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Kirk Cameron: Christianity Will Win Its War Against Gays

The Anti-Gay Lobby has really ran with its 2014 strategy of "Help, our intolerant views are no longer being tolerated." You know the strategy has become a memo shared with all of the American Taliban when Kirk Cameron, one of the anachronistic right's public faces, throws his weight behind it. Though he's retreated from his public battle against an American minority group in recent months, Kirk is back in a winded money-grab video for the anti-gay Alliance Defending Freedom. Starting around the 20 minute mark, Kirk can be seen trumpeting the homophobic movement's Hail Mary play, grasping for straws as Americans wake up and shake off decades of treating their fellow citizens like second class citizens. 

And yes, it's sad and a sign of the times when your "Big Guns" consist of Kirk Cameron. Good luck, Anti-Gay Lobby. 




Man on man porn? PROBLEM!!! Lesbian porn? Not so bad? Come on W M Resident, you'd spooge to two women going at it as long as it's not Rosie O'Donnel. Tell the truth.

Ok gays, so once every state has passed gay marriage will you finally shut up about it already? Or are you going to find something else to bitch about? Enough already! All your crying and whining is giving the rest of the population a headache. Bunch of cry babies. 

And if you really DO want equal rights then go...get on with your lives. Get married, have families, get into debt, have stress, divorce etc. You want to be equals?  Welcome to our know, the REAL world! Just asked for it. 

Then we're going to have to hear your whining about that. Oh joy!

Well Godless can you answer my questions? You really think we were randomly put here? What would be the purpose of that? You live. You die. What's the point? Who's plan? 

PUT here? No. We were created/formed by other living things evolving to survive. Ever heard of the Big Bang Theory?
Why does there need to be a point or a plan? We're just like every other living creature. We're born, we eat, shit, procreate and die.
The insecurities of man made the need for a hope for something afterwards or something greater. Humans feel so entitled to think they deserve something more that they've created an omnipotent being to explain shit that our brains just don't comprehend.

Human beings need spirituality in their lives! If you think it's all a myth, how do you think you got here? What is your purpose while you're here? And where do you think you're going once you die? It's all part of a master plan. Not from science. Not technology. It's GOD.

Only those who are desperate to find some sort of meaning in their sad, pitiful lives feel the need for 'spirituality". If you need to grasp on to a fairy tale, and I really dont care if you pray to the Seven Dwarves or Hansel and Gretel,  that's up to you but don't project your pitiful beliefs on to the rest of us. My lifre is meaningful enough without having to place my "faith" in a supernatural being. as for how I got here? My parents fucked and nine months later, poof, a baby!

blah blah are just repeating what you were told. wake up yourself.  

Christianity isn't gonna win sh*t! The jig is up on all of that bullsh*t that they have been peddling for centuries. People are leaving churches and religions by the millions (actually they have been for decades they just lie about it when asked if they attend or believe) People are smarter now. And younger people are waaay smarter. Science and technology and concern for all of the damage that previous gens have done to their planet are at the top of their lists. Not bullsh*t archaic mythology. They know that their are no gods watching them from the cosmos or mythological demons that live in the depths of the earths crust. It's all coming to an end. It's about logic, reason, rationale and knowing that being a good human being doesn't come from anyone else but you. For most of the human race it's a choice. Loving and wanting to be loved is inherent in us from birth. Have you ever seen an unhappy baby that is being engaged with love and caring? No, and you won't! We don't lose all of that wonder until parents, religions and societies impose their f*cked fears on to us. So, we are so glad your in the 'lard's army', but you should be ashamed for pushing that bullsh*t on little ones.

We have all the problems today because they have taken God out of EVERYTHING. The Bible, Gods Word is a simple rule book for life. If it was followed, we wouldn't have the problems we have in the world today! It's simple, it's not rocket science!

Oh boy! Religion religion and religion....until when?

When you are a kid, adults brain-washed each one of us to make us believe in a bunch of non-sense. Even fear is used to make sure that we are well sucked into it.  Once I believed in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and even God....Im not a kid anymore.  Then I was told that Santa Claus and the tooth fairy actually did not exist. I was fooled to believe in them. They were man made figures...but hold on, no one told me that God, that man-made story has really made its entrance among human.  One day many many years from now, we will figure out this entire BS of religion. Sadly, not in my life time.  Once religion disappear mankind will not have as many problems as we are having today.

