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Titan Porn Stars Lip-Sync Madonna's "Material Girl"


Three Material Girls you may recognize from the Titan gay porn studio lip-sync for their lives to Madonna and share it with the world.

Reads the YouTube description:

A VERY long drive... stuck in traffic driving from LAX to Palm Springs. You gotta do SOMETHING to entertain yourselves. So we threw on some music and had a sing-a-long. Dario Beck and Justin King were my two passengers. Love them both. We never went much over about 20 MPH and most of the time were about 5. Which meant our trip took us about 4 hours. (it's usually about 100 minutes). Oh well... clearly we had a lot of fun.

Who wins this challenge, Instincters?





Love the driver. He is so freaking hot

They're in a Lights Blue Mica BL Generation manual Mazda3 hatchback. BOOM

It's actually dark blue but the rest of it, yes. Automatic transmission is like playing a video game. No thanks. :)

Never laugh so hard in my life .

I would like to see them Lip synic to "Frozen!"

:) the bottom in the back hahaha yum

I love these guys and their parades. I can't make a choice but I will say, the "bottom" in the back is delicious. Yum!

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