How Far Does Andrew Christian Go In Latest NSFW Underwear Ad?

This latest Andrew Christian video "View From The Top" may be too hot for the Instinct page, so we'll just provide you with the very NSFW link here

Needless to say, the line between underwear ads and soft-core porn has never been quite this blurry!

Still, if that's not your thing, it's worth watching for the special guest reveal at the end. It's a twist we love!!

What do you think of how far Andrew Christian's pushing the envelope this time, Instincters? Too far? Not enough?


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Everyone keeps talking about sex, and sex appeal as if it is some irrelevant and dishonest stereotype of the gay community. I have to disagree. Sex is a very large part of our culture and we need to stop thinking that we need to prove "we're just like you" to straight people to get acceptance. Whether you like it or not everything Andrew Christian portrays and promotes is a part of our gay culture. Do you really want to be accepted by people who will no longer accept you simply because they know what goes on in our clubs and behind our bedroom doors? Sex is a part of life in general. Straight people have it too, and they can fucking flaunt it all they want, but the second a fag (I am one, so I'll fucking repossess the slur) shows anything other than asexual behavior we are looked down upon. We shouldn't have to change our lifestyles or pretend to be something we're not. The fact is we are NOT like straight people, but that also shouldn't fucking matter. Just because we're different, doesn't mean we don't deserve the same rights and respect. We are different in many ways, but we are all human. 

had a boner = good video

A bunch of young guys acting out in underwear.  Sorry, I didn't see anything amazing or different.  It only reminds me that the Gay community has a long way to go to move beyond stereotypes.

Cheesy as hell. I want my 40 seconds back!

Andrew Christian represents everything that is wrong with the gay community.

seriously it's friggin art iv'e seen worse on tv it's not a porno have u actually seen the stuff that is sold by the andrew christian label everyone needs to grow the f*** up. Way to far my ass

personally I think it is sexier when men don't wear underwear. And I seem to have gotten to the age where twinks dry-humping each other is rather boring. But yeah for them if they can move product.

Tacky and raunchy. I wish the brand will spend more time and effort on the quality of the product instead of spending all this on videos like this, the quality on fabrics, seems and construction is terrible, nothing like it used to be.

Terrible portrait of gay people. 

wow! using sex and alcohol to sell underwear. How Original. Not.  How about something new, fresh, original and creative?  

Not sure if it was to just sell underwear, it was definitely selling a lot of things.

You have to ask yourself "will this ad sell more underwear"?? 

I think it will.

How far is too far anyway??

At first I thought that one dude was Justin Bieber'!

Blurry shots of underwear, blackouts and twerking. Ugh.
If it was supposed to be the gay version of the Prodigy song, they wimped out.

Zero creativity. Lame.

Looks just like the Prodigy video- Smack My Bitch Up.. Fun

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The way Andrew Christian has gone too far is no different than him and every other American-based underwear company Instinct and all the other gay magazine cover...By showing NO COLOR/ETHNIC DIVERSITY!!!

But Instinct won't touch that one. Because that's interferes with their advertising dollars.

THAT's what has gone on long enough. Hence why I've never bought any Andrew Christian underwear. And the ones I do have, I got as giveaways at nightlife events here in NYC, which are just as racist. So I use them as dirt rags around the house.

Have you not watched many of their videos? They are pretty ethnically diverse...or is black, Asian, and Latino not enough ethnicities for you? Furthermore, if you follow their blog you will find hey showcase people of different ethnicities there as well. I think you're just one of those people who see racism in everything because they want to see it. 

AC has featured black models.. and plenty of latinos.. not an Asian yet though. Instinct has featured men of color in their pages repeatedly. Their staff is diverse as well. 

Asians are definitely underrepresented in advertising. 

Fags have NO morals!

No matter how defined, muscular, well hung and nice a man is to them, they ALWAYS think they can find better and suck n fuck anything that moves!

I would say these guys need to be force fucked by a prison yard full a thugs, but they prolly wouldnt feel it with those rung out ass holes a theres.

You are a discriminative and a full on Bigot.... It's just a video, you wouldn't mind if it's full of women and not a single man in it...

Damn, there are some prudes out there.  Don't care for too much PDA but didn't really show much.  As a gratefully sober alcoholic I don't miss the trash that goes on while under the influence but a good reminder of what I am not missing.  Here is the video referenced:

you ask has he gone too far ?  Well , all i will say is i am no less hard watching this vid as i was in watching all the others , so ....