They have already been found out Godless. It's just gonna take another generation or two before they are completely irrelevant.

Sorry Kirk but true Christianity doesn't work like that. Jesus never judged anyone. You have already lost. But you are correct ... True Christianity will WIN ! 

Christianity wins when this clown prince is disavowed from it and takes his hatemongering some place else.  He has no Christian values with his attitudes!   He's actually a closeted case of the worse degree, many have come out before him and done the same thing and turned out to be Gayer than the ones they preach and teach against.  Best to just ignore him, he has absolutely no relevance!!!

The wealthy pastor of a local Mega Church who constantly preached about homosexuality, infidelity and masturbation was recently forced to resign for having multiple affairs and an addiction to pornography. He's a married man with two children, HYPOCRITE! 


Kirk who?

My sister is a minister in the First Christian Church. She is quite aware of the controversy surrounding gay people and marriage and our quest for civil rights. Her growth and her education in her 'faith' has led her to truly study the bible, as a scholar would, going back to the Greek text... Her decision to do this was brought on not only by having a gay brother and brother in law (I was jsut married to my partner of 12 years), but also by her own desire to understand what the bible was actually saying. As she finished her Masters in Divinity and set about working on her Doctoral work, she realized that the bible is a very strange document. There are many reasons for things that are not readily apparent. You don't need to understand written Greek to know this. As she studied, she made note of the myriad ways that God made his wishes known. His will in these matters were more often than not, was a route to protection. There are only a few times in the bible where there is an admonition against men "knowing" men and those may be seen in several different ways, but also, they may also be describing something that is primitive and somewhat unknowable. Many of those admonitions come from the texts which deal with the Holiness Codes. These are specific laws handed down from God to the Jews. So, unless you are Jewish and from a tribe... such as Levi, you really don't really have to worry about any of these rules. In short, those laws are not for Christians. She realized that there are many ways to view homosexuality in the bible. The best way to view it, is to listen to what Jesus said. Love thy neighbor as yourself. If everyone would just do that much, there would be no problem surrounding gay people, because the godly people would be busy being godly. I wish everyone had a sister like mine. She has helped me feel whole and complete... which happens to be just the way God made me.

My Poll: has the internet and social media helped the cause of acceptance and tolerance or hurt it? Weigh in.

What these people going into college dont understand, is that if you set yourself up to go to a large college campus like Georgia Tech. The university will of course always have an ideal set and what the campus and university belief in and want to push. So of course, if you are an old school christian, then no, that would not the be campus for you. You basically have no reason to complain when you go there knowing what kind of campus atmosphere you are going to. This isnt a high school or public junior high school, this is a higher learning facility that its own principles. They have the right to tell you whatever they want and tell you that maybe you would prefer a more christian friendly campus.

Wow, I see exploiting children with disabilities is not beneath you to push your delusional agenda.  Their parents need to take him to a religious school if they want him to run around singing about Jesus, not a public school.  Religious freedom does not mean you have the freedom to take rights away from other people.  No laws regarding religious freedom or the freedom of speech have changed or are being violated.  In other words - nothing has changed.  You people are just trying to manipulate what the first amendment is about to fool your herd into thinking they are being persecuted.  Gotta scare people into getting out that checkbook!   Awful.

Watch the movie Far From Heaven (2002) with Dennis Quaid. Who wants to go back to that way of life (1950s) where gay people are repressed, and black people are oppressed. So sad. No one is happy in that movie. 

“Speaking of half-truths and corruptions, you might be surprised to learn that the original Greek word used in 1 Corinthians 6:9—the passage that your kind exploits to justify this stance—was catamite. ‘Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind.’ The catamite is the male partner on the receiving end of the sex act, or the word the latest King James Version used, the effeminate one. Note that Paul and the male-dominated society of this era make no mention of lesbianism among their female property, nor do they condemn the giving partner for this act—just the weak one, the submissive one, the feminine one. The pitcher is still considered a man’s man and he doesn’t get prohibited from entering into the Kingdom. Now, don’t you find this rationale to be just a tad hypocritical and a completely unjust basis for your beliefs in condemning an entire group of people? Especially, when you don’t even know what the original text said and in what context it applied!” Jeff blasted, his voice burning with outrage at the ignorance and injustice.

