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Anti-Gay Dallas TV Host Will Address Storming Off Set For The First Time On ... Fox News

​ ​

Amy Kushnir, the "outraged" co-host of Dallas' morning TV show The Broadcast, is shocking zero people by giving her first interview to Fox News since storming off set in protest of Michael Sam

Steve Kemble of Dallas-area radio station KVIL broke the news moments ago in a live broadcast. 

"Amy is hurting right now," Kemble said. "She feels her comments were very misunderstood, and she is looking forward to explaining them further in hopes that people will better understand her viewpoint."

Head to KVIL's website to listen to the report.

Kushnir did not appear on today's episode of The Broadcast, giving credence to the report that she's on her way to New York for her Fox News martyring. 

In other Kushnir news, He Said Magazine uncovered this photo taken during a recent episode of the morning show. Yes, those are male strippers carrying Kushnir on set for a 9 a.m. broadcast. Guess she has no problem with young children "being forced to watch" this, right?



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She's grifter spawn

Thank you, Kirk. Interesting!

Tolerance of gays has proven unsuccessful, as they are still uncouth subspecies with no morals.

You will never have equal rights as long as you remain in this dead end lifestyle of yours.

Get a life, Kev!

By "what comes naturally" what you mean is your wiener only goes BOING for another weiner, right? There is nothing NATURAL about that!

Maybe not for you, whoever you are, but it is totally natural for me!

I think it's interesting that the gays are being called the Bullies. After centuries of gay bashing, being treated as second class citizens, being laughed at, beaten and even being killed for what comes naturally, finally the gays are having the nerve to stand up and say it isn't right. And for THAT the gays are the bullies. I would say the shoe is on the other foot for a change. How does it feel?

Oh and poo poo head, I didn't say that straight people don't suffer from the same issues. My point was that the gays try to act like they're so perfect, when clearly they're not. It's a facade and gay propaganda. 

My screws are tight alright. Just like my ass!

Don't believe all the HYPE you hear about gay men. I live in a very densely gay populated area in South Florida. Oh and before you attack, and call me a repressed gay man, for living here, I'll have you know: I was here long before they took over!

Here are the facts on gay men:

1. Many are bi-polar.

2. Many are drug addicts and/or alcoholics.

3. Many are out of shape, dumpy, average looking guys.

4. Many are angry and provoke fights with straights and other gays. Cops are constantly being called for gay fighting.

5. Many are unemployed and or homeless.

6. A lot of the gay men will hit on anything with a clock, including straight men, married men, etc With no regard to these men's wives, families or relationships.

So please DON'T believe all the hype you hear about gay men and their perfect, exemplary lives!!!

It's a myth, and propaganda spread by the gay community to convince the rest of us that all is well in their world, when it really isn't!



Bipolar, alcoholic, dumpy, unemployed and out of shape. You do realize that the same can be said for a lot of straight people too, don't you? Do you somehow think that these traits are somehow exclusive to gay people?

By the way, if you really dislike gays so much why did you come to a website geared to news and articles about gay people and the issues affecting them?

You are a dick head.  

I'm curious. Are you being sarcastic, or do you just have a loose screw?

I have a couple of questions for the gays.

Why so much arrogance amongst the gays? (especially towards normal/straight people)

Why does everything you stand for have to be bigger, better, more, etc than the rest of the general population?

And finally, why so MEAN? The nasty posts I see on here from the gays is mind boggling! They want THEIR opinion and no one else to have theirs! RIDICULOUS!!!


The reason we feel that way is because as gays we have been made to feel inferior to normality. Like any other minority. So its almost ingrained in us that we have to look better, have better jobs, more money, succeed. To feel somewhat normal and hopefully be treated equal.

I'll give you another reason.  For many centuries, gays have been beaten, burned, and bullied.  Now that we are fighting back and winning, we are the ones being called arrogant bullies.  Until recently, we had no idea what it is like to win.  Now we do.


I am a gay male who has lived monogamously with my partner for 20 years (50% of straight marriages can't even manage that) and guess what - none of the families in our neighborhood have collapsed due to the fact that we want to spend the rest of our lives together.

If you feel that your 'traditional' family is under threat then i suggest you look a little closer to home for the problem.

