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'Justice For Bionic'?? Perez Hilton Calls Fans To Action Over Lady Gaga's Alleged Sabotage Of Christina Aguilera

Perez Hilton and Lady Gaga have been the talk of the interwebs ever since the former friends' bitter feud escalated into an all-out war over Twitter this week. 

After accusing Gaga of actively sabotaging other artists, namely Christina Aguilera, Hilton is now calling for "Justice For Bionic." Bionic, as you may remember, was Christina's much maligned 2010 album, which we guess Perez is implying that Gaga helped tank. (No word on how exactly.)

Perez is encouraging fans to purchase Bionic on November 11, the same day as Lady Gaga's ARTPOP is scheduled for release. #JusticeForBionic is already on its way to trending on Twitter.


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omfg it wasn't perez. it was the Christina fans that came up with this. He saw it and re-posted the banner and people thought it was him. Do your damn research before you publish stories. 

You guys are so pathetic. Get a life. This is not what Xtina would want. And besides, we can't even make a dent in ARTPOP's sales.


This is how he sabotaged Christina Aguilera's Bionic:

Gaga is over. And she really needed to stop with that sippy cup. She was a drunk mess in the audience. Is rehab on the horizon?

justiceforbionic!!!! good idea peerez

try harder. xo

This is a brilliant idea! Never thought I'd say it, but nice move Perez.

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