Anti-Gay Dallas TV Host Will Address Storming Off Set For The First Time On ... Fox News

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Amy Kushnir, the "outraged" co-host of Dallas' morning TV show The Broadcast, is shocking zero people by giving her first interview to Fox News since storming off set in protest of Michael Sam

Steve Kemble of Dallas-area radio station KVIL broke the news moments ago in a live broadcast. 

"Amy is hurting right now," Kemble said. "She feels her comments were very misunderstood, and she is looking forward to explaining them further in hopes that people will better understand her viewpoint."

Head to KVIL's website to listen to the report.

Kushnir did not appear on today's episode of The Broadcast, giving credence to the report that she's on her way to New York for her Fox News martyring. 

In other Kushnir news, He Said Magazine uncovered this photo taken during a recent episode of the morning show. Yes, those are male strippers carrying Kushnir on set for a 9 a.m. broadcast. Guess she has no problem with young children "being forced to watch" this, right?