The traditional family is perfectly safe.  I do understand however, that there's possibly no way to convince you otherwise.  Once indoctrinated, very few can get to the point where they can see any reality beyond what they've been taught.  On an optimistic note, if some of the Phelps family can do it, so can you!

You all had to see this coming. You can only ride high with any issue for so long without a backlash. Now the straight's are done with having their opinions stamped for this over dramatized gay agenda.

Now, the gays will slowly move to the back again, as the conservative's ease back to the front.

Why can't we all just get along??

Hate Speech is not a protected speech. AT ALL.

she is worthless human being. you don't get to hate people then say you're sorry because you got into trouble with your network... you're filled with hate and ignorance. Do the human race a favor a put a gun to your head and pull the trigger. 

That's a terrible thing to say, Stephen. That makes you as bad as the very people we're trying to change.

Omg that would like um make you like just as bad as like them like right?! Dipshit. Greet hate with hate? Please explain to me how gays are tolerant?? I feel like I opened a butt plug of hate for yall to come swooping in like im the intolerant one... hopefully you can find some fucking mirrors on the way to actually see your no better then the rest.

Where is the homosexual tolerance for different opinions.   You homosexuals  need to stop bullying.  

Mike, you obviously have idea that gays have bullied so much over the years that our suicide rate is much higher than the general population.  And, you just gave your different opinion on g gay website.  What more do you want?

Yeah, you know you're probably right. We should stop being so hateful.

We need to stop yelling at the kids in school who like football, yelling "Hetero!" and "Breeder!" and taunting them. We really should stop telling straight people that their relationships aren't real and refusing to bake their wedding cakes or photograph their weddings. For too long the gay community has been preaching about about how disgusting and perverted heterosexuals are and how the thought of a man putting his penis in a vagina makes us physically ill.

And I'm ashamed to think of all the many times we homosexuals have stalked straight men outside their bars just for the thrill of harassing them and beating them up, all the time telling them how disgusting they are, calling them names and telling them they're going to hell for sleeping with women. It's also shameful how the police and politicians ignored so much of that.

Who knows how many straight men and women have been denied jobs because they are too "butch" or "fem" to fit into the company. It's shameful that we discriminate against straight people on the pretense that they might make people around them uncomfortable.

Yeah, we really need to work on that.

Amen! At the end of the day, all AMERICANS (gay and straight alike) should be asking: Which is a greater evil and which is a greater threat to our formerly free society, to believe that homosexual behavior is sinful and same-sex marriage ought not to be sanctioned or to ban the expression of such thoughts?

That's easy:  Neither is a threat.

The greatest threat to the entire world is religion.  So much hate, so much vitriol, so much intolerance, so much ignorance, so much manipulation, so many wars, so many deaths, so many hurt...all because of a few books written thousands of years ago.  So sad.

...or you can dodge the question and shift blame to another topic altogether, while failing to recognize your own personal responsibility to the original question... you fit in well with this thread! "Neither is a threat" - the fact that this blog exists and has warranted so many responses paints a different picture, as it seems many homosexuals feel threatened by individuals who present a differing viewpoint.

Despite your attempt to frame it that way, it's not an either/or question.  Neither is a threat to a free society is simply the most accurate response.

Since you seem so concerned about threats to society, I brought up the biggest threat to all societies...religious intolerance.  Doesn't matter which religion you pick, but when the "viewpoint" is everyone else must live their lives according to my religion, real shit happens.

Jarred - Again seeking to leave religion out of the conversation as it is off topic relative to the question at hand, my interpretation of your viewpoint based on your first two sentences that actually address the question reads, "The belief that homosexual behavior is sinful is not a threat to a free society. Furthermore, banning the expression of individual thought is not a threat to a free society." Do I have that right?

My concern is that you, and others, do not recognize the underlying, foundational, principally-based issue with the later part of the statement that is so glaringly obvious to myself. This does not stem from selfishly motivated desires or ambitions, religious or otherwise, but rather something our founding fathers recognized as vital and necessary for a free country and, in the pursuit of happiness and/or 'equal rights', the homosexual agenda seemingly squanders what was established as best for all - the ability to express your thoughts.

"The belief that homosexual behavior is sinful is not a threat to a free society. Furthermore, banning the expression of individual thought is not a threat to a free society." Do I have that right?