- Excerpt from Manifest Insanity

Any of you using quotes from the Bible to justify say some version of "God condemns gays, so I'm just quoting him and don't have to take responsibility for my own opinions" are nothing but a bunch of HYPOCRITES.  You piously quote a couple of passages that happen to suit your own prejudices as the word of God that must be followed literally.  Well, I'll tell you what in that case.  You have just given me the right to stone you to death if you wear an outfit that includes both cotton and wool.  Also, per Exodus 21:7, you have given me the right to tell your daughters that their fathers have the right to sell them as sex slaves.  And you think you have morals.  What you really have are the tribal laws of a bunch of Bronze Age barbarians.  You think that Muslims are terrible for killing Muslims who give up their religion, keeping slaves, and whipping and stoning women for adultery.  But they are doing EXACTLY the same thing you advocate: following an old book they consider the word of God, literally.  And let's have no lies and equivocations that the New Testament frees you from following the law literally; by that logic, if Exodus's laws don't have to be applied literally THEN NEITHER DO LEVITICUS'S.  So stop hiding behind an excuse for not developing a moral code that includes justice for all.  

All I'm going to say is, one day when you people stand before God, you will find out just how wrong you are!!! The Bible says we are to love ALL people so I dont condemn gays but i dont condone their lifestyle either. It is only for God to judge, not me.

Whether you think so or not, you ARE being judgmental.  It's ridiculous to sit there and judge people then try to remove the responsibility of that judgment by saying that your god is doing it, not you. Then again, how rational can one possibly be if they believe that when people die they float up to some clouds and then to a big gate where people with wings are playing harps, etc etc.  You've been brainwashed to believe ridiculous fairy tales.  In 2014 it is abundantly clear that there is no evidence that deities exist, or an afterlife, or that any of the fables written in the iron-age by nomadic desert people are true stories.  Get a grip.

Passive-aggressive judgment.  "Oh, I disapprove and I know that god will punish you severely so you must be evil and wrong, but I'm a good person because I don't judge you."  At least have the courage of your convictions and have the guts to honestly express your bigotry.

Being gay is no more of a lifestyle than being straight. Being religious, however, is a lifestyle choice.

How very passive-aggressive of you.

Burn in Hell cocksuckers. 

Ooooo, send me there! I want to be where all the best c*cksuckers are.lmao Douchebag!

you are guilty of the sin you deny, its so obvious, stereotypical so called straight man, yeah right, you can have man sex while on a fishing trip or a nite out on the town, But my guess is you are a rest area man. in secret, ans no-one knows. We gay men have your number bud,,, we see you everywhere, everyday, STOP DENYING YOUR OWN SEXUALITY, its 2014 not 1920.

Nice exploitation of a CHILD with a disability, in the beginning of your video.  As if being a bunch of hate mongers isn't bad enough, you're using disabled people as a weapon.  Hope you enjoy that Hell place you invented.

kirk, what a laughable character; should've stuck to kiddie tv. 

Bigotry in the name of religion, IS STILL BIGOTRY!

Well, gosh darn it, do you suppose unhappiness among some gay people is the result of having been pushed around, hated, vilified, and excluded from the mainstream since the country was founded?  And, in your opinion, were people put on Earth to be "happy," or to be whole, fulfilled, respected, and accepted by their fellow humans?  

Kirk is correct. You gays are already paying the price for your lifestyle, as evident of your lives of perpetual misery. I have yet to meet a gay who was genuinely happy. I am not talking about this fake happiness that bubbles on the faces of most, but a true happiness.

You reap what you sow in life.

Kev... Try growing up in a world where people tell you that who you are is wrong and a sin, and see how much armor you build up and how it affects your ability to trust others.  People like you are the reason that so many gays have hard lives and the reason why we can totally recommend an amazing therapist to all of our straight friends! And since you don't know any "happy gays,"  I doubt you actually know very many of us at all, or the meaning of true happiness either...  And yes, some gays lead lives of perpetual misery as do some straight people... The key word there is PEOPLE, and the main idea is that we are equally capable of achieving happiness and misery in life. 

Anyway, while I find your  morally fossilized stagnation rather fascinating,  If you did not publicly make spread your bigotry in forums like these, I doubt a single gay person (including myself) would ever know or care that you are now or have ever been using up the good oxygen on this planet... 

