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Adam Levine Debuts New Blonde Look!

PEOPLE Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive is clearly ready for the summer! 

The Voice judge Adam Levine showed off his new bleached blonde locks on Twitter over the weekend!

Perhaps it's an homage to new The Voice judge, Gwen Stefani??

What do you think of Adam's new look, Instincters??


He looks like a perv. I'm a hairdresser and I say YUCK! Go back Adam! Please! Now! It hurts my eyes to stare at you with blond hair! But I love you because you're sassy like ME! xoxo

So LOVE the new hair color .... He's Adam Levine !!! And he can pull off anything !! Changed is good .... And you people might want to try it too!!!! See how it feels and you might like it .... Go Adam !!! 

When I was as skinny as this douche I got called scarecrow, concentration camp survivor, take steroids, don knots...and he gets 'sexiest man of the year'. What the fuck??

He looks like a homeless gay drug addict. Not pretty, like me 


Adam Levine is HOT no matter what. But calling heteros ugly, unkempt, etc. is just mean. And it's simply NOT true. There are a lot of hot straight men and women.  You demonstrate elitest behavior and it's appalling. We do have a cause. There is still a lot of homophobia out there, and a lot of gay haters. This type of behavior just gives them more fodder. There is as much heterophobia amongst gays as there is homophobia amongst straights. Everyone really just needs to get along. Life is too damn short. 

hahahah did you really just say there's much heterophobia (WTF is that? that's not even a thing) as homophobia? Gays are out in full force campaigning in every state to stop heterosexuals from having housing, workplace, and marriage rights? gay kids are bullying straight kids for being straight? gay parents are kicking their hetero children out of the home? I agree with the above comment. If you're hetero, stop pretending to be gay to make your bigoted comments on a gay blog sound more valid. You all end up almost always revealing yourselves in your statements. Just stop.

LOL he said there is as much 'heterophobia' as there is homophobia in the world. Why do you heteros come on our blogs pretending to be one of us when its so clear you're not gay and are in fact, hetero (or bi)...are you that insecure to stand behind your opinion? as ignorant as it is.

Hey looks better with his dark hair

HOT! He looks like a hot male model. He's got a sex appeal about him

He looks hot! gorgeous bone structure!

He is sexy no matter what colour his hair is.  I think it makes him look younger...and besides, it's something to taunt Blake with.

He looks amazing as always!!

We saw him in person nearly 3 years ago and he was sooo GROSS!! Hair shooting from his nostrils and neck back area. He was ok looking in the face. The rest you all see is make up and hair. Why do you all think hes soo hott?
Desperate old fags.

You are so weird.

STFU bible thumping hetero loving, self hating fool. Go work out your internalized homophobia. HOOD RAT

I like it. Let him be, it's his hair :)

the hair color is what ever....but the facial fillers gotta stop. he just needs to stop putting stuff in his face.

I must say I love your dark hair look! Very sexy!

Can I sit on his face?

Sorry to say not a good look.  Sexier the way he was. 

all rock stars (male or female) SHOULD look a little gay...that's what makes them sexy.

I don't care for it but hey, he is not trying to impress me and it is his hair to do as he pleases....GO FOR IT!

Don't worry Adam, haters gana hate! BTW i would pick up some Paul Mitchell for Blonde shampoo, the purple kind, it will help with brassiness of the hair as well as tone it to a perfect summer color! And in a pinch for your roots buy some white chalk or baby powder and apply that to them for lightening results.

I think it's funny that you think Adam Levine, would see this... ever.

He only wishes he was Ms. Stefani.

I love Adam, but he looks gay and horrible with the blond hair. Sorry!! Go back to the brown.

Gay people are MUCH hotter than you heteros. We actually work out, smell decent, are stylish, groom ourselves and don't age like a damn monster looking species. Heteros wished they looked as good as most gay men. You'll never have our genes.

You dumb cunt. Get off our page! GAY IS GREAT. It's your smelly vaginas that are nasty. Yeah I said it. Come on here with that homophobic bull crap and you bitches will be told off

what makes blonde hair so gay?? and why is that a bad thing!? I'm gay and have blonde hair and i love it! bet my hair looks 1k better than yours does bitch! btw i could prob steal your man away from you in a heartbeat! He def looks better with brown hair. but i wouldn't go as far as you did, all you did was make yourself  sound like your a closed minded idiot who needs to think before you speak! and not sure if you know but Adam is a huge LGBT activist and has a Gay brother to boot. Maybe next time you open your tampon you'll shove it in your mouth bc your trash!

Yes she overstepped her boundaries and as a gay man myself, I feel that you did too. Comebacks and dishing on others does not help our causes... God Bless....

Stop trying to dictate the free speech of gays. When heteros come on our venue and spew ignorance at us, they will hear a mouthful in return. The idea that gay folks need to just be good little children is insulting and you should be ashamed for trying to bully us into submission by holding the 'be a good gay or else, no rights for you' argument over our head. Shame on your ignorance.

Cause? there is no "cause"....In life, if you dish it out and disrespect a demographic (which that bitch did above) expect to be disrespected in return. life isn't an episode of "Full House" and the notion that gay people have to take it and be the bigger person is actually drenched in homophobia itself, because you fundementally believe if gays react, we're being uppity. So if you can't take it, don't dish it!

Well said Trevor.  Her dumb assed comment pissed me off too!

I think that Adam Levine is cute either way.  He's definitely the sexiest "male vocalist" a live, but  I really doubt he's the sexiest man alive.

