Derrick Gordon, 1st Out Gay NCAA Basketball Player, Dating 'CSI' Star!

Derrick Gordon, the first openly gay NCAA men's college basketball player, made his red carpet debut with former CSI star Gerald McCullouch at the GLAAD Awards this weekend! 

Out, proud, and LIVING--get it, Derrick! 

TMZ reports: 

The two arrived to the GLAAD media awards in NYC this weekend -- 47-year-old Gerald was Derrick's date for the evening ... and MediaTakeOut has a photo of the two kissing on the red carpet. 

Gordon -- who only went public about his sexuality last month -- was honored at the event ... and afterward wrote, "22 years old now...4 years ago I wouldnt have never imagine my life changing so much and being at the GLAAD AWARDS...IM TRULY BLESSED!!!!"

Looks like the pair had a great night! Have fun guys! 



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Bigots are usually people very unhappy with their own lives, so they are filled with hate and jealousy.  It's too bad he can't dwell on his own life and change it to be happy.  Then he'd be too busy with his own life to be so hateful towards others.

What yall don't understand about Derrick Gordon is that he honestly doesn't give a fuck what yall think whether you are gay or straight. I went to the University of Massachusetts with DG and even though I didn't know he was gay I still treated him like a human being and yall should too. But if you aren't going to do so I would rather you say this to his face and not over the Internet. Are you willing to die over the shit you believe or think you know about from someone else's love.

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I typically would'nt dignify a comment like this with a response, but an exception is in order!  There is nothing factually correct about your xenophobic comment, and your understanding of evolutionary biology astounds me.  You are clearly uneducated and untraveled, maybe if you made the effort to leave to US you would see that Europe thrives upon its diversity and tolerance of others.  Thankfully people like you are few and far between in this world!

A definition for Xenophobia can be found in the Oxford English dictionary FYI!

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Congratz to the new couple and their beautiful love for one another! 

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Black gays come on here and threw a fit over a black dude kissing a white dude and the white dude being a predator, so now those black gays need to deal with the ramifications of their ignorance (which results in racist comments toward them). If you can dish it- you better be able to take it

Lol ohhh that's how it started. Racism is dumb coming from white man. And its just as dumb coming from a black man. Its 2014.!! When will these idiots die out already lol

Okay, this is silly... Half of these comments can't be real! These reactions are bordering on ludicrous. 


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Uneducated Nigger? Really? Your the fucken uneducated idiot who still uses that word!!! Get the fuck off this page if you don't like what you see asshole!!! And no I'm not gay. I just hate ignorant assholes like you. 

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He's obviously Jealous Mel. Oh and maybe an unhappy asshole too who wishes he had a relationship as good as theirs. 

Are you single? Lonely? Jealous? Let others live their lives. This has absolutely nothing to do with you and does not affect you in any way.

I'm surprised to see so many racist, sexist, and homophobic remarks by black commentators who are claiming (in the same sentence) to want to rid the world of prejudice. I mean, I'm a mexican gay boy, I know all about prejudice, but the black community seems to be struggling with a lot of bigotry against everyone but their own. I'm just sayin' now....these comments are scary, but eye opening.

Oh Black people are so comical. Yall claim racism every second you get, can't seem to let go of "slavery" even  though that happened decades stacked upon decades ago, claim that your "people" are the most hated upon and face the most prejudice... MEANWHILE yall attack any type of other minority group you can, especially the Gay & Lesbian community. Yall are damn fools. You make me feel ashamed to be a young Black American. You represent us in the most hypocritical way. Then yall wonder why no one takes us seriously. Little do you know we are ALL God's children and ALL deserve his blessings. The bible states that "It is not good that man shall be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him" Genesis 2:18 It doesn't state anything about the gender of this helper. So for those of you throwing the bible, please know it. Be happy for them not angry.

So much hatred for such a holy person...

I wasn't trying to sound hateful ... I was simply trying to make a bold statement. my apologies if I offended you or came off the wrong way.

LOL Black people have a lot of insecurities, don't they? and I say this as a black man myself. Always funny hearing black folks constantly cry about racism when they reveal their own prejudice and behind in stories like this.