How many fonts does one low budget soft porn need!?

AC should put some money into their products and spend less on porn models. Don't get me wrong, porn is fine, but in sweatshop quality drawers....Trailer Park!

Find people who can actually sew, get rid of the irritating seam your cock scrapes against constantly. Then do some hot ads...Go Gregg Homme or Addicted style not these booger drag soft core porno.

the drag queen thing just kind a turns me off on the videos and the products

Yeah it's full of hot gay men and thats nice and all, but do we need to portray them as blurred drunks gone wild. I'm sure this will further foster the acceptance of the LGBT community across the mainstream society... not. AC get you're shit togeter wtf?

When it comes to marketing, it's not so much what's "too far" but what works, I suppose.  Myself, I prefer porn of the more honest variety - porn that actually calls itself "porn."  As for whether it works, I find myself less inclined not to buy any Andrew Christian products because of their insulting ad campaign - I mean, do they think they can manipulate me by appealing to such base interests?  

Bitchy old queens. I think it's fabulous!

Get a sense of humor, Guys ! It's just a spoof of Smack my bitch. It's just a video to sell underwear. It's just funny. I love to see Willam at the end. Come on ! It's just very sensual. It's just sex. 

You are right. It is a spoof of Smack My Bitch Up...

... way to strike while iron is hot Andrew. 

Uh huh...that was stupid and some very ugly underwear, no wonder porn stars wear them

Are up guys fucking stupid? It's a gay remake of the Smack My Bitch Up video by the band Prodigy. Lmfao its not tacky its for MEN.COM which is a gay porn site dipshits. Most of the guys on that site wear Andrew Christian underwear and are in his videos. If you haven't gotten the clue by now, Andrew Christian kind of makes his underwear for porn stars and allows us normal folk to buy them too. Jesus Christ get over it. So its a highly sexual video. Big fucking deal. I'm sure the majority of you watch a shit ton of hardcore gay porn anyway... So you can all come off your high horses now.

yea, they're not marketed to porn stars dipshit. AC has, and always will be, marketed towards the typical gay man. it just so happens that a good chunk of gay porn stars (who generally fit the description of "typical gay man") also wear them, because honestly, they're good looking underwear.

Lol right that's why they are like 40 dollars a pop for the underwear right? Because the typical gay guy can just throw down 40 dollars on one pair of underwear. Please. Haha yeah he makes them to the high paid gay men, which in term mean they are either millionaires or porn stars... Lol keep thinking that buddy.

Yeah, great strategy.  Market to porn stars but "allow" the rest of us to buy it too.  Anyone who's not insulted by that, (on many levels),  is a tool.  

And why does that insult you exactly? Because someone makes something for a certain industry? Do you get offended when you see movies starts wearing high disigner clothing that they only sell to the rich and famous, but then all the sudden they make a line that is available for the regular person? That's been happening for years in many industries, but omg it happens in the gay community and we all have to freak out and be offended? Why because its skimpy jock straps? You sound like an idiot.

THANK YOU. Well said.

Really lame, not a turn on, he's always trying way too hard, wish he worked this much on the product line, design, quality, fabrics, etc.

I believe that it's fine. Most of time, models who appear in AC ads are former or current porn star. So, an ad, like this, is just something we were expecting. I just didn't like the drinking thing. 

Do not understand the foreclosed/ vacant house set?  They need to focus on the guys and their product.  Trying to be to sketchy.

What do you do when people get bored of the same videos over and over again... you push the boundaries. This video promotes substance abuse (whether alcohol or other) and sex. Not cool.  

Stupid.  His line has jumped the shark loooong ago.  No one I know even wears the damn things.

Tacky. pnp is stupid. models look stupid. I would be embarrassed associated with anything like that 

I agree. I believe it to be tasteless.

it was gratuitous...but isnt that what this brand is?

Definitely a porno.  Not sexy, just tacky and raunchy. 

Not sure like,the drinking and blurr vision... looks to show pnp....

They were clearly inspired by The Prodigy music video "Smack My Bitch Up." You should watch that video to understand the influence behind this one.

Wow..see that's NOT an underwear ad....its a porno.

Loved it!

I have to say... too far. Exploiting gay people for the image. I don't like it.

Goodness gracious, way too far (lol).

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