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Heart It Or Hate It: K. Rose 'Booji Girl' (Official Music Video)

Pride Weekend is upon us in LA and like every year there are some great musical performers lined up! One that we're particularly excited to see is K. Rose, who just debuted her second single "Booji Girl" off of her soon-to-be released EP, Sink or Swim!

We wanted give our Instincters a preview of what to expect this weekend! Check out K. Rose's hot new video for "Booji Girl," directed by Mike Ho and produced by Miami locals, Roj and Twinkie.

​K. Rose - "Booji Girl"

The track's bound to get people talking since  K. Rose is pretty clear about what she wants. FYI, she doesn't want your kisses--she wants your pearls!

Still, for K. Rose, the song's not just about the $$.  She explains, "This song is truly one of my favorite releases because it reveals a confidence that I feel all women should have. A booji girl in my opinion is a high class woman who doesn't seek a companion, she just expects one . I wrote this song based off of one of my favorite quotes, "A women needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle," and we all know that behind every man there is a strong woman!"

K. Rose is signed to Epidemic Records and backed by superproducers Cool & Dre. 

Look for her at Pride, y'all!  (And let us know whether you heart it or hate it in the comments!)






It's actually claled Life Support , if I'm not wrong. I don't think there is a song claled No Day But Today , and I'm sure Without You has totally different lyrics!I really love that song, too! It's one of my favorites. So incredibly touching. Rent is awesome. If you ever get a chance, see the play. It's even better. ;D(And Another Day also has these lyrics in them, but it's not sung with the support group, it's Roger and Mimi. Just so you know )

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