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Role Reversal: What If Women's Film Roles Were Played By Men?

BuzzFeed produced this provocative (and kinda sexy!) video, which explores what happens when women's roles in film are portrayed by men.

How do the power dynamics change? Are the scenes more or less comfortable to watch than in their original form? Do we perceive them differently?

Decide for yourself!

We actually wouldn't mind a little more male objectification in our movies! 

Women certainly shouldn't have to shoulder all of that burden. Let's turn some of that infamous "male gaze" on to the men!

Are there any other films that you'd like to see in their role-reversed form, Instincters?



The film makes a great point. Then Instinct like the usual fuckers you are....have the nerve to follow up saying you would not mind more male objectivity. Assholes.

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