Yes, you do have that right.  Simply believing is not a threat.  It's trying to enforce your beliefs onto others that creates the threat.  It is religion that describes it as a "sin", so I don't see how we can have a reasoned discussion while excluding the basis for it all.  Not to mention the irony that you view homosexuality as a threat to society, when it's actually religion that makes you consider it a threat in the first place.

Being "obvious" to you doesn't make it factual.  Here's a fact about what the Constitution states: "...nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

To clarify, "Furthermore, banning the expression of individual thought is not a threat to a free society."

This would be a threat.

Thank you, Jarred. I wish your recognition of the point made, and admission of its accuracy, would have preceded your two prior comments. That said, in light of your epiphany, I again ask which is the greater threat as framed in the original question? Can you answer it; can you recognize it is an either/or question? I am trying to help you, and others, see that inherent hypocrisy of your pursuit to be all-loving, and all-inclusive, along with the recognition that the very nature of your actions fails to identify the active threat, and greater consequence for society as a whole.

Yes, a lot of homosexuals DO feel threatened by that different viewpoint.  Why?  Because that viewpoint is trying to suppress equal rights on the basis of religion; moreover, that viewpoint is constantly telling gays that they are going to hell, they are disgusting, they are wrong, etc.  Have you ever gone out dancing or or out for a drink with someone you've been with for 20 years (but can't marry because of religious bigots) only to find groups of religious protesters outside with life sized crosses and signs held by people with megaphones telling you that you are going to hell?  Going to hell for something you cannot change?  Going to hell for being with, loving, and building a life together with someone you love?

No, you haven't.  You haven't experienced that.  So you cannot begin to understand why gays feel threatened by viewpoints from people like you and many other conservative bigots out there who cannot find more important issues to contend with besides worrying about two people of the same sex loving each other.

Thank you, Joey. As you seemingly lack the ability to separate issues just as Jarred, let me ask you the original question, without interjecting any other off-topic notions : Which is a greater evil and which is a greater threat to our formerly free society, to believe that homosexual behavior is sinful and same-sex marriage ought not to be sanctioned or to ban the expression of such thoughts? Notice this does not beg the question of what motivates individual thought and freedom (as you and many others are quick to blame 'religion', plenty of non-religious individuals cite issue with homosexuality on various grounds), but rather it simply recognizes the underlying foundation of our formerly free society... something I feel the 'homosexual agenda' if you will, and pursuit of 'equal rights' seems to squander in its pursuit of personal/collective desire. It is concerning that more Americans are willing to put selfish feelings/emotion (even as a part of a collective whole, or totalitarian mob mentality) ahead of the most basic of freedoms - the expression of thought. After all, it is the cognitive ability of conscious thought that distinguishes the human species from all others and with this comes the responsibility to choose... in the most significant of cases, to choose right from wrong. Again, I think all Americans should be challenged to question their individual responsibility to promoting what is greatest for all.

JJ -- your argument is intelligently worded, but it is ridiculously flawed.  No one who is pushing for equal rights is wishing to silence people's thoughts.  This news anchor has a right to say what she feels and thinks.  The beautiful part of our FREE country, because I DO still find it to be free, is that people who disagree with her are entitled to voice their opinions in return.

The news anchor has a right to her opinion, as do you... And I have the right my expression of thought that you are both bigots.  These are the same rights of speech and thought that Americans have shared for quite some time.  That hasn't changed... It's just that people like her and you are on the other side of history.  You know, very similar to the side where people used similar arguments regarding equal rights for African Americans.

Thank you for working to stay on topic, Joey. I really do appreciate constructive commentary!

Regarding the statement that "no one who is pushing for equal rights is wishing to silence people's thoughts"... Miami Dolphins player Don Jones, as but one relative example, has been fined and suspended by the Miami Dolphins because he posted two tweets either critical of or making fun of Michael Sam from his personal twitter account. Jones will be allowed to rejoin the team only after he completes "educational training." You may deny that those pushing for equal rights wish to control thought — just as they send another "homophobe" to sensitivity training - not to teach him to treat all people well but to re-educate him on the issues they deem important. Don't fool yourself. You are not simply demanding that we treat all of our fellow men and women with respect; you are insisting that we all march in lock step with your view of the moral propriety of such relationships... it is this blatant move toward totalitarianism and dangerous groupthink that concerns me as I reflect on our society as a whole. 

