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Kirk Cameron: Christianity Will Win Its War Against Gays

The Anti-Gay Lobby has really ran with its 2014 strategy of "Help, our intolerant views are no longer being tolerated." You know the strategy has become a memo shared with all of the American Taliban when Kirk Cameron, one of the anachronistic right's public faces, throws his weight behind it. Though he's retreated from his public battle against an American minority group in recent months, Kirk is back in a winded money-grab video for the anti-gay Alliance Defending Freedom. Starting around the 20 minute mark, Kirk can be seen trumpeting the homophobic movement's Hail Mary play, grasping for straws as Americans wake up and shake off decades of treating their fellow citizens like second class citizens. 

And yes, it's sad and a sign of the times when your "Big Guns" consist of Kirk Cameron. Good luck, Anti-Gay Lobby. 




You homos have an answer for everything. God forbid someone has an opinion other than yours.

Yep. Exactly what the kkk had to say about other races. 

And I'm no less of a person , or deserve less respect or rights purely on the basis of who I chose to love

Right we should just be quiet and let your bigotry exist unanswered. Like it has always been. Thanks. Now I know what to do in the future to stay a second class citizen, and be kept down by the hetero majority.

What I don't have the right to say that I find a guys dick in another guys corn hole disgusting? I'm not full of hate at all. But the image of a shit covered dick is more than slightly revolting!

It seems to me that you spend way to much time fantasizing about what kind of sex you think two men are having. I can honestly say, I am not interested in, nor do I care about your sex life, or lack of one. 

wm resident. you are just mad because i always cornhole your dad and mom and only let you watch. 

W M Resident: Interesting that no matter how much you profess to hate the things you just talked about in your post, that you're on a gay website reading gay material and that you spend so much time thinking about one man cornholing another man.  Doesn't that strike you as maybe just a little gay? Hmmmmm?

I find the idea of penetrating a structure used for urination revolting.

There, we're even. 

You know, I don't usually go around imagining other people's sex lives. Most people who obsess over the mechanics of homosexual sex have more issues than just being "disgusted".

Just keep that image in your mind the next time you eat a chili dog.

What are you, 12? Corn-hole? No adult with any self-esteem would use that word.

"What I don't have the right to say that I find a guys dick in another guys corn hole disgusting?"

Who gives a DAMN what YOU or anyone else 'finds disgusting' that does NOT affect you IN ANY WAY, OTHER than your petulant 'disgust'?

I'M disgusted at your childish language ('dick'? 'Corn hole'? SERIOUSLY?) but I am NOT 'at war' with you...I do not attempt to RAM my OPINIONS into LAWS...then again, I'm a better PERSON than you are, as I support LOVE over HATE and, it really, genuinely must SUCK to be YOU.

That's not the concept of love, that's just sex. And if you don't like that, then don't do that. I'm a gay man with a husband and four children. I don't have time to sit and think about straight people having sex, I'm a bit busy.

The image of a homophobe in a free society is more than slightly revolting.  Guess that makes us even.  Also, if you don't like "shit covered dicks" you should stop picturing them and move on to things you do "like" or perhaps reevalute yourself for even thinking that.

Not all gays have sex and boy oh boy why are people so shallow and just focus on the sexual act ! 

So then I suppose if we follow that train of logic, you are also opposed to a man and a woman having anal sex as well right??? Of course you realize that based on your initial statement, the only answer that doesn't portray you as a hypocrite is "Yes!"

queer guys douche. if your too lazy, use a condom then, u big baby. and/or several days a month perhaps u like to swath your dick in your girlfriends far smellier menses.

Douche. Silly. It's just skin when you wash away the shit. Straight women do it too as a way of birth control. Do we have to teach you straight guys everything?

You sure are full of hate. You hate the human body. Don't know if you've been to health class, but blood and urine and other messy things come out of a woman's vulva. Here's another news flash. From a woman's mouth comes vomit. And I guess you have no interest in anyone's anus, but the designer of the human body decided to make it an erogenous zone for both men and women second only to the penis and clitoris. Your body shame and sex-negativity have a very fitting place though. Kindergarten.  