Wow the level of ignorance in sine of these comments is truly astounding, even person on this planet is capable of racism...but instead of turning this into a race issue why can we not be happy for the beautiful couple this article is about?

If you want to see BLACK HOMOPHOBIA on display, read some of the comments below. And they say there isn't a disproportiante problem with homophobia in the black community? Please! Even black gays can't stand anything to do with gay people and recite the most ignorant hate speech against gays. Time to finally be honest about it.

Why is this even news? Who cares if they're black, white, or yellow? Who cares if they're gay, straight, tans-gender. Why is this news? I think they publish these articles so people will argue: brother against brother. Black against black. Gay against gay. Sheesh! 

Eric do you not know that when you're saying "you are" the contraction is YOU'RE not the word "your" Ignorant. 

Gerald looks a lot like Tim Robbins, so I'd date him too. And I'm not even gay.


Love; ^_^ isn't it a great thing to see too people happy with each other and accepting one anther for who they are.. it gives me hope that someday I too will find love no matter whom its from in this "hateful" and "lustful" world of the gay community.

As I wish you too the best in your future.

To the public of unknowns, supporters as well as the naysayers:
I find it truly funny how every single young, black, and gay male that posted here, and yes I'm black, I'm gay, and I'm 28 ... notice its only the young and only the black whom feel the worst about Gerald and Derrick's relationship, in truth its mostly jealousy Derrick chose Gerald over age and race and instead of choosing someone that is more suited to the gay society standards.

"The young and attractive must be with the young and attractive only"

In their eyes that's the way the world works; and in truth the naysayers wish it was them in place of Gerald for a chance of a lifetime to be with Derrick, but hate is hate no matter the face or the race. Thanks to these young black gay boys, not men, young boys, that's not old enough "mentally", that crawled out from under whatever rock of loneliness and vanity, to show off their true feelings toward, race, age, and so on. Thank god 47 year old Gerald isn't out of shape; or we'll be seeing the gay health nuts come out of their gym corner for an enlightenment on how Gerald should also look, hmm see these are the reason why the gay community is worse than the black community after the 1970's, when all of the black leaders are dead or silence and we have what rights we could gain, however we take our opportunities at freedom for granted, only to scream at the world of what we hate most about others. Be happy my gay brothers that your still free to do so and not living in a place such as Russia or many parts of African where the law states your neighbors (have the right to kill you and burn you alive) if they even suspect that your gay, and believe in African they burn you first, ask question never if they accuse you just to remove you from the public eye, consider it stress relief for them and celebrate your burning like your Frankenstein's monster, and that's how we treat each other in the gay community.

That's what I can't understand about us here in the USA; the land of opportunity, the gay community and most definitely in the black gay community we hate each other, for extremely stupid reasons its like a night club that has the big gay bouncer stopping you because someone said your not worthy, if they are unattractive meaning fat, born disfigured or to old, or look some kind of way that gay men don't like you and say it as loud as they can get it, if their HIV status is positive unless your sexy your not welcome here, or their sexual status, your not Masculine enough your to Fem, "oh your gay your a man but yet your a Tranny, NOO!" (your not welcomed here), or if a person finance is low lets not forget about that (your not welcome here) unless your attractive and the sex is really good. You're not worth enough by 60% to 70% of gay individuals in our community, that find more flaws in you than you do to yourself, so enough is enough, who are we to make calms who's perfect; when that person is less perfect, than the one who shunned through antipathy.

We turned on each other, and for what?? When all this is basically about sex and that's it, so what if Gerald like his coffee black, or Derrick likes his lovers to have some years under his belt, some of you that disapprove can't even maintain what you have let alone cry about what other do.. So to close this posting; because I can write a book about the gay community as a whole, but this topic is uncovering alot of truths about how evil and miss directed the gay community truly has become.

So to the supporters of Gerald and Derrick's relationship, thank you for your support an showing there still hope in the gay community.

And to those whom disapprove; please deport yourself, move to Africa or something, and be as gay, and as loud about yourself as you want to be; just a heads up, pitchforks and torches will be meeting you halfway because you don't deserve the freedom that is given.

I think it is very important to recognize the fight that LGBT people around the world are facing now. In this article (and tons of others like it) we praise celebrities for doing something which so many others have done before, and at a much higher cost.