I think he's sexy with dark hair. I definitely do not like the blonde look.

so horrible - he looks gay now, he looked terrible on the voice and i think even though he said he like it, his embarrassment really showed thru

Gays are a lot better than you nasty heteros in every way. Your men all smell and your womans pussy smells. So him looking gay is a compliment. Dumb breeder, don't be mad we gays run the world.

how can you say that! He looks GAY, he doesn't, and how could hair color define some ones sexuality?! your a closed minded idiot! And might i say how "manly" of you to have CUJO as your name, sounds like your trying to compensate for your tiny you know what and i don't mean brain, that was perfectly shown how small it is in your comment!

Be the bigger person...

Really? "Gay" ? Way to go.

Change is fun, I freaking love the blonde hair!!!

No, why!!???? It's not beautiful blond, why!!!???

Hot is just HOT, blonde, brunette... does not matter!!


I crie 

why does he burn my eyes :'O

looks great, should have done his eyebrows too!!!

I love your black hair much better. makes you look sexy and mysterious !

Go back, pls.

Just about spit out my adult beverage when Blake called him Miley last night!

Like the dark look much better

adam is a real sexy man, the blond hair is ok, but i think he looked better with the dark hair.hope he stays on the voice he is so great

Blonde or natural he is still sexy as hell

I think he looks amazing...the rest of you judgemental bitches are nothing more than basic...yes, fucking basic! 

He looks great with or without hair no matter what color!

I love it!!

It's his hair, he should do whatever he likes.

I will never understand why  we have so much hate...peace my friends

  All love here.    Peace my friend. 

this color is definitively not for you.

Adam is still HOT! 

Don't care for the new look.  Makes him look washed out!

it sure dose go back.

like Like LIKE!!!!!! change is good... its just expression... will change again... all good!

I don't care one inch what color his hair is! He's gorgeous and a great person with boatloads of talent. If Adam looses fans because he changed his hair color - they don't deserve to be called a fan. 

Adam, you have to go back to your old look.  You had gorgeous hair, and the new loook must go!

Work it girl!

Calm down people! I'm sure it is just for a new acting role. He should know good and damn well that we love him just the way he is :)


If someone stops being a fan of his because of this then fuck them...they are assholes anyway.  I think he looks great regardless.  

Well said!  No use whatsoever for haters! He's smokin' hot and super talented whether blond, brown, bald or whatever!

You got that right! He is F.I.N.E. no matter what color of hair he may have, it could be purple zebra stripes and he would still be his sexy self. all LOVE for ADAM here.

I hate it so much! DX

Go back to the  old style, blond hair makes u look like a dork

Adam, I don't care if your hair was orange, I would still think your the HOTTEST MAN ALIVE....and even if I'm old enough to be your mother, I would still take advantage of you and never let you go!!

Wow, not one self absorbed person commented on all the pussy he has on his shirt.  All you notice is the importance of his hair, beard and eye brow's. You have sealed this poor guys fate based on a egotistical picture of himself. Oh sorry....a selfie. I mean #selfie.  Is life really going to be effected by his  hair color...or is it colour. I really don't think he is worried as he laughs all the wayt o the bank while singing about a pay phone when no one uses them anymore.

Hahahaha this is awesome :)

I just have to say that I absolutely love your comment! Great comeback! :)

LOL Amy. All in good fun. :-)

Adam - You look so friggin hot with your normal hair color. go back please

I think the tank top is worse than his hair… Meowwwww. 

Look its Miley !!!

I will never understand why we live in a world that gives a crap about haircolor, or looks, or any of this bull. He does not sing with his hair, so what do I care? 

And yet you took time to open up the link and check it out for yourself. THEN you took time to write a response about how much you don't care. Hmmmm......


you look better with your dark hair,

Keep it dark.  It looks much better.  Be yourself.

you wanting him to go back is not him "being himself"...

WTF was he thinking? Horrendous!!!!!!!!!!!

Is that girl his daughter? Hot man either way, but don't make yrsrlf look like a dirty old man by going out with a very young prettsle.

It is his girlfriend, actually the woman he is going to marry. He is 35, she is 24 or 25 forgot her birthdate. I do not think he is a dirty old man and do not think he would be marrying Behati.

I don't care if his hair was fucking purple he is gorgeous and u people are judgemental and brutal. Who cares of he wanted blonde hair he still looks better than all u haters. I like it Adam. Ur hott

Aw hurt my feelings. You think I am not hot and that I am judgemental, brutal and a hater.  I am so sad. I really wanted someone who has never met me to think I am hot. I guess I will have to sing, She Will Be Loved, to myself in the mirror over and over and hope that you will think I am hot, even with purple hair. Well Jizz, opps I mean Josh, you just keep me coming back for more, and I hope in your heart you will become obsessed with me as much as you are with Ellen DeGeneres, opps I mean Adam Lesbian, opps I mean Levine.  Good luck to you and your " I Love Menchicks That Look Like Lesbians Fan Club". Oh yeah one favor to ask of you kind person.......can I be the Vice-President of your fan club?

Adam if ur reading this:U need 2 do ur eye brows n shave 4 the hair 2 look good!!!

I don't like it. sorry

It's self expression. He chose it. He KNOWS it won't last forever.  He's an adult.  He's sexy.  NO H8!

Not a fan of the hair. I find his shirt far more disturbing. Comment just waiting to happen....

LOL! I did not notice the shirt till you pointed it out ! Grown men shouldn't wear wife beaters with kitties on it LOL!

I would LOVE to see pictures of all your hateful bitches. 

WHAT HAPPENED! he is still BEAUTIFUL to me idc what he wants to do i still LOVE him <3

Wow...some of you are brutal...

get rid of the blond it is hideous 


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