Why do you have that image in your head? Do you fantasize about it? You get off on it.


Included in the First Amendment:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion..."
Comes before
"or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;"

Suck it religion. As much as you want to claim America, it isn't yours. It is the people's. Or start paying taxes like every other person/business.


I find Brussels Sprouts to be disgusting, but I haven't declared a war on them, nor do I think they should be outlawed. Why? Because other people happen to love Brussels Sprouts. The fact that they love them has zero effect on how I live my life. Even is someone were to eat a plate full of them in front of me, it still would have zero effect on my life. After all, they're not being forced upon me, I'm just made that way, I guess. Of course, I don't go around imagining Brussels Sprouts being masticated or digested. That's pretty gross, and a ridiculous waste of time.

Yes. Your hatred is totally disgusting.

If God hadn't intended for men to be gay then why does a man's penis fit in another man's anus?

Easier to stack that way.

just because the population at large doesn't endorse your deity of choice doesn't mean you're being persecuted.  chrisitans should stop being so insecure 

Don't believe all the HYPE you hear about gay men. I live in a very densely gay populated area in South Florida. Oh and before you attack, and call me a repressed gay man, for living here, I'll have you know: was here long before they took over!

Here are the facts on gay men:

1. Many are bi-polar.

2. Many are drug addicts and/or alcoholics.

3. Many are out of shape, dumpy, average looking guys.

4. Many are angry and provoke fights with straights and other gays. Cops are constantly being called for gay fighting.

5. Many are unemployed and or homeless. 

6. A lot of the gay men will hit on anything with a clock, including straight men, married men, etc With no regard to these men's wives, families or relationships.

So please DON'T believe all the hype you hear about gay men and their perfect, exemplary lives!!!

It's a myth, and propaganda spread by the gay community to convince the rest of us that all is well in their world, when it really isn't!

This is hilarious.  It sounds like you are describing regular folks.  Oh wait- I get it!  Homosexuals ARE normal.

We are just the same as everyone else.  I'd like to see you go through the torment we have and meet you on the other end and see the type of person you are.  It's not your world anymore to bully those that aren't like yourselves.  So if you have to shut up for a few minutes while people gain equality........but it's not in your nature to share. only dominate.

You really have a lot of hatred for gay men, but women are gay too and you don't seem to care!  What do you have to say about that?  You really should have stopped when you said you live in Florida! Now we all know you are are backwards, homo-hating, miserable, santorum (google it) that sits around watching Fox News all day! 

Hmmm don't know where in South Florida you live, but Id move. Not to sure where you got your information or what "research" you had to do, but it seems kind of non factual approach.

I live in a densely populated straight area! Now, before you think me as straight, just because of where I live, I'll have you know I am not by any means, straight. (I'm the B in LGBTQ)

Here are the facts on straight men:
1: Many are bi-polar (5.5 million Americans over the age of 18 actually are!)
2: Many are Drug Addicts and/or Alcoholics (8% of the population actually!!)

3:Many are out of shape, dumpy, average looking guys.
4: Many are angry, provoke fights with Gay people and even other straights (ever been to Boston on Saint Paddy's day? Beware of the straight men!) 
5: Many are unemployed and/or homeless (I blame this more on the economy and less on the Straight-agenda though)
6: A lot of the straight men will hit on anything with boobs, including lesbian women, or married women, with no regard to these women's husband's. families or relationships (I should know, I'm a married woman)

7: Straight marriages have an approximate 40% divorce rate.

So Please DON'T believe all the hype you hear about straight 'Christian' men and their perfect, exemplary lives!! 

It's a myth and propaganda spread by the straight community to convince the rest of us that all is well in their world, and that their way, is the only way way. When it really isn't.

You, madam, win the Internet. :-)


this is my favorite comment on this post and almost word for word what i was thinking. <3


Love you!

ME TOO!!!!!!  POWERFUL!!!!  Pulled the covers right off them!!!!

Hahaha. Cry me a river. Gay marriage is going to pass. The divorce rate is going to be waaay lower in the gay community as well. It's going to be hilarious guys, like family guy hilarious.