Yet this is the article where people leave comments of praise and triumph because someone made the "bold" move of coming out to a camera and a crowd. Let's see how this stacks up with the people facing "pitchforks and torches" in Africa or even the 10 year old that's thinking about suicide as a better option than standing up for himself because he feels different and is bullied by his parents, siblings, and/or class mates ... if Gerald or Derrick faced these issues in their past, let us hear about that - not whether their paychecks will be affected by this decision.

I am very glad to hear about a success story for our community, but these are not the individuals moving the world along, they just happen to catch a free ride at the front of the bus at a good time of the day.

Why must we as gays perpetuate bigotry after we have suffered so much from it? who here has not had people stare at them down for being gay, who hasn't been called expletive names in here, or felt uncomfortable in social situations where not everyone is gay? I just don't understand, why are so many of us still inciting bigotry to others? I hate to tell it to all of you, but yes, even our gay world is full of bigotry. We've all seen the "sorry, I only date white, it's my preference". Saying that racism is over is just plain stupid and untrue, however, when we see two people in love and open about it, let's celebrate the fact that they can do it and not end up in jail, not judge them harshly. Leave that to the Christian bigots that believe we are lesser beings. 

Damn...some of you queens are just BITTER haters..sitting behind a laptop stuffing your face and talking smack because NO ONE wants you...let people be happy.  Quit being nasty mean bitches!

Wowza, all this anger over a relationship between celebrities who's lives are no one's but thier own. Really, really you've nothign better to do?! 

I'm not gonna lie, being a Black 34 year old gay man from Connecticut....I get so sick of seeing white gay representation. I love that these two men are in love, but for me (Not being a dumb ass racist, but real as I can be) would of loved to see him w another man of color. White gays, especially where I now live, Atlanta are so closeted prejudice but lusting after the body & sex of us black man. Are we good enough to introduce to ur family? NOOO! Are we good enough to have a glass of wine & shoot the shit w ur friends? NOOOO! I honestly feel like we are a taboo, and a mandingo fantasy to be desired..... Thats it.......Even though white gay men face discrimination, they are Still white, and holds onto their white superiority & privilege. Instinct & all the other gay, predominantly white magazines rarely ever features stories about Black gay men * Except for a H.I.V. ad* Feature us on covers....LOGO channel should be called, WGO"White Gays Only.....It's not fair......It hurts as a man if color and also gay. Therefore, I don't date white men, and only date Men of Color exclusively.

Wait rupaul isn't black?? Damn she fools people in to thinking she's a women and thsg she's black. Bitch got talent!!

I get so tired of hearing this.  I am sorry but I have found my black men racist towards whites.  I am from Detroit and I have found that gay black men make it known in a very mean way that they do not want a white male.  Also, it is ok to have BET and no one says anything about it, but you call LOGO for white gay people only.  Its all bullshit..Also when you say you only date men of color is fine..but your tone says something else.

See this is what I can't stand about gay black men, and I would like to add this is being written by a gay black man, why does colour even have to be an issue? Are we not past this yet? Instead of being a pain in the neck "hater" and disliking the fact you can't get a date with any race, why can't you just be happy they are together?

You wonder why gay black men don't want to date other gay black men? It's because this is the type of crap they have to put up with within their own community! Other races see a beautiful black man they want to get to know. But to you, if it isn't black-on-black, all you see is a problem?! The Black Panthers did not fight so you could have the right to complain! They fought so you wouldn't have anything to complain about!  

So before you whine and whine that "Oh why doesn't he date within his own race?" Just remember this! It was only 40-something odd years ago (remember Stonewall if not Google it) we wouldn't even be allowed to debate this in public, without being arrested, and it was ONLY 10 years before that YOU wouldn't be allowed to complain at all. Not without someone adding, "Shut up Negro!" after you were done speaking. You want to live Dr. King's dream then "Keep your eye on prize!" And not on the guys! Oh how some people forget where they came from! Can I get a witness?!!  

Oh Max baby, while I am ashamed of you, I am also jealous that you are able to truly believe what you preach here.  I am actually very curious to talk to you in person.

