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Just Cuz: Caption this!

Feeling cheeky, Instincters? 

Caption this!

And yes, we're 12. We're okay with that. 


Image Source (H/T: KennethIn212)


goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal !

My cup runneth over!

When I wear white, I get thirsty

When I wear white, I get thirsty

No harm done...I'm good to go if you are.  


Giggity Giggity Good lol -

Okay, now turn your head and cough...again...again. 

The baby is crowning!

now cough

Carrie: I need help, I think my diaphragm is stuck. either someone helps me or I have to make an emergency to my gynecologist.

Samantha: Okay lets go... you owe me a manicure ! 

Dude,  we really need that ball back.  The games about to start.

I swear this is where I left my car keys.

Rugby SCRUMptious!!!

I said kiss it and make it better, but this works too.

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