I have a couple of questions for the gays.

Why so much arrogance amongst the gays? (especially towards normal/straight people)

Why does everything you stand for have to be bigger, better, more, etc than the rest of the general population?

And finally, why so MEAN? The nasty posts I see on here from the gays is mind boggling! They want THEIR opinion and no one else to have theirs! RIDICULOUS!!!


At least I'm brave enough to use my real name.


You are entitled to your opinion.  And you are entitled to live your life as you wish.  However, you do not have the right nor the divine intervention to use God to impose your beliefs on others.  The argument here is about freedom and liberty.  For ALL.    I say God talks to me and is just fine what how I live my life.  I say that.  So who's right? you or me?  God is "talking" to us both.............  And don't go down the bible route.  The bible is a book written by other humans based on DIFFERENT PERCEPTIONS of the same thing.............Lividicus or whatever the hell his name was says man will not lay with another man.  He also tells us to kill each other eating the wrong food...............along with otehr things taht make completely no sense in a modern civilized if you're going to abide by one person, don't edit out the parts you don't like and use the ones you do.  Go it all the way...............  the common thread all religions profess, yet few actually ever practice, is love and understanding for all.........................period!  I don't tell you how to live your life, don't tell me how to live mine!  I think those two college student females are morons, but I absolutely am against them being victimized for their beliefs at the same time.........

Just because you guys don't know how to please a woman, it's no reason to turn gay. Maybe you just need practice! And please don't blame God or the bible for your sexual inadequacies!!!

Just because you're so insecure with your penis size and could not possibly satisfy another man is n reason that you have to settle for a straight relationship. Come to think about it, I'm sure you can't possibly satisfy a woman either. Maybe you could just take that pencil eraser sized penis and join  a monastery. 

On the other hand, they probably couldn't stand you either so maybe you should just slink back under that rock you live under. 

You're an idiotic, moronic jerk.

i hope that didn't come off as mean or nasty. 

Really?  That's your retort on this?  You are really validating what a complete moron you are.  This is not about pleasing a woman, you imbecile.  Many men have tried it and not enjoyed it or preferred it.  Many do it quite well but choose otherwise.  Actually, one thing gay men can be accused of is being a little too self consumed with regard to personal appearance.  If anything, they are in better shape than half the dumpy, bald, farting unhappily married men and can #$%^ ten times better!   Oh, it ain't a question of being able to please another person, not by a long shot.  If anything, it's a lot more work to the contrary......  Some bi sexual men say that they physically enjoy gay sex more because it's just more physical, fun and exciting over doing all the work while your partner lays use your own "power", LORD, come up with another excuse because that one really crashed and burned.

His career has really skyrocketed...hasn't it..........


Even if I agreed with this (Note: I do NOT), what are you trying to say here? Are you planning to force homosexuals into heterosexual marriages to preserve "traditional family values?" 

This might have been a valid argument in 1960.  With over 40% of all babies being  born to unmarried women, and the heterosexual divorce rate at 50% maybe y'all need to be a little more concerned about that.

allowing gay marriage takes nothing away from straight marriage. literally nothing. if 2 women get married just before your own ceremony, what does that change about your wedding? they go home with their spouse, they cook their supper, they go to their job, and they live their life. they don't influence what's happening with your marriage in literally *any* way. in the same way that black people being allowed to intermarry with white people changed the "white" definition of's still JUST marriage. 2 people who love each other are being allowed to pledge their love in front of their family and friends and then they go home and just live their everybody else. taking genitalia out of the picture, can you define what "specific" values are at stake?

And what are those?  Fidelity?  Many hetero couples, cheat, get separated, get divorced.    Family:  depends what you define as family:  some people adopt, some do it through artificial fertilization.  Kids:  some have none.  Some wish they never did. Some have kids that do other than what the parent had intended:  career wise, marriage wise (common law, GAY)     Many if not most families have two working parents, so kids become latch key; thus, lacking continued guidance and oversight that can sometimes promote a lack of connection to the point that the parent doesn't even know their own kid.................suicide, depression, eating do you think the parents of the Columbine shooters felt?   I did research on this story, and both sets of parents were still married, attempted to maintain a relationship with their sons, but still were clueless as to what was going on................... 