Cheers mate**


**And by cheers I mean fuck off, and by mate I mean please don't reproduce!  Heavenly Blessings and spells and potions and all that jazz too.

The stupidity of that comment is epic in scale. 

What a ridiculous idea.  There are plenty of happy gay people.  The most miserable people I see are those deluded by religions that are telling them that they are at war with reality, like this video.

You're a fucking idiot. There is no god. There are plenty of happy gay people. Being gay is not "wrong." Kirk Cameron is a fucking moron.

I miss anything?

Like button. This is a straight person who agrees.

Nice arm-chair psychology, "Kev". The reality is, have no idea if anyone is truly happy unless you can peek inside of their hearts...and with the way you hypocrites like to peek inside people's windows, I'm sure you'd love to...but, no, sorry. Mind your own business, thanks. True happiness comes from your values such as integrity, compassion, love, patience, loving others, etc...all the things you apparently know little about...not performing perfunctory service to some religion or God. Ya know, those goofy things you obviously do. Yes, you do reap what you sow in life, and I know many gays who reap the benefits of living a life worth living. Parents, teachers, doctors, ministers, architects, laborers, janitors, flight attendants, truckers, etc...I know this makes you people crazy because you can't wait for your God to burn us all in hell...but, your wonky imaginations are none of my business.

If you don't like gay people, that is your right. Be man enough to just admit it, though, and stop couching it under the cowardly lie that you "love the sinner and hate the sin". Few things worse than a coward, afraid to say what's really in his or her heart. Man up, "Kev". What is not your right, and never will be, thankfully, is the ability to use your chosen religion to force others to adhere to your personally-chosen-and-held standards of morality. Sorry, "Kev"'ll just have to learn to live with us. Or move to Iran or some other country where the religion of your choice is the law of the land. In The United States of America, however, we have a long-standing history of expanding civil rights...and that will continue. As you can see. Same-sex marriage is now a LEGAL REALITY in 15 states (as of this writing). Eats your lunch, doesn't it? Deal with it. ~ A Very Happy Gay Person :)

To Hell with your fetish for man-made laws. To Hell with your deceptive "personalistic" view of Christian Truth. Itt's GOD, NOT "*your* God" or *my* God and the moral standards you are attacking are NOT "personally held" NOR "personally chosen". They are absolutes from the Creator to human creatures irrespective of chronology, color, creed, culture or civil constitution.

I do not believe man-made law of the land decides morality, PERIOD, and there is NOTHING you can do to change that; if you sodomites think you can get me to accept your lifestyle as valid or emigrate you are wrong. I will DO NEITHER. I live in a country (not USA) where the VAST majority of people as well as the state support so-called "marriage equality" but I will DIFFER from the law and mainstream culture of my time like millions of separated, world-rejecting, born-again believers and many Christian Martyrs past and present have done.

I will NOT move to a theocracy, I will choose to live in a country which is legally a secular democracy but proudly disagree with the law of the land, because my faith is supreme over human laws no matter what penalties unjust secular rulers subject me to; God's Laws opposing gay sex acts and straight premarital sex apply to every person in the Universe, human laws and court rulings to the contrary are irrelevant because this is God's Universe.

I will obey the law of my land in general but disobey it whenever it contradicts God's holy Truths, and accept the punishment even if that is public execution or torture, let alone something as measly as prison- one sad sodomite threatened me with "orange jumpsuit" talk and I told him he could  threaten gas chambers and it STILL wouldn't make me move to a different country or obey unjust anti-Christian laws.

Same-sex "marriage" could be a legal reality in every nation, local jurisdiction and international law and a religious reality in every church, mosque, synagogue, gurduwara, temple, witches coven etc. in the WORLD and I would STILL not accept it as genuine- because God's Law and natural law reject it.

By the way, if I lived in one of the filthy Satanic Islamocracies that sodomite and secular-humanist scum repeatedly implore Western secular democracy-dwelling Christians to consider emigrating to, I would openly burn korans and die a MARTYR to Christ Jesus. The Lake of Fire will include the masses from iran, 'ghanistan, pakistan, the taliban, saudi arabia and so on AS WELL AS unrepentant homosexuals and atheists.

