Derrick Gordon, 1st Out Gay NCAA Basketball Player, Dating 'CSI' Star!

Derrick Gordon, the first openly gay NCAA men's college basketball player, made his red carpet debut with former CSI star Gerald McCullouch at the GLAAD Awards this weekend! 

Out, proud, and LIVING--get it, Derrick! 

TMZ reports: 

The two arrived to the GLAAD media awards in NYC this weekend -- 47-year-old Gerald was Derrick's date for the evening ... and MediaTakeOut has a photo of the two kissing on the red carpet. 

Gordon -- who only went public about his sexuality last month -- was honored at the event ... and afterward wrote, "22 years old now...4 years ago I wouldnt have never imagine my life changing so much and being at the GLAAD AWARDS...IM TRULY BLESSED!!!!"

Looks like the pair had a great night! Have fun guys! 



Lord, God! Help the parents during this difficult time.

Why are you on here Denise? You go away.

Lord God, help these guys be free from the vile negativity from the homophobes who've invested our space.


Don't judge unless you want to be judged , Look at your relationship

If you are threaten by them or anyone else, you should look into your sexually identity - I have Straight friend and they are comfortable in their own shoes and not scare by a gay man kissing him or giving them a friendly hug /hello.


Gross, how dare he get older than he was previously...

How dare anyone attracted to older people be allowed to date them.   Gross. 

If you want to rob the cradle, by all means do it, I think it's disgusting.

What rock do you live under? Mind your hateful gay neck instead of're just another reason why this community is in the messed up state it is...haters of everything that is not to your liking. Grow up...they surely are not concerned with your thoughts and living their lives...learn from that. Furthermore, they are consenting adults...who is underage in that picture?

Both consenting adults actually, while you're just insulting both...

vanilla and chocolate...swirl swirl...

And welcome to the world where you get judged for bein yourself...No matter the difference in years, these are two legally grown ass men...Love has no gender...So I give awe to these men for steppin out with this...nobody got time to live they life in the closet just because of what ppl will say...Do Y'all Thang!!

So happy for them they looked handsome! Perfect example of loving life and whomever youd like!

They are both consenting adults and they can do as they please. Good for both of them.

I hope they are a couple.  They look AWESOME together!  I don't understand the problem.  Older straight guys date younger women all the time.  For the people trying to throw race into the mix, find a cliff and jump! (I am black).

Gerald is gorgeous.  Age ain't nothing but a number.  

I'm sorry, I can't help it....this just hurts my eyes

Then you need to see a doctor.

What the fuck?! DLB + Tom Daley now this hideousness...? Pederasty is the new black

Both of these MEN are adults. No pederasty involved.

noun: pederasty; noun: paederasty
sexual activity involving a man and a boy.

Careful how you throw the word "boy" around.
Also, according to Tom Daley, he pursued DLB, not the other way. Also, Haters gonna Hate.

You vile, insecure, predatory maniac, you've changed the definition to support your sinister viewpoint while sneaking in a charge racism. My viewpoint is perfectly valid. Older men pursuing younger men, i.e. pederasty, is gross.  Your support of this filth is proof enough that you are the true "hater" in this equation. DLB accepted. Whoever initiated the perversion, the "mature" one deliberately endangered the young man. DLB is a hypocrite and predator, there's no two ways about it. 

His definition is right, YOURS is wrong. Any dictionary worth it's salt will tell you that.

It is hard to side with someone who can't Google the dictionary definition of the word he uses. It is EVERY various dictionaries definition, the literal Greek is love of boys. So ignorant person, your entire foundation is incorrect, which makes your argument and your name calling just a little silly. You are right it doesn't matter which of them pursued the other, as the relationship is legal and valid on Europe and the US. They can get married in many cities in both. I'm not sure what your beef is. But I am certain that you need to find a valid hobby, and to learn a new word:
libel[ lahy-buhl ]
1. Law.
a. defamation by written or printed words, pictures, or in any form other than by spoken words or gestures.
b. the act or crime of publishing it.
c. a formal written declaration or statement, as one containing the allegations of a plaintiff or the grounds of a charge.
2. anything that is defamatory or that maliciously or damagingly misrepresents
And a new Web Site:

You're right, why should I engage with an ignorant person like you? I don't want to continue to argue with a worthless, insignificant person such as yourself, look those up in your prehistoric dictionary, they apply to you! You are wrong on all accounts and continue to argue a shallow points while throwing new charges to deflect from the ultimate truth. Thanks for proving my point. 