Some parents re marry.............change careers..........give up the job to go to California and raise fruit.........................SO WHAT IS TRADITIONAL AND HOW DO YOU DEFINE IT BEYOND THE LIMITED VERSION OF "A MAN AND A WOMAN"...................We've grown well beyond Adam and Eve.  The world is a hell of a lot more diverse than what it was thousands of years ago............  Wake up................there is little "traditional" around you.  Every day something in your life deviates from 'the way it ought to be"  why?  because it was never really taht way in teh first place!!!!

Kirk Cameron is 100% right. God intended men & women to be together! And to be married as man and wife. And to have children. End of story.

Logical fail. God is supposedly omnipotent. If God never makes a mistake, and he made gays, then your argument fails.

You listening, all you infertile straight couples? How about you, nuns? And you, all you elderly straight couples that didn't have children? And most of all, all of you paraplegics? All of you listening? Good: you're sinners. End of story.

And how do you presume to know what God intended. ?

The ignorance and the arrogance of this man and you are sickening. Get this straight--NO ONE is trying to shove a "gay agenda" down your throat. it's hateful bigoted a-holes like you who keep trying to force your religion on everyone else. Mind your own damn business and let people love who they want to love.

A woman is about to be put to death for being a Christian in The Sudan.....I think she's got more pressing issues than they whiny college students.  Tell Kirk to put his money where is angular, pronounced mouth is and go there to be Super Jesus Freak....Then I might be impressed with him beyond his stellar and pioneering career as a foremost intpretor on the usage of a name like Boner for a friend...............  I think this is the link to a lot of Kirky's problems...........I think he physical manifestation when saying this name was his "wak up" call.  "I need to shun the evil inside me before Boner makes this a tangible reality"

Except that homosexuality (or rather same-sex coupling since 'homo' relates to human) is innate in many different species and has been around far longer than humans have, and will be around long afterwards. Christianity on the other hand is a mere belch compared timespan of the animal kingdom. It hasn't been around that long, and won't be around that much longer. All religions die eventually, Christianity's no different.

You realize that the prefix homo just means "same", right? It doesn't innately refer to human beings...

Someone.  Please.  Stick a d*ck in his mouth and shut him up.  Sorry, was that rude?...  

Not at all. 

I don't understand what all this argument is about. Plain and simple, when it comes to religion, there is always a war against someone or something. It's how it's set up. In the name of (insert god here). And, particularly Christianity, it is  part of its dogma to kill or condemn or hate someone or something. Anyone who doesn't get this hasn't really studied their religion. They just like all the nice bits.

Ralph: Mrs. Krabappel and Principal Skinner were in the closet
making babies and I saw one of the babies and then the baby
looked at me.
Wiggum: The baby looked at you? [picks up phone] Sarah, get me
Superintendent Chalmers.
[Mrs. Wiggum dials the number]
Thank you, Sarah. [Mrs. Wiggum smiles knowingly]

Everything they say about these myopic, moronic women is true.  Most all of their points are delusional and pretty scary for this day and age.  However, they have one that is valid............they're entitled to think and live as they want.  Just like they shouldn't impose their idiocy on us, we should not restrict their ability to live their long as they keep it among their own bretheren...........once we deal with the public forums, handing out flyers, and being subjected to signs and shouting, that's when it's crossing the line...............   Kirk Cameron is an imbecile.  He never would be in the position of being a public spokesman if it wasn't for an industry that is loaded with gay people....................We didn't see you rebuffing the money and the publicity did we?  How ironic that you use the very means that got you some place in the public eye to them conveniently go against it for your own agenda.  If Jesus died for your sins, the many agents, producers, fellow actors, directors, make and wardrobe people, PR people, et al that helped make you what you became, some or many of whom you rail against now, also gave of themselves to help YOU, you backwards amoeba.

Idiot fool. 

