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Anti-Gay Marriage GOP Candidate Is A Former Drag Queen

Updated on Tuesday at 11:22 a.m. PST:

Editor's Note: Attached is an image of Wiles as the actual Mona Sinclair. The previous image was of performer Bobbi Lee SinClaire--no relation. Instinct apologizes for the error. 


It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Republican North Carolina state Senate candidate Steve Wiles has no problem running on an anti same-sex marriage platform and was an active supporter of 2012's Amendment One, which banned same-sex marriage in the state. 

We wonder if he held the same steadfast beliefs when he was performing as drag queen Miss Mona Sinclair at a Winston-Salem gay nightclub in 2001 and 2002? 

Think they got shaken up a bit when he was promoting the 2011 Miss Gay America Pageant??

Interestingly, Wiles was suspended from his Pageant gig for "conduct unbecoming to a Promoter of the Miss Gay America Pageant." (What did you do, girl?!?)

According to the Winston-Salem Journal:

Wiles, 34, was in his early 20s when he worked at the now-defunct nightclub, Club Odyssey, according to co-owner Randy Duggins and former employee Gray Tomlinson.

“He is Mona Sinclair,” Duggins said, referring to Wiles’ female persona.  

Wiles’ responses over the past three weeks have ranged from categorical denial to tacit admission.

“I have already apologized to the people who matter most to me for the things I did when I was young,” Wiles said this week, declining to clarify for what he has apologized. The comment was made in the last of three separate interviews. At first, Wiles denied the claim.

“That’s not me,” Wiles said three weeks ago, referring to Mona Sinclair. Wiles responded “no” when asked whether he was gay. This week, Wiles’ campaign website, Facebook page and Twitter handle were taken down.

Wiles is now defending his past behavior, posting Saturday on Facebook:

I'm sure many of you saw my glowing recommendation in the Winston Salem Journal - I'd like to apologize to everyone because, unlike the currently appointed NC Senator in District 31, I made mistakes. My job was embarrassing - I had to have a job! Nobody died, leaving me a millionaire capable of living in North Carolina's most expensive neighborhood. One thing I will say, I learned from my mistakes - the Republican party, under the leadership of Scott Cumbie who threatened me with my past if I ran against an incumbent Republican, seem intent to fight within the party and join in the fight with every bigot and racist they can find. I understand the gay community does not share my support for the Marriage Amendment - I RESPECT THAT and am very happy to discuss my views with any of my friends in the Democrat party and gay community. Meanwhile, I regret the fact that something so trivial would cloud an otherwise decent campaign....What more could be expected though? When policy fails, attacks begin.

And then he, again, defended his same-sex marriage position on Sunday

since I'm already getting vulgar calls from both sides (The "christian" community AND the gay community) let me explain my views - I am for (and have fought for) equality for every American...with that being said, equality doesn't mean infringing on someone else's rights. Marriage is a religious institute; plain and simple. WITH THAT BEING SAID - I also think state control of the institution ofmarriage is unconstitutional and a reach.

I'm impressed by the way this story was used to present me to the conservative right as a gay advocate while at the same time presenting me as anti-gay to the gay community. talent! I am a Christian...I try to live a life that reflects my beliefs...I rarely, if ever, hit that mark! Meanwhile, I've maintained life-long friendships with a few people from the "club" days. One person springs to mind, although I will not call names, who is a former Miss Gay America, NC USofA and has performed successfully all of his adult life - he is one of the most loving men I've EVER known...Loving and accepting of everyone around him. He would do ANYTHING for his friends....I respect that in a person. He knows (and always has known) of my conservative stand on issues like gay marriage; he accepts that although he doesn't agree with me.

To some, I'll be known as a hard worker or a loving some, I'll be known as someone who has always stood up for what I thought was right at the time - even if it was wrong! To some, I'll be known as a person who will ALWAYS admit my short-comings and my faults. To some, I'll be thought of as anti-gay...and to a select few, I'll just be a "fag." Know that no matter which group YOU fall into - I have no hard feelings toward you and respect, not only your opinion, but your right to have that opinion.

Clearly Wiles is the victim here....

Surprised by these revelations and Wiles's response, Instincters? 


Image Source (H/T: Joe.My.God.


Harford,you are a sheep. I  mean that in the worst poli-social sense



Marriage is a union between a man and woman... But in today's society it's about benefits.. Nothing more... The bible has prophesied this 2,000 years ago... Sodom and Gomorrah is here and now, soon the end will come... We must repent and turn from sin and trust in Christ Jesus.. Love you all

Dude, there is no Jesus, well there is he mows my lawn, but seriously your Jesus has never existed. The Pagans had the same story in 4 different versions. Christianity is just Paganism in a different wrapper!

