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Harvey Fierstein Calls Johnny Weir A "Faggot"

Harvey Fierstein can't handle anymore news about Olympic skater Johnny Weir and on-again-off-again husband Victor Voronov. In a new interview with Huffington Post, Fierstein blasts the Olympian with a pejorative use of the F-Bomb. 

"Anything but Johnny Weir," Fierstein told HuffPo. "Leave me alone with that faggot. Anything but Johnny Weir and his divorce."

Is it okay coming from one gay man to another, Instincters?




PC bullcrap!!!

Harvey, like the rest of us who remember what it like back before we had the visibility and the rights and/or allowances that we do today (and fought for them like we did back then), understands that -- when we're using such terminology among our own kind.  Yes, I said "our own kind" because as much as we are becoming a much deserved part of the world as a whole, we are still a community among ourselves.

Words that are used as weapons against us lose a lot of power when we use those very same words among ourselves as part of our collective vocabulary. He, just like I, just like every one of us of a certain generation had to learn that the hard way, but, we did, and have earned the right to use whatever words among our own that we choose.

Yes, especially when discussing Johnny Weir! 

Between us nelly limp-wristed fairy queens, you bet.  If Rush Limbaugh says it, I'll punch him is his gunt. 

Well I think gay people should set an example.Don't use harmful language if you don't want that language used toward you or feel harmed if a non gay were to use those words to you.

No Baby, straight people never, ever get the right to call us that no matter what we use. You don't get to be from the community that beat us, murdered us, humiliated us, ignored us, repressed us, separated us, called us demons and mentally ill, and then claim you can call us faggots; not for ANY reason, ever. Equality does not mean ignorance nor loss of memory.

Gays are worthless!

You will burn in a series of 3 hells!

The 20th century called.   They want their attitude back!!!!!

Really? I almost feel ridiculous in commenting, but, the food you eat, the clothes you were, the chicks you screw, the sports you probably don't excel at, the church you go to, the god (if there really is such a thing), the politics you dabble in, opinions you make have all been inspired by some gay figure in that arena at one point or another. Now as far as that ignorant brain of yours, you should probably try blaming that on mommy and daddy. If you feel so compelled walk around dumb, aimless, naked, and starve, otherwise embrace it....has been and will continue to be here for a very fucking long time.

Get it together man, bloody hell.

It's just like African Americans and the N word. It's just a word, not a gun. Get over it already.

My thoughts exactly!!!  We are the ones who give words power, and we are the ones who can take that power away.  If we stop being offended every time someone uses that word, then people will stop using it, they are just trying to get a reaction.

Says the white people. "Gee! what did we ever do to make them so mad about us calling them what they were called when our community owned them and whipped them and sold their kids?" You, lovely white friend, do not get to tell black citizens what offends them or from whom. Be sensitive, suck it up and be kind. We all have to live with history, we can't pretend it didn't happen or that it didn't mean something big. We just have to be kind.

No, it's not o.k., but Harvey Feirstein has never been one to keep his opinions to himself, he's often used his voice for the betterment of others, and often he's funny. Also, he' not going to care what people say, so he said it, big deal.

Everybody calm the hell down! Harvey was saying anything that the rest of us weren't thinking. I know I'm tired of Johnny And Victor's relationship make a mockery of the little right that we do have. Harvey Feirstein is a aging old troll fag and he accepts that about himself he'll tell you himself so what?? What we need to do is encourage Mr. Feristein to mentor these two faggots and get them right on together. Trey both could use some mentoring fighting over a Faberge Egg.. Who in the world but a self centered faggot would do this knowing that the world is watching, and you are giving them the ammunition to fire at us. They both Victor and Johnny need to go and have several seats in traffic.

I am a little disappointed to hear Harvey use that word.   Johnny Weir is pretty awful, but I don't think that I would have said that: it's too hurtful.

Many will equate this to black people calling each other the "N" word. I hate that, too. A pejorative is a pejorative, no matter who is using it or why. Shame on Harvey Fierstein. He should (and does) know better.

No, it's NOT alright. Harvey, should most definitely know the human race is an ever changing landscape of folks with differences. Hey Harvey! Want to be called an old troll fag? No. And intolerance is just that. Accept people for who and what they are, and don't homogenize the world.

rude is rude.  I never liked that word.  Grow up, David.  Can't stand his voice.

We should not call each other anti-gay slurs.  It's trashy when black men call each other niggers, and it's trashy when women call each other bitches. "Faggot" is an ugly word, in both sound and in intent. 

But man, Johnny Weir is way more prissy than even I can stand. 

oh look at you, Miss Homophobe. There is nothing wrong with being feminine, prissy and faggy. There is everything right with it and it has a long and deep historical precedent. Google "Berdache" for one thing. Perhaps you meant to say, "Vain".

Homophobe? Please

I didn't say there was anything "wrong" with being prissy. Being prissy is one thing, and being a foolish caricature is another. Weir lays it on way too thick, and it becomes tiresome very quickly. 

Maybe we're all reading too hard between the lines. Maybe they're friends. Perhaps Jonny is more than fine with his friend referring to him as faggot. Perhaps jonny calls Goddess Harvey something similar or the same. We all have that friendship with someone. Lets stop the "we need to all hold hands dance". Goddess Harvey was clearly aware of the cameras and mics. We'll let harvey deal with jonny. I mean...

We are making a big deal about other people calling us name we should not do it to each other. I think everyone should be treated the same, I don't know they can find him or fire but is not right

In Fierstein's defense, if one were to light Johnny Weir on fire the smoke rising from the carcass would spell out faggot in smoke signals. Is it nice? No, of course not, but it's not the same at all as if the person calling Weir the slur was not gay. Most gay people have been on the receiving end of that slur and many of us are not about to be told when/if we can use it ourselves, especially in regards to media whores like Weir whose every recent move has been an embarrassment to the community.   

love the "smoke rising from the carcass would spell out faggot in smoke signals" lol Why is the word whore always used in a derogatory sense whores are people too ya know sheesh.  I have no idea who either one of those people are I just followed Seth here via his post on facebook sorry  :)

I don't like it but that fact doesn't matter. Many groups use negative terms to describe others within that group. It's not used in the same context as an angry, homophobic bigot. When Weir made his ignorant Russian culture comments, I had similar feelings but I kept my mouth shut and fingers bridled. He's just a kid. 

While I agree with being sick and tired of the Weir drama I dont agree with that term. We dont want anyone else calling us that name except each other? Harvey's fought too hard for our acceptance to fall to the very base line he stood against. Hes one of my heroes and that comment stings a bit. just because Jay Z uses the N word doesn't make it acceptable, only controversial, dangerous and a little bit sad.

I agree with Harvey. Enough is enough. Since his career (Weir) tanked he has become a media whore. If there is camera he has to be in front of it, if there is a reporter than he has to be in print and then turn around and blast those same things. Weir needs to go away, work on his relationship, regroup and figure out what he should do next for a career and stay out of the media. I've been with partner for 18 years and I know more about his marriage than my own and that is just plain old sad.

i have to agree im over hearing about it go Harvey Feirstein is one of the  greatest i would love to meet him

Between one queen to another, I'd say yes :) 

I think it depends on how well you know the person, or how in jest the comment really is.  We can all read between the lines when it comes to intent of meaning, but the world jumps to the most politically correct.  I think we should ask Johnny Weir if the remark was okay or not.

I agree with David. Well said!!

Harvey Feirstein is a gay icon and one of the gayest men on the planet, if he says that Johnny Wier is a faggot then it is so!

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