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Michigan Town Moves "Unity" Sculpture That Residents Confuse For Depicting "Disgusting" Gay Orgy

A sculpture that was supposed to inspire civic unity of Adrian, Michigan has instead sparked outrage among residents. "Blue Human Condition," a sculpture by regional artist Mark Chatterley, was unveiled last week, has been described as "disgusting" and "abomination" by locals who see a gay orgy in the piece. 

The Huffington Post has more:

After it was installed, the sculpture was dubbed “The Orgy Statue," according to the Adrian Daily Telegram, presumably for apparent "genital" contact, though the seven figures are sexless. Numerous residents complained to the city about the perceived graphic nature of the piece.

Local pastor Rick Strawcutter of Adrian's The Church on Bent Oak noted that the statue was installed as the city commission voted in favor of an anti-discrimination ordinance that gives equal rights to LGBT individuals, legislation he said would "enshrine perversion and abomination in a protected status." The two together show that officials are leading Adrian to Sodom, he explains in a YouTube video, describing various sex acts the figures -- he claims they are male -- are supposedly engaged in.

"Everybody I know who sees [the sculpture] just feels like it is in itself an abomination," Strawcutter said in the video.

One commenter left a message on the city website saying he was "disgusted" by the sculpture and that the city should remove the piece to protect "the rights of the freedom of sight":

While one can argue that that the artist himself said that there was no sexual meaning behind the statue, one cannot argue the fact that it is clearly easy to see how one (or, rather, many) would view it in that light. I believe it is very unfair and unkind to infer that those of us that do so have “dirty minds” and are “sexually repressed prudes”. If so, my children are “dirty minded, sexually repressed prudes” at the ripe age of 10, 11, and 13 (the youngest is 7 months). With no prompting on our part, they refused to even walk close to it when we were going to the library because they were “disgusted” and “grossed out”.

Chatterley was confused by the sexual reading of his piece; he said it hadn't crossed his mind and that the accusation showed you "what people are really thinking about."

Adrian officials were actually going to remove the sculpture following the homophobic outcry, but decided to move it instead to an area where passersby couldn't run into it on account of THE CHILDREN. 

Chatterley isn't happy with the city's catering to bigots. "I think they're hiding the piece, to be honest," he said. 

What do you think of Adrian's decision to move the sexless sculpture? 


Let's compromise and call it a statue of nongendered people doing the wild thing. 

Miamidoug, shut the fuck up. There's no genitals and no penetration. Stop being a cunt.

It's supposed to represent that we are all equal, not some orgy. I wouldn't mind having this in my yard. It's sexless, and no gender is unequal (well, they have no gender, and that's the point)

Put it my garden !! Love it !! Is it sexual?! Yes !! But it seems like the end of the orgy. They all seem so tired ... LOL

Actually, I DO view this as homoerotic. I am a gay man and can see why this may be somewhat offensive. I wouldn't care for this in MY neighborhood. What were they thinking?

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