

Parents don't want to know what their kids are. Like when nobody's around.

She knew exactly what she was doing. I am almost 40 now. I was having sex at 11 because I wanted to not because someone erged me too.

At 11 I was dying to have sex, that doesn't mean any 30 y-o had the right to pop my cherry. In addition, to show a pic of your dick to a minor is illegal, besides being gross.

If I have learned anything since I was working and going to school at the age of 15 yrs of age. There is always two sides of the story. It takes two to tango.  In todays world, children are not children anymore. They know very well about the birds and he bee's.  I did not have my first intimate incounter until I was about 30yrs of age. Of course, I was very dedicated to the Catholic Church and was taking care of Mother whom died of Bone Cancer on my arms at the age of 57. I am 53 years of age and am a 15 year survivor. (I come from a family of Cancers). I digress, I will mention that you can try a minor for murdering someone, as an adult, but their is double jeoperdy.  A judge and jury will always side with the sad little girl......LOL!!!!!.   Mr. America can show me his PeePee any time. After mother died and I retired as a Bank Official , I promised myself to speak out against Stupitiy that I saw much of from my clients. I initiated Global Accounts and the worst clients I encountered were from Mexico , yet I am Latin.  Mother being from Mexico did not like her own kind. You don't like what I have bad.

Are you aware you're rambling a little bit? 

Get over yourselves people. He wouldnt have sent it if she didnt ask for it. Stop pretending like the minot didnt completely and fully understand what she was asking for when he sent it.

Even if she had asked she is still a minor and the last time I checked it was illegal to send pics of your dick to children, no matter how naughty they were.

As a woman, I can assure you that there are plenty men that send dick pics without being asked.

In regard to the theme park, obviously they have a duty of care to their customers and it was from the theme park in which they met so really Captain Cock Pic should have had some professionalism and intelligence about him to have known that sending these texts was inappropriate. Despite being way to soon in their relationship. I agree that both boys and girls at 16 years of age in today's society are far from angels and know a hell of a lot more about sex than I did at 16, an I'm 36 now; they are sexual ticking time bombs, we've all been there. I fully support the theme parks decision. Lets hope Captain Cockshot uses this as a learning experience and finds suitable employment soon :)

Post the dick pics!!

I totally agree. In most countries its 15! I couldn't tell my daughter what to do or not do after 13! Thank God she's smart and listened well before she hit that "age" of no return! lol

Wow...She is sixteen. Seriously, as a father, the fact that the response is defending him and neglecting her innocence says alot about moral decline. Just makes me sick. Leave our daughters alone, protect children and punish the perverse.

Agreed. Parents don't want to parent, they want to be their kids best friend so they feel young's the age of Peter Pan syndrome 

What he did is wrong, legally and ethically. Nonetheless, your comment about "neglecting her innocence' is hysterical. Do you know any average 16 year old girls? I do - my own granddaughter. Trust me! A 16 year old girl in this culture is NOT innocent by any means unless she is sheltered within an Amish community, a right wing Bible School, or a nunnery. Get real, man.Before I came out as gay in college, I had a highschool girl friend (to fit in). She was constantly urging ME to have sex with her. This country's continual denial of sexuality in teens is just absurd. 

You sound like a pedophile

And you sound like a rapist.

And you all sound like idiots.

It's not right u freaking sickos. 18 and younger are kids. They will listen n believe anything some cute guy or woman would say to get them to have sex. It's not right and stop trying to make it right. Go to Saudi Arabia if that's what u believe is right sickos

I have to say, as a person who works with 16 - 25 year olds, that you are being somewhat hysterical and a bit naive. 

I was hoping to see the D pick

My thoughts exactly!!! Rofl

I know! But would be better if it WAS Chris Evans. I have tge hugest crush on him! As to the age thing, I was fuckin at 14 and ASKING for cock pics. And she obviously was interested or wouldn't have taken a pic with him. Unfortunately mommy was jealous lol.

16 is the age of consent in most states. This would be a non-issue outside FL. Is she legally allowed to work and pay taxes? Is she able to drive a motor vehicle, which could be used as a deadly weapon? Is she able to own a rifle and hunt? She's a young woman NOT a child. Didn't a 14 y/o boy just get tried as an adult for forced sex? Hypocrites.

In the state of Florida a 16 year old girl does not have the rights to consent to acts deemed to be adult in nature; these acts can even be as stupid and simple as holding the hands of a partner outside or exchanging a kiss with someone.  
So in this case she actually is a child, as an adult man was sending nude photos of his genitals to her in a state that the age of consent is 17 within 2 years of their age.
Or in English, unless she is 17 and he was 19 this is a felony; and as a former Floridian he got off easy.

honestly, i kind of agree. If you can try a 14yo as an adult, how can you try an adult for texting dick picks to a 16yo calling her a minor. it is a double standard. Well he should be fired, he should get in legal trouble for it, but she isn't a little girl she is a young woman and hes probably going to get some kind of sex offender rap for it which is completely overboard.

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