I just snort laughed at that one! When the bully finally gets a response they don't appreciate, they call it "bullying." Way to jump on the "bullying" bandwagon. 

This is a joke right?? 

you're an idiot REALLY !!!!

If she is really hurting and feels she is misunderstood then why doesn't she go to CNN and speak with Anderson Cooper instead if that right wing nut jobs on Fox News.  I am sure she would find pempathy from Ann Coulter.  What she said is wrong!!!  As a tax paying gay man I find he'd comments insensitive and very damaging to society. 

Because if she does it on fox she's not sorry but if she does it on Anderson Cooper show then she must be sorry? Explain to me if im understanding your logic? Your mad because she publicly stated someone ( and has more pull then you with anything) shouldn't do something and then everyone bashes her she says sorry and no one believes it because you all believe what you THINK she meant. Explain to me the tolerance part? Noticed I said tolerance, thats a huge difference between acceptance.

So, she is on her way to New York?  We don't want her here!  She should go back to Dallas where she and her equally bigoted Governor can make hay together.

Dick Z, we don't want her here- u keep her.  She matches ur culture much better than ours.  And attitude!  


where is "here"?

My culture; cosmopolitan 

My attitude; tolerant

u keep her.

"racism towards homosexuals", "homosexuality is mainstream". God I hate it when people have no idea what they're talking about. They have no idea what it can be like for us sometimes...

Explain to me how your life is any worse.... explain to me how that one straight kid is abused By his dad because his dads an alcoholic. Explain to me how the victims of rape don't know what YOU are going through? No one knows your life as much as you know what its like to be me. I dont know you or claim to know you, but I sure as fuck am not going to support a cause that ask for equality through special rights.... shut up with this "you dont know what its like to...." shit. Its life we all have issues and you dont know anyone so to compare yourself to them shows how low you are. So ya youre right I dont know what its like to be a shitty person. Carry on.

Hypocritical SLUT!  Hope you read all of your comments.  You are nobody, and are meaningless to this show.  Get out and get a life. 

Your shows fan, yet NOT yours


Amy Kushnir re that Broadcast. Didn't like the NSPN coverage stating "When parents do not have a choice about whether or not they want their children to see this, it is wrong...I don't call it a moment of celebration...It's being pushed in faces. I don't want to see that"

Yet Amy Kushnir  apparently doesn't have a problem with kids seeing heterosexual couples showing public displays of affection. If we were to go back far enough this would have been about an Afro Amrecain couple showing a display of affection. Apart from having  double standards, it also shows just how narrow minded Kushnir is and how narrow minded she would like children of the future to be. Kushnir put this televised moment of a Same sex Couple celebrating with a show of affection down to NSPN as a News Making opportunity, discounting all the hetrosexual moments of public affection NSPN has also aired. At the end of the day it shows just how unprofessional Kushnir is as a host of a talk panel Really this is a Person that is trying to sensor on behalf of others, 'for their own good' out of small minded point of view.


No problem with the objectification of men as sex objects either.   Not very "PC" of her.   She's playing this for all it's worth.  She might end up being one of the "FOX blondes" if she plays her cards right.   Bitch.

It is amazing how a stranger's sexuality can disrupt another person's life.  Simple solution = butt out.  Part of being an adult is recognizing boundaries--recognizing what's none of your business.

Live and let live.

This is all nonsense! Instinct Magazine post a picture and most all the comments are against each other's post and very few ever have anything to do with the article or picture they posted! It is beyond me, the comments made always contain negative views against the LGBT society. Instinct Magazine is a GAY Magazine. Why would you even open it and read it if you don't believe it is right? Example someone that doesn't believe in drinking or that chooses not to drink alcohol isn't going to frequent a liquor store. How is this any different?