You are not the owner of "the ultimate truth"
Links to Internet dictionaries are not prehistoric.
You are not even the owner of facts or logic.
You ARE very stubborn and reactionary and blind to logic and proof, so it must have really hurt for you to stop watching Fox News long enough to read all of this, even while Definitions don't make sense to you.

You need to wake up from your imaginary world, look at what's around you. You've become a delusional, arrogant, self-centered person who believes you are right and everyone else is wrong. This whole exchange has been all about you and your refusal to have anyone state facts that prove you wrong. You're a failure. A failure of humanity, you're an embarrassment, you're a sad, reject of a person with little in the way of morality and intelligence. I've challenged your idiotic, gross notions and you've succeeded in proving me right with your rage and diatribe that reflects nothing but your blind idiocy and undeserved sense of entitlement. Go away, you're over. 

It is my hope that the trolling and Flaming society membership that you are applying for with these ludicrous replies that fail to recognize dictionaries, and definitions and standardized, commonly accepted usages, has penalized you for your inflexibility and failure to adapt.
If this is for real, and you are just so bat shit stubborn and angry over something which anyone who cares to look could tell you that you are wrong about, I truly hope you focus that energy on something useful, like cocksucking. If you are half as good at sucking dick as you are at blowing hot air... my, my, my.

Looking in the mirror are we? YOU'RE the one that's projecting. NOT him. HIS definitions are correct YOUR'S are delusional and wrong. Everything in your last statement there has been about you and not him.

It comes as no surprise that degenerates come in packs and cast aspersions on those who disagree. These lames attempts to negate facts and opinions are dismissed. By conversely stating what I've stated doesn't prove anything, except that I was right in the first place and subsequent responses are just deflections.  

and youre the new idiot!!!

And yes, you're Not Necessary. 

I am happy for both of them! I think we should all give them our support. They make a lovely couple!

I guess you gotta screw up in love early to get it out of the way. Using the 1/2 +7 Rule this dude is out of his league. The youngest person he should date is 30. Oh well I hope this does not make him lose focus of his career. :-/ 

Didn't know that rule, but thanks.  Looks like my partner is within that criteria.  

When I am bombarded by this on a regular basis, it steals my attention much less me giving it my attention. I have Had too many encounters with older white men preying on black youth and it's seen as perfectly acceptable, even encouraged

this is two grown men let go of your racism

I think Ramos is just a lonely, jealous person. Love is love, and it comes in all different way. No one has the right to judge as to what makes someone happy. You don't pay their bill Ramos, so you have no right to pass judgement.  

yet you just judged Ramos, calling Ramos jealous yet you tell people not to judge others. so it's okay for you to voice your opinion but not on for othera to voice theirs?

the dude is 47 and the younger dude is 22? OMGGGGGG... that's all i can say


OMG. How  awesome.

I  totally agree.

You must be an older guy into extremely younger men

Oh geez...give it a break guys. Especially you Hubert Hill. If you mind is still stuck back in the times that you dream of, then I have nothing to say towards you. They are happy together and that is all that matters. For us to make assumptions when it's not even OUR position to judge whether they deserve each other or not is completely unorthodox and wrong. Let them be them. Geez. The world is already filled with hatred. It's as the old saying goes, "If you don't anything nice to say, don't say ANYTHING at all."

I think some of the most negative comments are from guys that haven't actually been able to keep a relationship going for more than 5 months....    I think it's ironic that they were appearing at a GLADD function and it causes these racist and agist responses...  

You seriously don't think their is overwhelming amounts of racism? black men being called "chocolate" and "mandingos" and see as nothing but a big dick? Please open your eyes to the narrow mindedness in our community for it is pervasive

Right,  when that white guy was saying, "Look at me,  here with my chocolate Mandingo big dick conquest."  I was appalled. 

Wait,  that was you .  The white guy just smiled and kissed him.

How dare  you paint these guys with your own biases.   How dare you think this smart young man of color is unable act on his behalf and make his own choices.   Have you heard him talk?  HE is making his own decisions.

