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Nate Berkus Marries Jeremiah Brent

Congratulations are in order this weekend! Designer Nate Berkus tied the knot with Jeremiah Brent--and yes, Oprah was there!

PEOPLE reports

Designer and American Dream Builders host and author Nate Berkus, 42, married his partner, designer and TV personality Jeremiah Brent, 29, Saturday at the New York Public Library, their reps confirm to PEOPLE exclusively. 

The pair, who got engaged a year ago in Peru, are the first same-sex couple to hold their wedding at the iconic New York landmark. 

Head over to PEOPLE for more details on the wedding, guest list, and reception! 

Best wishes to the handsome couple!!


Gosh, why do gay men look so OLD before their time?

This guy eyes worse than most 70 year olds I know.

Guess its all that cock sucking and STDS eating away at your bodies. Serves you right old whores!!

They look old? perhaps it time for you to see your opthalmologist. But the better question would be bitter much? Or perhaps your simply some self loathing closet case....


I met, and moved in with the still love of my life matthew on the first day we ever met. we were engaged two weeks later. True love is strong, when you find your soul mate you know. We have been together for almost 6 years. We are still in love as much as the first day we met. For all those haters out there I have one thing to say. TRUE LOVE KNOWS NO AGE, TIME, GENDER, OR RACE

Why do attractive men have to be gay? Lol just saying 

You truly deserve one another wait are one another.

I guess its true love if they are both really really hot, and famous. That guarantees a good relationship. My husband and I were partners for 12 years before we tied the knot. I think some guys are getting married for the thrill alone. These two had been together for 9 months! 9 months! My other half and I and I hadn't even sorted out what furniture to keep in our primary residence in 9 months. I wish them the best. They are going to need it.

My husband and I just celebrated our 20th anniversary in March and are still just as much in love as we were when we first started dating.  We met 6 months before we married...  and I did say met!  Time spent together before marriage mean nothing!!  If you just know this is the right person, then it's right!  No matter what! Time spent together prior to marriage means nothing!!  IMO

Oh, you are so wrong.  Time spent together does matter.  I think getting married when they've known each other under a year just makes them (and other gays, unfortunately) look vapid.

LOL you're a homophobe and are trying to pass yourself off as a concerned troll. Go away you pest. You're not even good at hiding your blatant homophobia.

Nate is a genuinely good person. Very approachable and friendly. His husband is a lucky man. 

Congratulations!  Your children are going to be beautiful!

Don't know who they are but congratulations?  

Nate is an interior designer.  He has a line of very attractive furniture and home accessories for sale at Target. He is a very nice man who has given millions to charity, and is nice looking to boot.  I don't know anything about Jeremiah, except that Nate loves him.

It's a little difficult to discern who is actually taking advantage of whom in this particular hookup.

Two gorgeous hunks!!! xo

Let's see how long this lasts .

Not feeling it.  

That's a lot of hotness. Mazel tov!


Congrats and much, much happiness!  

- Two Old Farts on a Farm

best wish!

Congratulations! Be happy!

Congratulations, wishing you years of happiness and joy.

Many years of happiness . you are both amazing  people ..



Congratulations you two...

Congrats to the beautiful couple!!

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