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Luke MacFarlane & Brendan Fehr Playing Closeted Gay Lovers In New NBC Series

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Well this is some casting news that we can get behind! Brendan Fehr, who we admittedly crushed on during his Roswell days when he sported all that 90's boy band hair, has signed on to new NBC series The Night Shift!

Fehr will be playing a closeted gay, former Army soldier who served in Afghanistan. He's now a doctor at San Antonio Memorial. 

Even more interesting? His character's boyfriend is still fighting in Afghanistan and is on his way home--and he's played by openly gay Brothers & Sisters star Luke MacFarlane! 

Now that's the kind of homecoming we want to be a part of!! 

Oh and if you haven't guessed, The Night Shift centers around the doctors working the night shift at San Antonio Memorial. 

You've got our attention, NBC!

Look for the The Night Shift on Tuesday, May 27 at 10 p.m.


(H/T: Greg In Hollywood)


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What is a "Kegdobbins"?  If it looks like Luke, I might be interested.  Otherwise, it should go back where it came from, wherever that is.

Two of my fav actors and I cannot wait to watch this show!!!! 

hehehe some people are gay .. get over it .

fucking beautiful

Thanks for providing another venue here for the expression of hostility.

Yay! Another show about sexy white guys whining. Think there'll be a sassy black executive assistant? 

who cares

I love to know it. Can't wait to see two handsome guy be a couple with a good story though.xoPG

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Here's a radical idea: Tolerance. Maybe you should try it. If this show offends you so much, don't watch it. It's really that simple.

This sounds Epic!

I love Brendan, he also played a bi/gay character in Sugar which is a lesser known movie to some that I love, sad ending...  Check it out.

I can't wait to see this.  This looks so much more promising to me than Looking.

I can't wait... Yeah two sexy talented actors & that's what it is acting. I like open minded people who are willing to look at the other side of life in a positive way.

Thank you


Definitely going to watch!

So glad he's in a series..we missed him as Booth's brother on BONES. Looking forward to seeing how they treat the character too.

There is no such thing as a D list actor

These guys are CLEARLY desperate for an acting gig to take on such roles. They are d-list so go figure.

Clearly you're desperate to distract. From what one wonders.

It's enthralling to see how worked up some become about TV shows and movies and.....

They're actors.  And now they can be PAID actors, which is kinda something that most, if not all adults would like to have going on - being paid for something we enjoy. 

It's a TV show.  It's not a pelvic exam or a heart transplant.  We need to put away our HUFFY bikes and just look forward to the possibility of an interesting storyline.


the nerve and gaul! what credit have you got to call someone outside of what they do? at least they're open to take on the role. 

Do you ever have anything positive to say. First the racist rant about Beyonce now this one.

Get a life !

This is the best news I've heard all day! Way to go NBC! Now what about Chicago Fire? Why can't one of the Firemen be closeted or open as well?  I'd love to see that!

Can't wait to watch this show!!!

Ok, NBC is my new home Tuesday nites at 10!

Can't wait!


Can't wait! Love them. Bring on the hotness! 

Tottaly watching

Me too!!

not watching...    

Get a dvr.  It's k. 

Oh is it on past your bedtime?

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