Ricky Martin 'Caught Off Guard' In Underwear By Paparazzi

Ricky Martin was "caught off guard" by paparazzi in his underwear, but he certainly doesn't appear to mind! 

The music superstar posted the pap-shot on Instagram:

"Hahaha caught off guard."

Let's catch him off guard more often!!


With that kind of body, he can and should hang out more in his undies!!!!!!

I want to BE his underwear!  

He has always seemed very sweet and gracious and along with his obvious good looks and talent, those qualities make him a very dynamic person to watch. Just FYI, stars use the media to get the image they want to share "out there". He had an image show up not long ago that was not flattering, so he's probably planned this after he got he body back together for Summer. His career demands that he stay good looking and be seen as such... all the time. In short, he probably new the image was being taken. 

I appreciate Ricky's wonderful smile 

COMPLETELY LOVE HIM !! If I had a body like that I wouldn't care if the photographed me. Don't think he does either. LOVE RICKY !!!

I was 32 when I came out. Wish it had been sooner, but it is what it is. Thankful that I did at all. God bless you Ricky!!!

It's bad enough that paparazzi take these photos, it's worse that magazines print them. Did we learn nothing after the death if princess Diana

Truly the definition of a TIRED OLD QUEEN!

Spoken by a bitter, tired old troll!

and you are totally frustrated men!!! and a cruel mind person too , go to a psychologist doctor bro!

Your comments are uninformed and weak. " Psychologist doctor bro? " Read a book while you're waiting for the nurse to call your name bro.

Actually, a psychologist is a doctor. Different from a therapist because they can prescribe medication. They have to graduate with an MD or DO. Not to start anything. Thought you should know. 

Have you checked the mirror lately?

He makes me moist 

Ha! :D

He is beautiful

LOVE this man, and LOVE that he constantly uses his platform to speak about gay rights and the gay community. It's wonderful

Oh puh-lease. The man was like 68 when he came out. Example of what? Wait sitting down??? How's that inspiring?

I was thinking something similar and he did it once everybody else did.  It wasn't like a super-bold ground-breaking move.  I still think he's beautiful, his music is OK.

No matter when a person comes out, there coming out makes a difference. You ignorant , insignificant child.

Name calling, wow very mature and significant of you.

wtf.  it's so obviously a bikini 

who cares, he could wear a bathing suit at a pool/beach like that.  geesh, this is NOT news.

Seriously? This is news? You can't even fucking see anything

I would tickle his dupe!

I would do a lot more than that to his dupe! lol

Wow that's quite a bar he's got there... Oh wait that's the railing! #CameraAngles 

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