This ridiculous douchebag is trying to remain relevant... #GrowingPainInOurAss

All 300 comments boil down to one thing; this guy is a loser in almost every way.

Oh, I don't know, he's probably talked to the Koch brothers and other lobbyists and he's getting ready to purchase his seat in Congress.

Several points. They have the right to fight for religious freedom in the courts. The cost of freedom of speech is that you have to listen to the other guy who you don't agree with. I don't agree with the abortion part of this, nor the anti marriage equality part, but they do have a right to their freedom of speech. I have a right to call them out on being biggots. And when it comes to the law, they do not have the right to change the laws of the state to agree with their religious doctrine. But yes they can stand on a corner and talk about it all they want. What I wish they would get in the gay arena, is that one can be moral, religious, decent and be gay and love another of the same sex. That's the part that is so disrespectful to gay Americans. They assume that 'traditional marriage' is part of their teachings, so they fight against marriage equality for gays. That is the step beyond freedom of speech and religion. They can espouse it all they want, but they can't pass laws to disallow it for all in the country. What a paradox, fighting for their religious freedoms so they can force their religion on everyone. It's very discouraging.

Go to Russia, or Nigeria or Kenya where gay people are being killed because of the influence of fundamentalist Christian doctrine on public policy. We need to be serious about this. People are being killed. If a silly young girl in a university in America wants to be a bigot, fine. Let's deal with the real stuff. 

Equality has NOTHING to do with religion. We "gays/lesbians" as youu want to call us aren't taking away anything of yours!!! We're just asking for HUMAN EQUALITY! Maybe there should be a bad on man and woman marrying or something that youu really enjoy or would love to do. This is just bull, and I will fight for my equal rights to marry my GIRLFRIEND and will not be afraid to do so because I have had enough !!

Christianity is a mental illness and its sad 

So true!

Why are you using your fame Kurt to announce your hatred of others. There is nothing Christian about your behavior. You are using your religion to justify bigotry. There is no difference between you and Westborough Baptist Church.

Yes, there is definitely lots about his behavior that is Christina. Yes, the religion has often been used to justify bigotry. This is not knew. Read your bible.

Have you ever read the verse that says "Love thy neighbor as thyself"?

Have you ever considered that the only thing "Christians" still try to justify using the book of Leviticus is their "argument" against homosexuality?

Have you ever considered the verse that says "Judge not, that ye are not judged"?

Have you ever considered the fact that he'll be going straight to hell if there is one because he's a shitty human being? His state of mind is worse than Hitler's. At least Hitler was doing what he thought was best for his country. This man is paraphrasing a book written more than 2000 years ago, picking and choosing verses that best fit their agenda.

If you want to talk about who has an agenda, let's talk about the number of people who use their religion as a reason to oppress others when there's really nothing to support it.

All this talk about Dick is making me hungry .... lol

Kirk and all the rest have unfounded fears.. which have given way to paranoia. Paranoia gives way to extreme oppression and sometimes genocide. The oppressors are claiming to be the oppressed....that somehow they are losing their religious freedom. They want sympathy, and they want your money most of all! Those who scream the loudest...are running from who they actually are.    

Bring back CCOK - Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron
Cause Kirk Cameron is just a dick.

F- you Kirk Cam - F- You and your freakin video. And all of your Alliance for Freedom. F- YOU

Kirk Cameron uses his position in the world of entertainment to espouse and what a pity for a young, apparently reasonably intelligent man to feel this way about a group of God's children who have done him no harm, probably has watched his TV shows and stayed out of his business with their vitriol.  Shame on you Kirk.  You should love God and know him better than you do and you would know that he made us all and loves us all like any father should and usually does. 

You religious nuts are completely missing Jesus' point here. Simply by naming God we limit what God truly is... so why would we try to put limits on God's love as well? Religion is simply man's INTERPRETATION of the spiritual experience, subject to man's own flawed desires. Jesus taught that we love and accept each other. And consensual love between two adults is NOT SIN. Never was, never will be, no matter what your interpretation of some cryptic Old Testament text may be.