And nobody cares what you think. You have hated other religions and other people. You are small. Very small. No matter where you live, what you do, you will be small. Small minded.

Your faith is not fact. It's the ramblings of a sad sorry ass person who thinks a book that was written an eon after Christ died is the word of god. Nope. It's the word of man and you are proof that no matter the lie, the fool with spout it louder.

Personally I want all Islamic and Christian areas to live unlike you. If you caught on fire, i wouldn't piss on you to put it out.

I am a genuinely happy woman. I have an amazing 3 year old daughter. I have amazing family and friends who love me dearly. I currently work with individuals who are developmentally challenged and I am about to graduate as an RN this December. Oh and I'm gay. Really the only difference between me and you is I spend my timing helping and loving others while you spend your time judging others. What a sad life. It's amusing you actually think you know when another individual is "truly happy" or not. There are things in life that I do not understand or or that I even disagree with. Regardless, I do not spend my life judging or ridiculing because these things do not affect me, my child, my friends or family in any way. To live your life by interpreting a book of stories that was written thousands of years ago is absolutely ridiculous. I do believe in a higher power. I do not believe in living my life based on the views of men who lived thousands of years ago. Do me a favor and don't ever say you know when another human being is "truly happy" or not. It is not fact it is your own opinion based on your own views and life experiences, and the notion that you believe "gays" are never genuinely happy. I usually do not waste my energy on ignorance but sometimes the idiocy needs addressing.

Sincerely Yours,

                Genuinely Happy Gay

Can't tell if trolling or clinically retarded.

I'm extremely happy.

What I detest most is religion.

People who follow blindly in something like the sheep that they are. 

I have yet to meet a non judgemental religious person, and why, because they are all lost wondering sheep and have no purpose or meaning in their lives that they follow these stories from books. 

it is indeed very sad but many of them are waking up these days :-) 

Wow! Totally ignorant statement! I am straight, my best friend is gay. One of the most well put together, happy, intelligent, financially successful people I know. He has a very happy, long-term successful relationship because of communication and monogamy. He looks and acts like any other guy, u wouldn't even know he was gay until you ask him...I didn't, until I asked. He does not wear his sexuality on his shoulder. He is a good guy, loyal to the end! Don't be prejudice and lump everyone into one giant shit just might miss out on a really good trustworthy PERSON! True good people are too few and far between to be prejudice these days! He is my best friend for many reasons...I don't care if he is gay or from another planet...he is good! He will always be my best or not...him being gay just doesn't matter to me at all!

Kev, your comment is as disgusting as anything anyone ever said about the LGBT community. How in the name of the FSM do you know what anyones happiness level is? Other than your own of course. This is such a typical DA statement I can't believe you had the guts to post it. I know gay people. I know straight people. There seems to be an equal level of happiness vs misery in the two groups. I know a way you can use your christianity to help someones life be less miserable... stop judging people and trying to deny human rights. 

You sicken most of America with your intolerance. Kirk Cameron, here it is in terms you will understand: you are evil and will go to your own imaginary hell for your pure, simple hatred of love between human beings. you sicken all right-minded, just, decent humans. you should be ashamed of yourself, and the god you imagine.

Whatever your beliefs are involving same sex marriage, it was definitely NOT OKAY to harass these 2 college students (and to do it in the name of Jesus, who told us to "love one another"!) with death and rape threats.  This is a shameful thing for so-called "Christians" to do.  My opinion is, you can't call yourself a Christian and at the same time spew hatred -- towards anyone, whether they be gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, agnostic, atheist, or even your fellow Christian!

I do not necessarily agree that the school have refused to let him do the song in that dance.  However, if there had been a Jewish, Islamic or other religious song being played what do you think this group would have done?  that's right they would have 'defended' their 'right' to not listen to another religion's music.  

Let me start off by saying i am gay and a Christian i believe in God and love him dearly. i believe that he dose not like some of the things done in his name. that being said i watched this video and i don't think that a boy wanting to sing and dance about Jesus is hate filled and love the fact that people stood up for him. and as for the other 2 stories, the people in them were not hating on anyone or judging them hate is a two way street people hate Christians when they stand for what they believe in. do they not get the same rights as every one elese

I actually was interest in this but I stopped reading when I saw the phrase "American Taliban"  I think it is unconscionable to compare right wing Evangelicals to a group of people who beat and execute people for the most trivial offenses and harbored Al-Qaeda.  It is like comparing airport security with the same group of people who murdered 6 million Jews.

