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Poll: Most Gay Men Open To Marrying Someone They Meet On An App

A new survey released by Jack'd finds that despite the stigma, an overwhelming majority of gay men are open to love and LTR's with men they meet on location-based apps. According to the poll, 86 percent of respondents said they would consider marrying someone they met on the app, while 29 percent say they had already met a boyfriend through Jack'd. 

Other findings from the survey as the press release reports:

Jack’d polled users across America using an in-app survey, which revealed that more than half of gay men (55 percent) foresee marriage equality in every state within 10 years. Only 11 percent felt that it would never be legal in every state. Overall users seem to be optimistic at the prospect of same-sex marriage with 86 percent stating they either live in a state where marriage is already legal or foresee its legalization.
Users also expressed their thoughts on the President with 81 percent saying they are happy that Obama has drawn direct comparisons between gay rights and the civil rights movement and 71 percent of respondents stating they believe Obama is doing outstanding or good work toward gay rights. Though when questioned on if the progression toward marriage was happening fast enough 58 percent of respondents acknowledged things are moving in the right direction, but just not quick enough.

“It’s great to see such positivity in the Jack’d community for the steps America has taken toward promoting same-sex marriage equality” said Adam Segel, Jack’d chief executive officer. “Jack’d represents such a young and racially diverse community, 80 percent of our users are 18 to 30, so it’s good to know this community feels supported and acknowledged.”





I met my husband on gayromeo in apr 2009. 6 months later he moved from germany to turkey to live with me :) since april 2011 we are lving together in Germany as married :)

I met my Husband in a chat room back in 2001 (I lived in WV & he in NC). Moved in together Feb. 2002 And legally married June 21, 2013 (in MD)!

 l meant mine on line  6 yrs still going strong 

I met the love of my life on Grindr 3 years ago.  We married last month.  :)  It can happen . . . and there are decent guys out there.  Despite them behind called "hook up apps", they are only what an individual user makes of them.  I mainly used it to chat with people in my down time and to go on a date now and then when I was single.  I met a LOT of guys who were not lewd or cruising.  Maybe it varies regionally, but where I am, Grindr was pretty cool.

I don't see how some guys can say they are looking for a committed relationship but their profile pic is them in their underwear or a cock or ass pic.

Because most people grow up and don't act like whores forever. Even if some of the whore-like behavior sticks around a little longer. 

My BF and I met online, have not moved in together, and it's been one year.  It CAN happen, but it's like any other "meeting" takes time together (sex and otherwise), a commitment to work at it, and communication.  Don't dismiss the possibilities if there is a legitimate and real connection between two people. 

I actually know two guys who are now planning a wedding and they meet on Jack'D. I however feel their whole relationship is a act as I saw one cruising in a public restroom not too long a go. They also moved in with each other after just one week of knowing each other. So if your open to marrying someone your meeting on a app then you must not be looking for anything real.

More like, if you move in together and get married before you really know a person, you must not be looking for anything real.

Wow Alex, jaded much?  Just because you saw one guy from a couple cruising a restroom and you 1.) think their relationship is an act, and 2.) ready to lump everyone who meets someone through an app isn't serious?  Maybe the guys you know have an arrangement like "feel free to fuck around but once there's a ring on your finger it stops" or maybe they have some open arrangement. Sounds like you don't know the deal so you can't be judgemental. 

Evolution definitely is on his way back to the past when it comes to communication. People don't want to talk anymore. The only 3 questions are "How long is your dick?", "Active or Passive?", "Your place or mine?". ARGHHHHH ... Sure that's the beginning of a solid relationship. Good luck !!

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