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Straight Guy Explains Why He Loves Living w/ Two Gay Roommates

Apparently some people are surprised to learn that a straight man could happily cohabit with not one, but two gay men.

Straight guy, Kasey, shares the virtues of living with two gay roommates in this YouTube video. Watch! 

Just a reminder that we're awesome! Except for you crazy ones. You know who you are. 


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


 I think this was nice.  If there were more people like this willing to take a public stance to help stomp out ignorance, this world would be a better place. Kevin up there you are a pig! Dumb as a goose and a totally ignorant human being.  

What ever. 

The video is well intentioned, and I'm sure he sincerely believes he is doing his part to end homophobia, but it is rather cloying. Keep in mind I'm old enough to be his father, so maybe I'm just cynical and am becoming the old fart I swore I'd never be.

I see what this video is trying to do, but its still ignorant.

Agree, he means well but c'mon 

This video is more than two years old. 

Is this really news? A straight guy has met some pleasant gay people to share room and board with...well stop the presses! He seems like a nice guy, but like every other self important millennial, seems to feel the need to make a very mundane detail in his life the subject of national discussion. Instinct magazine, you can do better than this.

Hi, I just thought I'd clarify for you; this isn't the first video he has been in, the couple he lived with vlogged every day and he made the video due to a large number of comments on their videos about him living with them. I do agree with you on the fact that it isn't news though, especially as this video is like 2 years old!

Instinct... poor choice to prove a point. What makes a story worth while reading and or watching is credibility.  Unfortunately, there is an abundance of that lacking with this story .

If u don't like the mags choice of stories, don't read them. 

So what if he live with the gay couple,tell me who your friends are and we will tell you who you are. You don't have to elaborate it loud clearly cos we dnt have to give a damme.just be u

You FAGS using the term "BRO", is soooo ignrant, as you sound like fools!

This guy is just using FAGS for free room and board and booze.

Hey Keven... Yeah I might be a "Fag" and all but you should have a bit more respect.... I mean, If I hadn't fucked your mother you would have never been born!

Im not saying you should kill yourself but if you were dieing and I had the cure I would destroy it :)

it sounds like you're the ignorant one here man.  

Hey bro, you are simply amazing. 

I feel the same way about my black roommates!

See what I did there?  SWEEPING GENERALIZATIONS FROM A CHILD.  He's got good intentions but "a gay" can just as awful as "a straight".  Not all of their apartments are gorgeous and they don't all have money to throw at every barback who goes topless.  "Gays have money and I GET that money FROM them.  Don't you understand THAT'S why I work in a gay bar!?"  

Mary you'd make the same money at a Chilis.

But sure, that said I'd rather have you being mildly retarded than unstable and violent.

This makes me feel the same way as when girls say "oh my God I LOVE GAY GUYS THEY'RE SO NICE!"  

People are people.  We still have work to do.

We get straight..!u dont have to mention it clearly..

This video is 2 years old and it's news... how?  Also, the gay couple moved across the country.

If more people were like this guy and have the same attitude towards gay and lesbian people the world would be a much happier place to live in!!

What's on the plate on the table?

It looks like eggs or breakfast but I don't see any toast.

Could be an art form?

Thank you for not living with labels and treat each other as equals  your fantastic much love for the same 

Nice intentions and a sweet guy. But.. "Don't call them gay guys.. Their a couple". (Two seconds later) "I live with two gay guys" (5 seconds later)" I live with two gay guys.. I don't care". 

he said "don't call them a couple" attention 

You're one of those people who just lives to be butthurt by something new every hour, aren't you?

Take the gesture as it was intended and get over yourself.

Semantics should not matter as much as his positive posture

Your Sooo Gay... And Hot Too

and you're SOOOO typically gay with your assumptions

We can only hope that most men straight men will be like Kasey in a couple of generations. Gay life in religion is being beat down more everyday as people accept gay men and women. Its Ok to be Gay!


I'm gay and hang out at a str8 bar (cause there's no gay bar near me). I meet lots of guys his age and trust me...thery DON'T CARE! Being gay is not a big deal anymore. Guys in their late teens/early 20s basically react with, "You're gay? Cool." or "I support you". None of them react wih horror:)

I'm gay and hang out at a straight bar, with my trans spouse... well, a bar, they just don't care there as long as everyone is being nice and having a good time, because I hate gay bars. LOL  Seriously, so much drama and BS and cliqueishness.  I don't have time for that.  Want to know how much trouble I've had at this bar?  Absolutely zero.  

Well, there was this one time where someone was teasing me (all in good fun) for playing Baby Got Back on the jukebox, but that's neither here nor there.

James, I can definitely assure you that he is not gay. Don't judge a person from just one video. If you were around him for more than 30 seconds, you would know he's straight but doesn't care if his friends are gay or not. He has both gay and heterosexual friends. Also the roommates he's referring to that are now in LA have heterosexual friends.

What a good guy and a great roommate.

Sorry! I am using voice recognition on my phone. I referred to Kasey as a she. He is definitely not a she. He is definitely all manner. too bad he plays for the straight team. LOL! if he were gay, I would definitely want to go out with him. He's a nice guy and quite attractive too. I'd like to know what bar he works at. I would tip him for walking around shirtless. Ha!

If this dude is straight, then do am l lol.

not everyone is gay but can be around gay men this is why we get a bad name get over yourself James

I love Kasey. although he doesn't live with them anymore, he was recently in LA visiting with them. I think yesterday or today was his last day there. I don't think she has a YouTube channel. If he does I would definitely follow it. If you want to follow the vlog that he is in from the beginning, I believe its under Shep689 on YouTube.

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