Yeah it's not like any gay people have been killed in the US

Maybe you should read history. Comparing Christians to the Taliban is not only appropriate, it's actually being nice. If anything it's insulting to the Taliban. 

Rejecting Christianity was for centuries one of the leading causes of death. 

I was hoping to share this article but it needs some editorial adjustments. The correct way to express the first sentence is " ...has really run..." (not "has really ran.")  Also, do I have to listen/watch 20 minutes of this guy's drivel before getting to the anti-gay part?  I don't want to hear that much of him!!  Thanks for covering this but I am not going to share right now -- I don't want any reasons for the homophobes to shoot it down.

Many times in the Bible there is a description of what God says is the beginning of life, and time and again it is when "The Breath " is within the person.  If a baby cannot breath on it's own, it is not alive and according to the Bible not considered a being yet.  You are defining the Bible to your own constraints, twisting Jesus's and God's words..your punishment will be great after this life.

It also says "Before I was formed in my mother's womb, you knew me." God has known every baby ever conceived, whether they were born or not, and whether they lived after birth or not.

And that's a fine belief...for you. Doesn't make it true, and it doesn't mean that we have any obligation to live by your chosen religion. I have my religious beliefs, but I keep them to myself and apply them to my own life. Like you should be doing with your religion, instead of using every bit of strength you have to shove it down the throats of others. Mind your own business and live your own life. If you don't like gay people, that is your right. What is not your right, and never will be, is to use your chosen religion to force others to adhere to your personally-chosen moral code. Stop spending so much energy being a busy-body and worrying about the "sins" of others and actually DO something good for others. You know, like Jesus did. Or...does that get in the way of your actual desire to peer down your nose at everyone who doesn't believe just like you? Don't answer that. It was rhetorical. Go look that word up. Same-sex marriage is now LEGAL in 15 states. Eats your lunch, doesn't it? ~ A Happy Gay Person :)

It is so very sad that all these so called "Christians" spend so much time and energy hating, fighting against those who are different than they.  Instead of helping people, and being more Christ like.  Jesus's teachings are very simple, "Love one another as I have loved you".  Help the poor, the homeless, the sick.  Put your energies towards positive endeavors instead showing your intolerance.  Teach by doing.  And this whole "persecution" fallacy is so ridiculous.  Freedom of Religion, means ALL Religions.  I'm, sure many of you would have been up in arms if a child wanted to sing a song about a non Christian god, or something else you didn't agree with.  If you would only treat everyone as God's Child, which we all are, whether you agree with people or not.  It's just sad that  you cannot truly follow Jesus.

Hallelujah. Praise the Lord!

ENOUGH.  Why are we even having this discussion giving credence to what the right wing fundamentalists homophobic Christians are spewing?  Who cares, as it is so not of any moment to the discussion of marriage equality.  What is important is that what we are talking about is a CIVIL right - a right that every American must have access to.  There is no movement to force anyone to change their religious beliefs nor impose this on any religious organization.  There is however a movement to allow equal access to a fundamental right - the right to marry.  This is a civil issue, of which religion plays no part, as this County has been founded and remains committed to the separation of Church and State in its Constitution.  Don't want gays to be married in your church, your temple, your mosque? No problem. Want to deny gays the right to be married under the County's civil laws?  Yes, that is a big problem - not for us, for you, because religious law has no place in our County thankfully to the United State's constitution.   Doesn't work for you?  Tell ya what - there are many countries that adhere to religious law as being the law of the land - go there and let us all know how that works out for you.

The arguments made opposing marriage equality are exactly the same as those made opposing inter- racial marriage.  Right wing fundamental with racial animus Christians came out of the woodwork saying it was God's will, as spoken in the bible, that the races shall not mix, and to allow this would begin the destruction of the moral fiber of society.  Well the arguments rooted in this racially driven Christian belief made then will meet the same fate as the very same arguments made today, homophobic driven,   against marriage equality.  Already in every Court decision to date, the Courts have ruled in favor of marriage equality on the same basis that it was ruled in favor of inter-racial marriage.  Wake the fuck up - We are talking about Civil Rights, here. We have separation of Church and State in this Country - believe what you want, however, keep your hands OFF my civil rights.  Just so you know, I have NO interest in the curtailment  of your religious views, and you are more than welcome to them. However, your religious beliefs do not dictate, nor have any say on anyone's civil rights - much like when the Supreme Court threw out the laws against inter-racial marriage, which were predicated and defended based upon "because the Bible tells me so".

