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Video: 'Touching Strangers' Photo Project (AKA: The Beautiful Reason We're Crying Right Now)

We honestly don't know what's gotten into us over at Instinct, but this exhibit hit us right in the gut! (Our very chiseled guts) Or the heart? (Do we have those??)

New York based photographer, Richard Rinaldi has created an art project, "Touching Strangers' that initially left us hesitant. Who wants to touch strangers?? (Beyond those met on Grindr??)

Well, we were wrong.

Good News Network writes of Rinaldi: 

"He wanders the streets of major cities looking for strangers willing to pair up for photographs that look as if the subjects are loving family members.

After Rinaldi arranges his strangers side-by-side, face-to-face, or kneeling beside -- always with hands touching -- a transformation takes place."

And it does, Instincters! It does! It transforms their hearts! Watch!

It looks like a book may be coming out with Rinaldi's portraits!

Chris Boot, the director of Aperture, a nonprofit foundation that wants to publish the "Touching Strangers" book says, “We think these great photographs have something positive to say about human connection . . . about a diverse society in which people have been taught not to touch each other but in which we can and do transcend the boundaries set around us."

Here's a look at Rinaldi's Kickstarter video if you want more tears. (Don't worry, the deadline's passed so no one's hitting you up for money.)

Okay, we're not saying you should just go out there and randomly touch people. Don't do that. 

But something about this beautiful contrivance of human connection is getting to us!

We, at least, want the book--but we'll only look at it when we want a good cathartic cry.


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This is fantastic and beautiful, I love this project!

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