It is all about color my friend, whether we like it or not.  And "past this yet?"  Are you kidding?  Not only was civil rights was NOT that long ago, but only fools and white people believe that we are in a post-racial society.  Some of the white folk that believe this are fools too, but there is the issue of relinquishing power.  That is in essence what we want white folk to do and well I can see how that is hard.  Once we see more black people in positions of power, less black people in jails, black children receiving an equal education to their white counterparts, etc, etc, etc, (because the list goes on and on) then maybe we can say, and that is a big MAYBE, that color does not matter. 

First of all I don't think your Black IDIOTS. Second, while "Stone wall" was happening...."WE" as in African Americans were fighting for Civil Rights....Don't know what that is??? Google it bitch....... I was just being honest. If you can't take it, then fuck you and fuck off! Not stopping you from dating white men. You can have the whole Lotta them.

Come on Eric...why is it that city that have more blacks have more crimes.  Black on black crime is over 90 percent.  I would say this is something you should be talking about.  However, its the same bull shit..whites hate blacks..etc...lets be real you have the same hate..and you all kill each other..

Oh my! I think The United Negro College Fund failed with Eric. They may be calling and asking for their money back using bad words like that? Why is it people swear online when they can't get their point across? Small penis? Beaten as a child?  

Eric do you know a Twitter profile by the name of Miss Bronquetta? You know that it wasn't Rosetta Stone who wouldn't sit on the back of the bus so you could have your rights, right? Because you sure don't act or write like it!  You may want to you use some of the other words in the English language that aren't expletives. Just a thought.

A, B, C, D, P, F, Q Eric Hooked On Phonic sure didn't work for you! 

Eric, I hate to break it to you, but you ARE a dumb ass racist.

Love is love.  Period.

For you to say that you wish this guy was with a man of color is simply racist.  Why does it matter??

For the record, I'm a white, gay guy from the back woods of West Virginia and I have a fiancé who happens to be black.

I PROUDLY take him EVERYWHERE with me even when it's uncomfortable because I love him.

I have stood up to my family in defense of our relationship because I LOVE HIM.

It personally offends me that you generalize white gay men into a category of creatures who lust for another race but lack the backbone to date outside of their own.

You are certainly entitled to date exclusively black men but you should be careful spewing those generalizations on the internet if you don't want folks to think you're a racist.

Your the reason I detest the idea of being w a white man......You can't even step back and see my Goddamn point.... Your the type that would discredit my entire experience being a Black man, and also gay. I am not generalizing, that us my experience that I shared......and I am one in a million that share thise sentiments. After dating a man like you hate would Indeed follow. Fucking insensitive asshole.

Hate to break it to you Brent, but people of color cannot be racist.  NO MATTER WHAT.

And I agree with everything Eric says, albeit it I would not shy away from true love or a soul-mate that happens to be white.  

I think what you need to do is take a step back and look beyond yourself and more at the bigger picture to see that Eric's points are on point.  Surprised that you date a black man and can't see that, but whatevers I am jealous that you actually have a man.  :)

Kenny...give me a break.  Blacks can be racist..or would u call it hate.  

Um, yeah people of colour are racist. Don't know what planet you live on? Do you know how many gay black men aka Thugs hook up exclusively with white men only to see what they can get from them? See no one wants to mention to the two words "reverse racism" because in the gay black community it doesn't exist. Really?! PUHLEASE! Gay black men are sometimes more racist than white men can ever hope to be. We just think it's "OK" because apparently we are the one's so hard done by. When really we are only doing to white men what was done to us as we struggled for civil rights? Want to have a meaningful conversation. Ask 10 gay white men about reverse racism. You may not like what you hear!  And this was written again by a gay black man!  

Thank You man! Damn!

Hold the fuck can "people of color" not ever be racist?!?!? That's the most ignorant statement I've ever heard, you sir are a fucking idiot. What planet do you live on? I'm a "person of color" and all I have to do is turn on the news to see that other "people of color" are racist. "Person of color" on "person of color" violence or "person of color" on white violence and no one cares, but as soon as a white person beats, stabs, shoots, or kills a "person of color" and the NAACP is up in arms screaming racism even if the "person of color" was in the wrong and in the process of committing a please explain how a "person of color" can't be racist

Black people can be and ARE very racist (and homophobic and misogynistic, just read this thread) I'm latino and live in a blended black/brown neighborhood and black people are shockingly racist against other ethnic backgrounds and proudly homophobic. Heck, most black gays will throw the LGBT community under the bus in a heart beat.