As for the comments left on this article and what I see/hear in everyday life is when it comes to the LGBT ppl - most, but definitely not all, Christians are so fast to put down, criticize, ridicule, pass judgment and even hate the LGBT people. What is also beyond me, is this one simple thing: God teaches his people (Christians) to Love others AS I have Loved YOU. God also teaches that there is BUT one Judge of all people and that is GOD. So for each of you that call yourself a Christian and want to bestow on the LGBT's your own judgments, your criticizing of who they are as an individual, and your ridiculing - HOW do you believe that is of Christian behavior? Its NOT! You will not find in God's word (The Bible) that it is okay for you to treat those you disagree with in this manner. If anyone is passing judgment against anyone else including all LGBT, or any other non-loving behavior, maybe it is time you revisit and spend time studying how God has taught his people to live, while on this earth! We are to LOVE all people - NOT just those that have the same belief or practices as we do! God's word also teaches that we are to forgive others BEFORE we can be forgiven!

As for me - I am a Christian and I am a Gay man! If you are a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender you are just that! You may chose to not to practice it or act on it but your still the same individual. Just as an alcoholic is always an alcoholic! You may chose to continue to drink or you may be an alcoholic in recovery - yet your still and alcoholic, same holds true for every other type of addict! To indicate that all LGBT people have HIV is no different than saying all heterosexual people have every type of STD there is know to mankind including HIV. Again that is YOU placing Judgment on someone else. That type of behavior is NOT Christ like!

You are missing the point of why christians behave the way they do! Christian behave just like their god. God committed murder, and mass murder. God set the example and christians follow the the example. So why do you expect anything different from them?

You go gurl! Preach it sista! Although I could not get past the "This is all nonsense!" as I had to run and get tissue to wipe all the spit from mine eyes.Why is it that gay guys lisp so much or talk in high shrilly voices?

Oh hun, Your = possession / Your're = You are... Just use YUR, will confuse and amaze the gays YAY ME

I know that it is my brain that gives me my gay identity, not my body, therefore I am born gay, not a choice.

And even if it were a choice, so what? No one, certainly no stranger, has the right to dictate sexuality on your behalf. The "nature vs. nurture" argument is nothing more than a red herring that has no bearing on the rights that gay men and women are entitled to. 

Four miserable years?

Please.  Tell him to direct his hostility where it belongs:  His mother:)

Look Bitches and yes you heard me right, you faggots are all going to hell soon!!! You, yourselves are the BIGGEST hypocrites, liars, rumormonger, back stabbers, sexual predators, cheaters and liars. ALWAYS talking shit behind each other's back and trying to out-do each other, thinking you have the "prettiest" house, BF, car, job and shoes, pretentious sodomites!

I was gay for a MISERABLE 4 yrs and all you lonely asses ever did was go to your little clubs, get shit-faced drunk and hit up on guys, for what "LOVE"?  Liars so you could get in bed and pack their fudge!

Advise: Go find you an Island somewhere and decorate it and get married and have kids, oh wait, that would be UNNATURAL! Let's see how long your Aids asses would last! Snap, snap and twirl, you hoes just got read, see, i can even talk the talk, Abomination and misfits to Humanity

I am sure this will NOT get published, I have just exposed the GOD awful truth about the Reality you sodomites live in! Do it! I dare your pansy ass, I welcome the KATY and BITCHY girl responses from you easily offended pers!!

you're ghetto, probably eat grits and smell like balls.  Na-mean-son?

I just feel so sorry for you. Where did such hate come from? :(

Someone needs a hobby. Poor thing. Sorry that your life sucks so much that you have to spread hate to pass the time. Maybe Jesus will help you.

Sounds like somebody around here is doing quite a bit of projection.

Why are you so hateful? Is it because you are les attractive then what most of us find attractive? Sad to say you are still Gay, and it kills you that you can't get rid of the feelings.While most Adolescent Gay men do go to the clubs and shit faced drunk, have you ever thought the same thing happens in the heterosexual community, I.e Spring Break and any Friday or Saturday night at any College or University. Doesn't sound good coming from a well established Gay man does it? The Heterosexuals in this world have been on a non stop course to try to drive us out but as with anything else, we will survive. Lets not throw stones. You made the claim that you were a gay for four miserable years, and my thought is that you are just jealous that you didn't get your "Fudge" packed. My Advice to you is: Go back to school and re-learn how to compose a sentence properly, and learn how to spell, and stop living your delusional lie that you were Gay for 4 Miserable years. Stop referring to We established Gay men as anything other than Established, and try to find out why your Mother ever had you rather than abort you. She should have watermeloned you, As far as the term of Watermeloned, look it up     

