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Kentucky Governor's Brief Claims Marriage Equality Will Cause Birth Rate To Rapidly Decline

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear's attorneys have filed a brief in the marriage equality case working its way throughout the state system, and its an offensive doozy. Should marriage equality becom legal in Kentucky, the governor's lawyers claim, straight people will stop having babies. You know, like they've done in every other state, country or region that offers equal access to marriage rights for all its couples. 

The Courier-Journal reports:

Appealing a federal judge's decision that the state's ban violates the constitutional guarantee of equal protection under the law, Beshear's hired counsel say Kentucky has a legitimate interest in encouraging procreation to support "long-term economic stability through stable birth rates." U.S. District Judge John G. Heyburn II in February struck down Kentucky's law and constitutional amendment banning the recognition of same-sex marriages performed in other states, saying Kentucky had offered no rational basis for treating gay and lesbian couple's differently. In a 32-page appeal, attorney Leigh Gross Latherow says Kentucky has an interest in maintaining birth rates, which, if allowed to fall, can induce economic crises because of the reduced demand for good and services and the reduction of the work force. She cited recent dips in the economies of Germany and Japan tied to declines in their birth rates. The appeal doesn't explain how allowing gays to marry would reduce the birth rate among heterosexual couples.

That's right, though it's unprecedented in two decades of marriage equality around the world, Gov. Beshear thinks straight Kentuckians are actually gay and will all come out of the closet in a giant wedding orgy once they're given equal rights. 


I find it interesting that these people just will not accept marriage equality with all the lame excuses they keep coming up with each time they are defeated. These people are dangerous and must be defeated at all costs. Our goal should be to see to it they crawl back under their rocks and leave everyone else alone.

Only a ChristoNazi would agree with Himmler

​Himmler said:

I would like to develop a couple of ideas for you on the question of homosexuality. There are those homosexuals who take the view: what I do is my business, a purely private matter. However, all things which take place in the sexual sphere are not the private affair of the individual, but signify the life and death of the nation, signify world power or 'swissification'. The people which has many children has the candidature for world power and world domination. A people of good race which has too few children has a one-way ticket to the grave, for insignificance in fifty or a hundred years, for burial in two hundred and fifty years ..​

Therefore we must be absolutely clear that if we continue to have this burden in Germany, without being able to fight it, then that is the end of Germany, and the end of the Germanic world. Unfortunately, we don't have it as easy as our forefathers. The homosexual, whom one called 'Urning', was drowned in a swamp. The professorial gentlemen who find these corpses in the peat-bogs are certainly unaware that in ninety out of a hundred cases, they have a homosexual before them, who was drowned in a swamp, clothes and all. That wasn't a punishment, but simply the extinguishment of abnormal life. It had to be got rid of, just as we pull out weeds, throw them on a heap, and burn them. It was not a feeling of revenge, simply that those affected had to go ... In the SS today, we still have about one case of homosexuality a month. In a whole year, about eight to ten cases occur in the entire SS. I have now decided upon the following: in each case, these people will naturally be publicly degraded, expelled, and handed over to the courts. Following completion of the punishment imposed by the courts, they will be sent, by my order, to a concentration camp, and they will be shot in the concentration camp, while attempting to escape. I will make that known by order to the unit to which the person so affected belonged. Thereby, I hope finally to have done with persons of this type in the SS, so that at least the good blood, which we have in the SS, and the increasingly healthy blood which we are cultivating for Germany, will be kept pure.

However, this does not represent a solution to the problem for the whole Germany. One must not have illusions about the following. When I bring a homosexual before the courts and have him locked up, the matter is not settled, because the homosexual comes out of prison just as homosexual as before he went in. Therefore the whole question is not clarified in the sense that this burden has been identified, in contrast to the years before the seizure of power.

LOL! Birth control methods such as abstinence, contraceptives & abortion by Kentucky's heterosexual teenagers have nothing to do with marriage equality. These old bigots are grasping for straws at this point! His generation is dying and he knows it. Good riddance.

More irrelevant ignorant trash from ignorant trash. Just because gay couples can't get married in that barbarian fascist state doen't mean they stop being gay and start f@#king people of the opposite gender. Oh and gay couples do have and raise children via surrogacy/invitro and/or adoption who do grow up to be heterosexual- Soooooo the human species continues not matter what.

What a rediculous bunch of hogwash! Sounds more like a homophobe grasping at straws to prevent marriage equality.

Is the governor aware that neither Germany nor Japan have full marriage equality?  So maybe there is something else explaining the dip in "birthin' them babies" in those countries and not two dudes or two women getting hitched.

Good point random guy

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