All those pagan stories didn't talk about resurrection after death ... And repentance... The enemy  is cunning to make u think their is no Jesus so you can spend eternity with him... 

Sorry buddy, but the Pagans had resurrection. Face it, you were taught fairy tales. When you are dead you are dead! You body ends up in a chemical dump site (cemetery) or is burned and scattered in the wind!

Bob and I have been married (completely committed) for almost 49 years, legally for the last five and a half.  Since love like this is not a sin, there is nothing to repent.  The Jesus that I know agrees.

Colossians 3:5-7

King James Version (KJV)

Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry:

For which things' sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience:

In the which ye also walked some time, when ye lived in them.

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  • <

  • =


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  • >>

Dude, Christianity is idolatry! The worst are the damn Catholics!

Oh goodness, I hope that you haven't washed your car lately?? Or cleaned your bathroom?? Oh fudge you have?! That must mean that your uncleanness is idolatry, and the wrath of God cometh upon you. Next time just get one of your disobedient children to do it. Oh you've had a erection before in your life before you were faithfully married and united under God...let the wrath come down upon you. Oh and don't even get me started on all the "inordinate" affection, since that is so clearly defined, I'm glad we know exactly what is classified as "unusually large or excessive," because I think if you have sex with your wife more than once per month I'm going to go ahead and say that's excessive. Actually scratch that, sex is just for procreation right? In that case if you ever have sex with your wife and it doesn't directly lead to a pregnancy then God is probably going to throw you down to the fiery gates of hell as punishment for your excessive covetousness of the things that aren't a part of matrimonial procreation, in the missionary position, in a bed, in the dark, and silent. By establishing your own meaning upon the words of the book you are tainting the intended message to create a meaningless and blasphemous mud. 

Marriage is not a religious institution. There are over a 1000 tax, dependent, insurance, visitation, etc benefits that "married" couples receive that have nothing to do with religion. 

That picture is of Bobby Sinclair in Drag not Moana Sinclair. Totally different person.

Serves him right, both sides hate her.

Marriage is an institution in that being married often feels like being locked in an institution.


but of course former drag queen John Paulk used to be James Dobson's favorite poster boy for ex-gay movement as well


I find it pathetic that he is trying to apologize for being a Drag Queen. I for one have been in the female impersonator industry for 10+ years now. I have nothing to apologize for and find it a nice release from my day job. No I don't go around dressed as a female during the day. I am 100% male and only perform as my alter ego at the clubs. For those of you on this post making fun of Drag Queens, I can guarentee you most of my "sisters" are more man or woman then you will ever be!

Amen lady-boy! I have a few straight male friends whom have and still do perform as an alter female ego. Nothing sexual, just a sheer talent for impersonation and stage performance. i find it funny that people have an issue with men whom dress as ladies because in most of our everyday lives we act like someone that we are not for show, or for fear of being judged... our society for the most part seems to be leaning to an "everyone deserves equality" stance, yet these same people are the ones whom pass the most judgment.,. i will never understand the human race.

well said

"My job was embarrassing - I had to have a job!" . Well, Miss Mona...I've always "had" to have a job too, but no one ever forced me into a wig, a dress and heels and MADE me lip-sync to Cher. You betta sissy that campaign! lol

Perfectly Stated!!!! LOL

Very pathetic.  Republican = Gay Closet Mess!  So very well put in the above:

If you want the government to stay out of "marriage" and "religion", then perhaps married couples should stop benefiting from filing joint taxes, inheritance taxes, etc. And perhaps churches should not be tax exempt because they are actually FOR profit not non-profit. Feeding the homeless a couple of times a year   while the rest goes only for church members and pastors wallets is NOT what non-profit is all about. Yet hoards of people follow fatcat ministers and after service watch them drive away in their Cadillac or expensive automobile.    #TaxTheChurch #SeparationOfChurchAndState Stupid is as stupid does.  Cannot fix it!

If you want the government to stay out of "marriage" and "religion", then perhaps married couples should stop benefiting from filing joint taxes, inheritance taxes, etc. And perhaps churches should not be tax exempt because they are actually FOR profit not non-profit. Feeding the homeless a couple of times a year   while the rest goes only for church members and pastors wallets is NOT what non-profit is all about. Yet hoards of people follow fatcat ministers and after service watch them drive away in their Cadillac or BMW

Marriage is not just a religious rite. If that was the case Athiests could not be "married". This guy is an ignorant fool. I don't care what he did in the past! CURRENTLY, this man is an ignorant fool!!!