Established?!?!?! Please you are and always will be viewed as a low-life CUM GUZZLING COCK SUCKER, i huge juicy one you can suck on Miss Thang, with your pretensions college words. Don't forget you SUCK COCKS and one gets stuck up your ass

It's hilarious that you have seemed to acquire all types of stereotypes, and slang. However, I call BULLSHIT on your 4 "grueling" years of "being gay". Sounds like you read some Ex-gay Therapy Nonsense, and are trying to imply it's possible. Lmao. You attempt at trolling and manipulation is embarrassing. I'd bet money you're an older white male, mid 40's or up, that has seen comedy skits of gays being portrayed as such when that was the common go-to, as if all gay men are feminine. That little bit of info, shows exactly how educated you are. Not to mention the AIDs comment. Or the fact you tried to integrate the bible into your comment. FYI- Sodomite did not have the same meaning when the bible was written in Greek amd Hebrew. A Sodomite was simply a resident of Sodom, and nothing else. In case you didn't know, the bible wasn't written in English. Dumb Fuck.

Must suck. Having such a pathetic life. How does it feel to be Irrelevant? ;-*

Go educate yourself.

Justina I'll say the same to you and your low class-low-life CUM GUZZLING COCK SUCKING ways, you will NEVER amount to anything, just ask your parents. I'm sure they were so happy when Will And Grace ended, they no longer had to be reminded of your chosen life style

Wow. Language is really inappropriate. Everyone has sin, peer point blank. Every comment on here everyone in the world is guilty of excluding nuns well maybe including. I don't use a bible to hide behind I use it not as a weapon but to use as living examples.

Is this the comedy segment? That was hilarious! I'm glad it was posted and wasn't removed. 

First, using God's name in vain this way is not going to help get you entry into hell. It's kind of a sin to do that mister! It's the same in both Deuteronomy and Exodus. There's nothing there about gay sex. 

Second, yeah. A lot of gay bars are depressing disgusting places. And so are many straight bars. All the stuff you said about the gay behavior are no different than among straights. Including the butt sex! 

Third, you seem very disturbed and confused. But it makes for good comedy!

 (Used this way, it's spelled "advice" btw. You "advise" someone of something, but you give "advice.")

So my "advice" to you is that you chill the eff out.

You're so blatantly stupid you can't even spell! It's "Catty" as in slyly spiteful, not "Katy"!  When you're that ignorant it's really easy to put you down as you do it all by yourself.

Oh Rickie Lake, you big sthilly [sic] Gurl! You are so bent outta shape over my comments you forgot to notice that I spelt 'PERV" wrong too.

F for you, my Fat Furry FAG!

I wonder if you use craigslist for your (attempts at) anonymous hook ups or if you brave the danger of the mystical glory holes in town.  You certainly couldn't risk Adam4Adam.  Your ladylove might find out.

Look Matty, you have made it clear that you are a SATYRIASIS, as the rest of these fruit-loops are. Go play with yourself and listen to Katy Lang, as you stroke yourself to sleep, weeping that you could get one more trouser-trout in your mouth tonight!

Wow!  Your tone is wrong on so many levels.  You have no right using that potty mouth of yours with anyone--not with your parents, your friends, society, strangers, or anyone else.

You have clearly drunk the cool-aid, however, because someone has brainwashed you into thinking that all these problems are gay-specific.  Most sexual predators are straight. Heterosexuals get AIDS too.

And don't use that term "sodomite" unless you know a thing or two about where it originated.  If you believe in the story of Sodom and Gomorra, God destroyed the cities because not even 10 righteous people were found, including children. If you believe it, God didn't destroy the cities for a sexual sin, or 10 righteous people would have been found.  All you're doing is perpetuating the stereotype that has been going on for thousands of years and proving your ignorance in the process.