Well, not that a person with 2 Ivy League degrees cannot be an idiot, but yeah.  I'll say it again people of color cannot be racist.  Prejudice yes, racist no.  Only white people are racist.  The system is set up so that that is so.  I don't have time to explain further.  Look it up and I will not call you an idiot as you did me, but I as a person of color was also ignorant on this fact.  I now better now.  :)

WELL STOP FUCKING W "PEOPLE OF COLOR" THEN, YOU WHINEY BITCH! WHITE PEOPLE CREATED THE CONDITION OF SAID "PEOPLE OF COLOR" So deal....or shit thr fuck up! Blacks are constantly trying to accept, assimilate, and include White people, just for you to be a closed minded hateful fuck, too disillusioned to see why US PEOPLE even fo through Most of the shit we do.......Take a history class bitch then come talk to men about us "PEOPLE OF COLOR" *Sticks up middle finger in disgust*

You seem really angry.  I think you need to look deep inside yourself and see where all if your aggression is coming from.  Just let people love each other and get over the color of their skin.  The fact that you are hung up on it is truly unfortunate.  I'm not saying that you don't experience daily challenges that I know NOTHING about.  HOWEVER, I personally treat everyone with respect and love seeing interracial relationships.  To me, that equals progress and barriers being broken down.  I am an ally and not an enemy Eric.  If you can not see that, then you are going to spend a lot of time in your life fighting unnecessary battles with the wrong individuals.

My boyfriend of 4 years is 42 and I am 23. Ive never been so in love with ANYONE. He is my everything, my soul mate!! we have sooo much in common even his ex wife says we are two pea's in a pod! Age is NOTHING but a number and I can assure you I will die with this man. I wouldnt change it for anything.

I am 33 and my partner is 25+ We've been together for 5 years and counting. I honestly believe age is just a number. I think it is awesome. More power to you guys. For those who has opinions based on hate and digust... Don't say anything at all if you have nothing nice to say. Focus on your relationship and see if you are happy with it.


But Gerald is in a committed relationship.   Even so, he can have this young mad as a date for GLAAD.  Gerald's partner has never been one for public appearances.

Look at the kissing picture, that's not a photo of people in a relationship.

Boom Roasted!!!!!

I'm calling "BS" on this one. Why is Derrick dating this old man?? Nope, not buying it AT ALL! 

maybe because "this old man" has a killer smile, is completely gorgeous and adorable and the fact that he is so at his age is even more of a reason to be attracted to him?

Does anyone recall the concept of dating?  They didn't announce their engagement let alone state they're a couple.  Gay men date.  And former television stars show up at high profile events because publicity is good for their careers.  I don't have any idea about the status of their "relationship".  I hope they had fun

well said.

well said.

Congratulations to Derrick & Gerald! I wish you many years of love & happiness together. (And the rest of you trolls below me, piss off! Jealous much?)

Not enough therapy in the world to solve this.  I just want to know who cheats first.  However, at least it brings to the the forefront the bigotry and prejudice in the gay community people either don't want to talk about or ignore... because it runs very very deep.  Following this relationship with make a great case study, because after the media rips this poor kids life and career apart, there will be no white guy to save him.

I think these comments actually perfectly illustrate HOMOPHOBIA within your black community, which is alarming at best and vile at worse. You're black community attempts to call others out on their bias in the same sentence you reveal your own. No wonder so many different groups know black folk as a "ME ME ME" group. You're FIRST in line to deny other groups their equal rights but constantly throw a fit if anyone dare say anything negative about you. And cheating is more of a problem in your black community. With all those fathers literally RUNNING away from their children. We can get real too.

You can say that again.

The sheer ignorance by some of the people I call "family" on this topic is purely without reason and saddens me to the core. It's nice to see that prejudice lives strong in the minds of hypercrites.