Why are you all so obsessed with controlling the lives of others? Man up and handle your own business. Chances are if you've got your own life in order then you won't need to worry about what others do in their relationships. Only the weak minded feel the need to comment negatively on the lives of others. Search your heart; you know deep down that this is true.

I've fought my own tough path with religion for many, many years. Finally, in the end stages of a genetic liver disease with hours left to live (before a liver transplant), I found God again. And that experience of God, one that needs no name, label, or gender assignment, is simply and purely Love. Once we release our hold on fear, we will find ourselves in a place of pure love and gratitude. You won't get there by judging others, so LET GO and you will at last find yourself in the house of the one true God.

So we are supposed to take your word for how God truly is because of an experience that you had? How is that feasible? You make all the statements about truth based on your subjective opinion. "Jesus taught that we love and accept each other," and "only the weak minded feel the need to comment negatively on the lives of others." Hmmm.... Apparently you don't see the contradiction of saying that while commenting negatively on people with a certain religious belief.. Are people simply not to comment when something is wrong? This is not true. And I find it appalling that you would invoke the name of Jesus in support of this. Jesus affirmed all of the "cryptic Old Testament." Jesus often spoke out against sin. And he met people where they are but he did not let them stay there. He would say go and sin no more. That means he had to talk about other people's lives at some point. You're reading something into Jesus that wasn't there. If you want to believe in your God of your experience and imagination that is fine. But please do not pretend that it has anything to do with Jesus or that he would condone what you are saying. Lastly, Jesus tells us to judge.. But to judge with "righteous judgment." He judged others. He warned them of wrath. How do we know that your desires are not influencing your INTERPRETATION of God? Can we at least be a little consistent?

Bryce, you'll become Satan's bride
Pray for mercy, get down on your knees!
You've got Jezebel's pride 
And your soul is a hole of disease!
I can see you inside!
Full of sin, full of pride!
That's how Lucifer fell!
And you're headed for Hell, I won't you go!
Heaven hates a sinner!
Save yourself from burning, God, he's burning!
Pray or He will burn you! He will burn you!

And God made Eve from Adam's rib
And Eve was weak. And Eve was weak.
And Bryce was weak.
And God made Eve to bear a curse
The curse of blood! Oh, curse of blood!
I'm so afraid
Oh, Lord, I've seen this power before
The flesh is weak and I implore!
Father, don't forsake him!
Father, take him!
Cleanse and purify him!
With a fire! And the power! And the glory!
Forever! And ever! And ever!

Bryce, you're absolutely correct on a few points. You should not take my word for it at all. We all have our own work to do to find God. And yes, I'm guilty of judging as well... looking down upon others because of the hate they carry against gay people. That is indeed hypocritical. But I cannot accept hate of any kind, especially when I see people being victimized.

Our views of Jesus, however, differ widely. I can't recall anywhere in the bible where Jesus told us to judge others. Perhaps I'm wrong about that too. I'm not as fundamentally attached to a rigid interpretation of the bible as some may be. My desires influencing my interpretation of God? Well, in the last months before death I can tell you that fear, anguish, doubt, and certainly desire were stripped away from my life. What remained was simply the love and acceptance of God. I'm no longer so enlightened, and I struggle with sin and desire every day, just like all of us do. But my realization about the true nature of God remains, and it has nothing to do with religion. At some point we all must supercede what others tell us to believe and find our own truth, one informed by love and goodwill.

Of course, that's simply my experience. The experience of my imagination, as you put it. Which is truly all any of us have when talking about God. Beyond that, there is what we know to be right and wrong due to the hard work and meditation we put into it. Divine inspiration perhaps. Hate and judgment will never factor into that equation.

Bryce, you certainly have a right to believe what you want, but you do not have the right to impose your will upon other consenting adults who simply want to love. Whatever you choose, I still choose to bless you and love you just the same as I would anyone else. And I'll work on trying not to judge others who believe differently. Go with God, my friend.

What was it, Bryce, that JC had to say about loving relationships between same-sex couples (chapter:verse, please)?

"Free Speech" does not mean you can spew hate right and left. The Klan is illegal too.

She was "afraid for her security"? How about the millions of LGBT youth that are killed and abused around the world for simply existing?