I know what internalized homophobia looks like.   But this, this is so much uglier. 

i hope he dont get in the NBA he is only doing shit to get Famous smh im sure he gets paid well to be with that motherfcker 

Play nice!

I guess this is a case of life imitating art here. Mr. McCullouch did play a man who falls in love with a much younger man in "Bear City."

Regardless of where one falls on the issue of May/December romances, my congrats to the happy couple. 

It's nice to know child molesters are proud of their conquests. When did barely legal black men become the new conquest of old white men?

Barely legal? He's 22.

Are you this stupid in real life, or are you just pretending? 

Know that that saying,  Blond you can change the color,  Stupid is forever !

pretty sure he's not pretending......

That's been happening since the slave days. Horny old white men screwing all the cute black boys

so we should continue to perpetuate it?

Your voice is the voice of the liar and hypocrite.  Your opinion is not unlike the opinions of those who allowed slavery to exist and denied women the right to vote.  You are a disease within the body politic and we shall cure ourselves of you and the dwindling numbers of those like you.  Since you so despise the freedoms inherent in a democratic state, maybe you should seek refuge in Russia?  The "Commie's" appear to run a government more suited to your hateful, selfish world view,.

You are trying to claim that a NCAA Basketball player is a child?  Try again, bigot. 

I'm not sure what rock you've been living under for the past decade, but Gordon is 22 years old.  The legal age of consent in most states is 16, so well over being a "child."  And, by federal law, sex between consenting adults is legal, so it's really no one else's business how old they are or what they do with each other!

Oh come on

It's pretty clear that this was two friends having a good time, and being each others "date" Many celebrities and people of status will take a date to events. This does not mean they are getting married or even having sexual relations. It simply means that it is their date for the event. Comments like yours, are the kind of comments that will only spread ignorance and hate. If that is your purpose than congratulation. If it is not then learn to make educated judgment calls before speaking.

Yet your ignorance is showing when you ignore that this happens all the time. I can only assume you are white by your lack of understanding or grasping the fact that white men prey on "chocolate" men seeing black men as something to conquer and use.

Wow, the level of your racist bullshit is astounding, virtually every single post you've responded to has has some form or racist or stereotypical racial connotation in it. I'm not sure if you're more outraged that one guy is African-American or if the other guy is older. Although I suspect most of your ire comes from jealousy, or possibly the fact you've probably failed to maintain a stable loving relationship with someone for any length of time and your responses are the way they are out of pure bitterness or abject loneliness. 

Your comment sounds like you think all black men are so dumb that they cannot stand up for themselves. You make them sound like they cannot make dissions as a equal to the "praying apond" white man. I find todays 22 year olds be they black or white know much more than a 22 year olds of time past. Their adults, enjoy their happiness be it for two months, two years or two decades!

Dang, Hubert.  Seems you need to go climb back under your rock.  That green monster jealousy is not making you look good.

Seems that you might have been slighted by an older white guy?  In my experience, I spent my youth being chased by older black men.  I'm sure you despise them too?

You assume I'm black? my race has nothing to do with this, I have nothing against interracial couples and younger dating older but when there is a 2 generation gap between ages, something is not right. I have had lots of experiences with young men, often of color, looking for guidance in the gay community and too often they are preyed upon, mostly by old white guys. Please do no insult me for attack my character for I have not done that to any of you. I have pointed out my opinion and beliefs from my too many experiences in our community.

It has everything to do with it if you're trying to make it about the race and age of the white guy...

How in the hell is a 25 year age difference a 2 generation age gap?

You have no character. You are pathetic and about 8 different kinds of stupid. That goes for most of you flagrant fucking morons. The racism, ageism, and extreme prejudice speaks volumes. But down the meth and get an education. Can guarantee all of you are nothing but a bunch of freeloading curcuit losers or over the hill bitter curcuit vets.


Hmmm...Yes, it happens all the time. Yes, it may very well be a conquest on occasion. No, it does not apply to every couple in the same "category". Who are you to refute the genuine nature of a couples relationship? Some older guys enjoy the company of younger guys and if the younger guy appreciates the company of the older guy and they are of legal age, why does it matter? Are you speaking from experience? Your pretty opinionated on the subject. In the photos they appear to genuinely appreciate each others company. It woudl be to your benefit to re-evaluate what you give your attention to.  


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