Reading comprehension isn't really your thing  it? He said it was a religious institute, not a rite, and he's correct. I think you may be the ignorant fool.

Actually marriage was started by Pagans (Christianity with its proper name) and has nothing to do with any religion. You don't have to be religious to get married, it isn't a right of passage. It is a way to insure that the person you share you life with has certain rights, privileges and obligations. Christianity is a Paganism in a different wrapping! Really it is bullshit for people with low IQ's!

Does 'Republican' also stand for 'closet gay'? To be fair with the Republicans (and their 'hidden' values/appreciation for homosexual behaviors) Republicans really should support (and even promote!) homosexuality - not suppress it.  

I am the one pictured as the drag queen and I go by the name of Bobbi Lee SinClaire, not to be confused with Mona Sinclair. This is the actual drag picture of the person in the article.

Where did you get the photo you posted and claim is the GOP candidate? It doesn't appear to exist anywhere else on the web when I try a Reverse Google Image Search on it. Do you know him in real life?

BTW, I totally believe you that you are the one in the photos mistakenly being added to all the article about this guy.  I'm sorry you have to deal with this. 

Thank you, my friends sent me that picture. 

I didn't know him but we were at the club for a pageant last week. 

Dude ... I did crazy stuff when I was younger and a lot of it involved being on drugs. Still... its my business and if someone smeared me all.over the news cause I dressed in drag a few times I would laugh and just admit it. Ok.... so my family would find out but I bet if I knew every thing about my family and friends I'm probably not much different than they are. The people who wrote this ad are just as big of hypocrites as they are trying to make this man out to be. Who cares what he did if he has a different stance now.... its his right to change his mind and live a Christian life if he wants to.... and the point of this article ..was?...

Just so the public is aware...that picture displayed of Steve Wiles in drag IS NOT him. In fact, it is a close friend of mine (with the same last stage name) who has had to deal with the negative views and harsh words of the public because his picture and drag name were thrown into the mix of this absolute mess of a story. People should fact-check their information before posting that kind of stuff for public viewing because an innocent person was effected from this inaccurate article.

nick91604's picture


I did drag and hung out in gay clubs,,but didn't "inhale"

He didn't inhale, but I am sure those lips wrapped around some sausage poles and sucked like a hoover!

Yes, they did and he did inhale...while living in his momma's basement.

I agree with his belief (even though his statement borders on illiteracy) that marriage is a religious sacrament and also that the government controlling it is a violation of church and state. Hence, my position that marriage should be controlled ONLY by churches and the government should ONLY control the legal contract - be it a Civil Union or some other name. If a person's religion supports same sex marriage then that church should be allowed to perform those marriages. People who don't care to have a religious ceremony will be "civilly unioned", pardon the grammar. Period!
That solves all the stated concerns. Those folks who argue against gay marriage using religious reasons will either be satisfied or have to admit they simply don't like the idea and used religion to support their position!

Marriage pre-dates Christianity. The only people that think Adam and Eve were the first husband and wife also believe that God wrote the Bible 6,000 years ago.

Much better than what I did. Agreed lol


Marriage does not only belong to the religious, not does it only belong to Christians or Muslims. It predates both of those religions. The argument that gay marriage infringes upon religious rights asks the question,"who's religion?" Your religion or mine, and if they are infringing on your spiritual beliefs what if your religious beliefs infringe upon mine that say it's ok, or doesn't address it at all? 

Unfortunately, he has cast himself in a position that has lost him the support of the gay community and his Republican constituency.

What a mess. And he still doesn't get that his religious opinion on marriage has feck all to do with the issue. Marriage is not the sole purview of religion, as has been established for a LONG time. We ALL know who you are: a self-loathing gay. If you were hotter and did drugs, you could be my ex. He was a self-loathing mess to. Why don't you take some time to go figure your life out before representing the people and attempting to make policy with your crazy effed up ideology?

A wedding is a religious institution. A marriage is a legal contract between two people. There is a difference Mr. Wiles. 

I agree.

Thank you!!! Why do people constantly get that wrong? !

If he only did it for the money, but didn't really agree with what he was doing ... BUT DOING IT ANYWAY ... then maybe people should be more worried about corruption now then him being a drag in the past.

Exactly what I was thinking.

He really is the victim. I feel sorry for him.

He does have his "victim" spill down doesn't he. Makes me wonder how much he paid to have it developed for him.

He has "only respect" for all those others?  Then how about getting the name of your opposition political party correct?  It's the Democratic Party - not the Democrat party.

Right!  And it's the "institution of marriage".  Marriage isn't an institute.  Ugh...

sure it is, but who wants to be in an institution? 

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