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Putin Bans All Protests For Months In Sochi, Russia

A ban on protests and demonstrations is no longer limited by law to those rallies that are LGBT in nature thanks to a new decree signed by Russian president Vladimir Putin. 

PinkNews reports:

The decree, signed today will block all demonstrations and rallies from taking place, will take effect for two and a half months covering the games, reports the Associated Press.

Published in the government newspaper, the decree states that all “gatherings, rallies, demonstrations, marches and pickets” which are not part of the Winter Olympics or Paralympics will be barred in the city between 7 Jan and 21 March 2014.

The Sochi Winter Olympics is due to take place between 7 and 23 February, and the Paralympics are due to take place on 7 to 16 March.

The decree also goes further to dictate that security measures should be tightened in Sochi, including the restriction of vehicle entry.

Such decrees are rare, allowing the world to speculate that Putin's latest anti-democratic measure is just another attempt to silence gays and international criticism of his draconian anti-gay law. 


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so i take it it is still the 1930's little country called Germany ring a bell

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What is this man afraid of?  Is anyone allowed to express themselves or even be themselves in this sad country?  No wonder that their population is shrinking.  Their birth rate keeps dropping and there is zero immigration.  Who wants to live there?

So I guess it's the  1930's and Germany all over again...

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So his answer to human rights violations is to further limit and tighten the noose around more human rights!? Nice goin Vlad!

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