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Paralyzed Gay Gymnast, Kalon Ludvigson, Scheduled To Leave Hospital; Still Needs Support

World Champion gymnast Kalon Ludvigson, who's been hospitalized since August following a spinal injury that left him paralyzed from the chest down, is scheduled to leave Craig Hospital on December 13. 

According to Kalon's Facebook page:

He will be leaving Craig Hospital on December 13th, and after traveling to a couple different cities, he will be returning home to Idaho, just in time for Christmas. Kalon is looking at a couple different rehabilitation centers throughout the country to possibly start in January 2014. But, that has not been finalized. 


As things change and life continues to move forward, its difficult to look towards the future and know what it holds. Kalon will have to build a new house that is adaptive to his needs as a quadriplegic. Many have asked what to send Kalon for Christmas. As he will be living in a brand new environment he will need a lot of new things. His favorite stores are: Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, IKEA and West Elm. It's time to BRING KALON HOME!

After December 5th no packages should be sent to Craig Hospital. Everything should be directed to an address in Idaho:

Kalon Ludvigson 
1743 Walkabout Lane
Pocatello, Idaho 83204

Kalon's Go Fund Me page  (hosted by his husband and coach Justen Millerbernd) is also still up and running in the event that you'd like to make a contribution to his medical and rehabilitation costs.

Regarding Kalon's current physical condition:

To this point there is nothing significantly "new" with his condition. He continues to have no fine motor movement in his fingers. He can move his wrists and pick up some items via "tenodisis". There is still no movement below his chest, but his arms are becoming stronger each day. 

Kalon is in a manual wheelchair with power assisted wheels. He is able to transfer in and out of his chair with minimal assistance. Which is a huge improvement from when he arrived at Craig. 

We're happy to see that Kalon continues to recover. We hope he receives all that he needs to maintain his progress.


(H/T: Towleroad)


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God bless and Good Luck...How do we make donations (by cash or gift certificates or what)?

This guy had better watch his backside, with this defenses down he is open for a take over. At least he wouldn't feel the pain of a thick throbber.

hes married you idiot..

Mary Free Bed in Grand Rapids, Michigan is great for Spinal injuries.

Healing light beams down on you. Your youth and drive will propel you back to health. Time, patience, and the elimination of "I can'ts" will keep you on the path to recovery. Never lose touch with that.

God bless.

prayers and compassion.  Spaulding Hospital Rehab in Boston is an Excellent facility.

Felicidades¡¡¡¡¡ Ánimo y para adelante... un abrazo..

God bless,  Thoughts of love and healing are with you..


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