Hate speech and protests condemning others' rights SHOULD be shut down. How would you feel if LGBT people walked around with "Kill The Straights" and "God Hates Straight People" signs? Assholes.

Hey, here's an idea.... if you don't want to be attacked, don't attack someone else! Silly "Christians". Do you realize that this whole article makes every one of you, EVERY SINGLE ONE of you, the biggest hypocrites EVER?!
Look, I don't necessarily agree with the media glorifying homosexuality to the extent that it has with the whole Michael Sam thing... but that's not because I don't agree with homosexuality. It's because it shouldn't be a topic of discussion AT ALL. Someone's sexuality has nothing to do with their skills and talents on the football field. Just let the man play ball.
Now, back to "the bible".... I'm sure we've all heard the typical retorts to "a man laying with another man as he does a woman is an abomination". Divorce, wearing clothes of mixed fabrics, etc. are all also wrong in the bible. Eyeglasses and air conditioning are also "unnatural things". But let's get down to brass tacks here....  IT'S NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS.
Did anyone else notice that even though gay marriage has been made legal in some states (and other countries) that the world is still spinning??? Get over it... move on to something else. The gay hating is getting old.
The Bible is not the word of God. It is the words of men who were exponentially more intelligent than the others back in the day that conned the people into believing in a higher power to set guidelines and rules on how to not be a dick and to live in a better society. It worked until now.... Quit making yourselves the victims. YOU ARE THE PEOPLE WAGING THE WAR! Idiots....


Thanks Lindsey, all valid points.  Unfortunately the people who need to hear this message have no ability to listen or to look at a subject from the viewpoint of another.  

I was raised in a Christian church, and in some of the churches I went to, this sort of hateful rhetoric was the norm.  I was raised however by wonderful parents who allowed us the freedom to question and who taught us that true Christianity was about love and service.  I no longer identify as a Christian, but have many friends and family members who do.  It makes me sad for them that there are small contingents like this one and hundreds of others like it who scream hate at the top of their lungs and make all true Christians look like crazy fanatics.  If there is any type of agenda, it is theirs.  I am lucky enough to have wide diversity in my life and many of those folks identify themselves under the LGBTQ labels.  Not one of them talks about gay sex/gay lifestyle as much as these zealots do.  What I would love to see is a time when we do not even need to use labels such as LGBTQ, but just accept people for who they are, where they are.  My family and I currently are part of a faith community that accepts people and their beliefs or lack of beliefs without judgment.  I think that this is likely to be the direction that "organized religion" will be headed in if they want to remain viable.  People are fed up with the political agendas of the religious right and are either dropping out, or looking elsewhere for a more acceptable community.  Kirk Cameron is and always has been an ignorant asshole.  And he is irrelevant, but grasping at straws to maintain the notoriety that he has left. In twenty years, history will reflect on this period in time much the same as current history reflects upon the ludicrous actions of the KKK and those like them.  At least that is my hope.  

bs, you sucker , religion is schizophrenia enjoy the treatment sucker

This gay magazine trolls straight people constantly. They just want readers. Regardless. That being said, the articles are interesting, but I don't necessarily agree with the left wing, liberal, gay agenda. But I don't have to. And you don't have to agree with me either. Kudos to Kirk for  job well done. 

So, if you're being completely fair and logical, there's a Conservative/Christian Agenda, as well?  I mean, if there's a "gay agenda" then the equal and opposite reaction would be that there is a Christian/Conservative equivalent of some kind.  And what is does that agenda include?  Making sure gay people are as hidden away from the public and media as to be nonexistent, and to deny any and all rights that pertain to them or protect them?

they troll anti-gay straight people and trumpet our supporters..I have been reading this wonderful publication for a long time and can say that with conviction

BTW the people who speak out most about how sick gays are is the ones who are dealing with or wanting to try or have tried gay things before look back at all the people who have got caught with boys in bathrooms who were speaking anti gay rants 

So, what're all these anti-gay people doing on a forum for a pro-gay site?  It's like KKK clansmen showing up at the NAACP.  


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