Zimbabwe's President Mugabe Calls Gays "Filthy" In Inauguration Address

The re-election of Robert Mugabe as president of Zimbabwe—an election many have labeled "fraudulent"—is already off to a dismal start. President Mugabe wasted no time to attack LGBT Zimbabweans as "filthy" and claim that homosexuality "destroys nations" in his inaugural address.  

Gay Star News reports:

In the speech, Mugabe urged young people to ‘damn’ homosexuality and to not offend nature by having gay sex.

‘That destroys nations, apart from it being a filthy, filthy disease.’

Before the elections last month, Mugabe said he would amend laws so LGBT ‘offenders’ would ‘rot in jail’ for life.

Zimbabweans understandably worry for their safety following Mugabe's hate-addled speech. 

GC, a human rights activist from Harare, told us: ‘He thrives on the politics of intolerance. By singling out a small group such as LGBT and declaring their rights as “filthy” makes LGBT people a target of hatred and violence.’

Another LGBT activist in Harare said: ‘It did not come as a surprise, Mugabe is very homophobic and he has used the issue to garner support.

‘He has created an environment where people are not interested to learn about LGBT issues but about the eradication of the practice of homosexuality. This is evident in laws such as sodomy law, and recently the constitution. Although the focus is on marriages, we have seen the repercussions of such laws on the lives of LGBT people.’

MT from Chitungwiza was most concerned about possible further criminalization of gay life.

MT told us: ‘This is his first day in office and already he is attacking us, not that its anything new. The homophobic messages make the environment very tense for LGBT people.

‘We can only hope that he does not stiffen laws, this is a major concern right now.’

With a straight face, Mugabe also called for peace in the same speech.

(Via Gay Star News)




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