And, I'm sure you do that in the name of God.  The bible says that God said "you cannot love God who you have not seen if you cannot love your fellow man who you have seen."  It also says the greatest attribute a person can have is LOVE.  Try it.

thank you joel olsteen, you dun made me see da light. Now go take that leather S & M outfit and gimp mask, gay pride parade isn't for a while, seems you are cutting off the oxygen to your brain. Bless your heart

It shows your ignorance and sense of self loathing that you even attempt to comment on this issue. You have the audacity to stereotype everyone in the same category because you chose to experiment for 4 years. I have lived 37 years and have been with a total of 4 guys in my life. There are decent gay men out there that have respect for themselves and others. Clearly you don't have respect for anyone not even yourself. You dare to include the Name of God in your miserable excuse for commentary. It is clear that you are a weak minded individual and poor excuse for a human being. Instead of an island why don't you find the nearest therapist and discuss your issues with him or her and get the clarity that you need.  

GURL, seems I need to introduce you to Matt McLaughlin below us, he's right you do need it, only 4 men, that is just NOT right for an upstanding (no pun intended) gay gurl!!! Should be 2 per week, Right Girls??

Then have coffee with Joel above us, he and you can convolute the Bible's teachings and make it fit to your Id driven needs; to be with and have sex with a man. Guess you two have re-written scripture to fit your deviant life style.

You must be a savant with deleting your browser history and suppressing your desires.  

Somebody needs a good ass fucking.

Self hate is the only island you live on. I hope you find happiness. 

You were gay for four years?  No, you were trying out what it was like to be gay for four years.  If you are truly attracted to mostly men, you are gay.  If you are attracted to both sexes, you are bi.  If you are truly attracted to mostly women, you are straight.  You can deny those thoughts and "make a go of it", but you aren't "gay for four years".

As for your experience while making a go with it, it's quite obvious you've never hung around women for much time.  They do THOSE EXACT SAME THINGS!  That said, I know tons of gay men, and most of them are mature and don't do those kinds of things, so I'm guessing it was the crowd you choose to hang with that turned you so ugly (although I'm pretty sure you were ugly before they got ahold of you).

It's ok, I'm glad you "chose" to be straight now.  We don't want you on our team.  I guess you'll have a better chance and having a girlfriend now that you probably didn't get any attention from guys while you were gay.  Also, I find it ironic that you just described every straight person, guy or girl that you will ever meet.  
I don't know if you know this but Straight guys gossip more than gay guys do.  Good luck with your new found life! <3.  By the way, you seem to be scared to be who you are since you choose to use a fake name to post on a gay website.  You are pathetic and I hope you find a cure for stupidity some day.

Sorry you weren't popular on grindr :( but it took you 4 years to realize only women would fist you? Well hopefully Jesus enjoys your cocking skills that you learned.

You must be so ugly inside as well as out. 

YOU'RE A CUNT. and fucking crazy too.. You have completely fucked up your life and are so bitter about it. 

Hey, isnt this a gay site you visited. Closet case

Glad my true words resonated so LOUDLY with you. It was all written about, for and to you! I have a huge sausage for you too sweet cheeks, you'd like that wouldn't you ? haha

" I have a huge sausage"

Pics or we will rest assured it's a jujubee.

I feel sorry for you. Clearly, someone has made you hate yourself so much that you are lashing out at us to feel better. I do wish you happiness in your life and hope that you learn how to do that without doing this. 

Your mother must be so proud...only god can judge us, so until he does, no one wants to hear your trash. Oh, and if you were gay for four years...and say you aren't anymore, what do you call that? A phase? Pft...please, most phases last a week or two. Grow up ignorant.

Your an idiot.

I love being gay.  I go to the gay bars in Dallas, TX and get drunk and hang out with my friends.  Then I preach to them about GMOs and such.  I wish you would come out to the bars with me because I am lonely.

I'm so sorry to hear that your 4 years of being gay were so terrible. It's no wonder you sound so very angry. If you do a quick google search you should be able to find a psychotherapist in your area who can help you with that. I believe with the right combination of talking therapy and medication you might one day stop being such an asshole.

sounds like someone needs a hug, bless your heart, now how about that hug?   You'll feel better (pat pat....on your head).

God bless

I was gay for a MISERABLE 4 yrs

Hahahahahahahahahahaha.  You are such an idiot, that you don't even know being gay is not a choice.  There's no way you could have been gay for any period of time, and no longer be.  But if you had any intelligence, you'd know that.


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