Okay you Ageist need to chill out. I see all this these comments saying "Ew" and "Too Old and Gross". Why can you not be happy for the two of them? STOP PUTTING YOUR OWN VIEWS ON OTHERS! Its makes you look like that village idiot that doesn't know how to shut up because he is so dissatisfied with his/her own life. A belief is only meant to benefit you and those who share your views. Have we all forgotten how diverse this world is? Despite how awkward it may be as long as they are happy with one another that is all that really matters in the end.  Some of you truly need to grow up. 

Hear hear!

Before people get their panties in a bunch the fact is no one on here has any idea of who or what type of guys Derrick Gordon or Gerald McCullough are attracted to. It would help if wanna be politically correct white gay men got their heads out of their ass and admitted to the racism within the gay community, men of color barely have any representation in the gay community unless it's so high profile black guy in sports or entertainment coming out. Men of color are seldom used in advertising in gay publications or representation in the gay community in general, so when a black man comes out what's wrong with wanting to see him with another man of color, nothing against whites but you see white gay male couples plastered all over gay neighborhoods & media, most black gay men that live and spend their time in predominately gay neighborhoods that are in relationships are most likely involved with white men and have majority white gay males friends. Just like gays want better representation on TV men of color want better representation within the gay community so forgive us for wanting to see black gay male celebrities in relationships with men of the same ethnicity. It's not just black, it's latin, asian, middle eastern, it's all men of color. I myself find both Derrick & Gerald very attractive and wish them well, on the same vane yes it would be nice to see Derrick with another man of color. We live in a very visual world, so if a questioning young man of color who's looking to see someone like him see's a Derrick Gordon in a relationship another black man and feel good about himself great, so before you want to pull out the race card see it from our historical perspective to get a clear and better understanding of where men of color are coming from. 

Yes, I want Gay representation in the media, where people are hired to act, perform, speak, etc. I want Black, Asian, Latino/Latina, older/younger, etc representation on my news, I watch MSNBC, record MHP every weekend, Rev Al and Rachel Maddow every night. I want the things I watch, read and support to represent my entire community, even the parts that don't look, sound or think like me.
But when it comes to whom someone dates and loves, I want that person to reflect the attraction and love and desire of the other person. And if I have an opinion beyond that, then maybe I should get my priorities straight, because I did not select race, gender, height, weight, hair or eye color of the person I fell in love with, but rather, I like to think love selected us for each other, and if anyone has another plan or opinion about it, they better work it out quietly, because they have no business talking or speculating about it without the expectation of saying it to my fist. Mr. Gordon, if he gives a shit what anyone thinks about his love life, is in for a lifetime of unhappiness, and I don't wish that for anyone.

I wonder who the Power Bottom is? Lol.


I guess We all know who's in yours -

There are plenty of young men that are exclusively attracted to older men.   Taking race out of my comment, because I don't think it is an issue to anyone but racists of all races,  there is someone for everyone.  Putting our own experiences onto this couple is irrelevant,  selfish and without purpose.   What does my 10 year relationship with a man 15 years younger who pursued me, and persisted until I gave up on my biases about younger guys have to do with these guys?   Only what I imagine.   In reality,  it has zero to do with them.
I wish all couples the best,  whether that best is two weeks of passionate carnal knowledge and a quick break up or a lifetime of intimacy, joy and love.  I cannot judge what someone else's best is,  and if you think you can,  we'll aren't you just the most special narcissistic projectionist in creation. 

Hear hear...

Gender, sexuality, age, race....

none of these things should matter, maybe you need to take a look at yourself if you are intolerant of any or all of these

I get both sides. True, gender has nothing to do with it. Because if this were a straight 47 year-old man over a 22 year-old girl, he'd be called out as a dog and she'd be singled out as a slut. So yes, its not about gender. Checkmate.

Congratulations to both these MEN! Fuck hate and jealousy, love is love. Awesome, handsome couple!!!

Gross!!! He is old enough to be that child's father!!!

You are old enough to be their grandmother padrina. Now padrina, you jump in dumpster where you belong and came from. Return there now, padrina!!!!

Insulting to both. Considering that "child" is a fully grown young man who can make his own decisions for himself.


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