Oh my gosh I am a Christian- but freedom of religion and speech goes both ways in this country. You are free to have your straight marriage and go to any church. NO ONE IS STOPPING YOU. And gay people are free to marry and NOT go to your church. That is freedom of religion. NO one has to follow your religion, and people should be able to go to publicly funded colleges, and sit in the classrooms, and not have to hear you preach your christianity at them. You don't have the right to force your Christianity on anyone anymore than they have the right to make you gay marry. No one is forcing you into a homosexual marriage, but you feel the right to force them into a straight one. YOU are the bigots!


THANK YOU!!!!!!!! The right wing fundamentalist homophobic Christians are not the voice for all Christianity, much like the militant Islamist do not speak for Islam as a whole.  Kc you embody what truly Christianity is all about - love and equal treatment for one and all. Again, thank you!

Kinsey was 100 years ago. Totally irrelevant in today's society!

All you gay guys think about is S-E-X! Look at Craigslist under m4m Missed Connections or m4m Casual Encounters. You're ALL promiscuous! You'll screw anything! Aren't you afraid of getting a disease that will make your wiener fall off???

Really? Are you kidding? 

While you're searching Craig's list, please don't forget to search "Men looking for women" and "Women looking for men". You'll get more than an eyefull. 

Quit trying to justify your bigotry by selectively citing things that you believe people are stupid enough not to see for what they are . . . bullshit. 

Why do you know so much about what is being posted on Craig's List under m4m Missed Connections or m4m Casual Encounters? Curiosity Much? :) Got something to tell us, "Anonymous"? It's okay...a lot of closeted gays take this self-hating stance. Come on out and enjoy the fresh air. You'll be much happier, I promise.

Do you have any clue as to the number of sites dedicated to straight sex pick-ups?

Do you have any idea of that vastly higher percentage of straight porn?

do you have any clue as to the amount of straight sex occurs among highschoolers, college students and young people, out of wedlock?

either you are too stupid to realize it or too much of a bigot to admit it. Either way, you're pathetic. 

How do you know what's listed on Craigslist?

No heterosexual man would ever be caught dead in that section of Craigslist.  Not even for "research."  You are so-o-o-o gay!  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  Except that you closet yourself and hide behind your mock hatred for everything gay.  Kirk Cameron is also gay.  You know Shakespeare's quote:  "Methinks he doth protest too much!"

Because there aren't just as many if not more heterosexual requests on the list? Why u trolling the gay part anyway?

Because it stimulates his rich, Fay fantasy life?

Onward Christian Soldiers Marching as to war!!

With the cross of Jeeeesus

Going on Before!

Christ, the anti-gay master

Leads against the foe!!

Forward into battle

See the dimwits go!!

I wonder why you have such images running through your head?  According to Kinsey the majority of gay men do not actually do it that way.  The percentage is only a little higher than heterosexual males who like it like that.  Tis True!  Look it up!

It's so sad that he thinks Christianity should be at war with God's creations. It doesn't really fit with a loving creator God, does it?

Am I missing something, because I only see hate in the last video.

Here's the thing. My best friend almost committed suicide because no one accepted him when he came out. He's a great athlete, humble Christian, and a great person... but when he decided to not hide anymore, the Church turned him away, they wanted nothing to do with him. I don't care if people approve and support equality or not, but everyone should be accepting and loving towards all people. You don't want to "lose" this war, then quit turning the gay Christians away with hate, vulgarity, disgust, etc. The church has to change or it's going to die. Remember, love all, even those with opposing views, because at the end of the day, all we have is each other.

Kirk who?  This asshat doesn't represent Christianity anymore than bin Laden represented Islam.

Many people have not learned one of life's most basic lessons:  You can't make yourself look good by making someone else look bad.  That lesson is good for everybody.  Kirk who? didn't become a penis because he took up Christianity.  He was born or bred that way and took up Christianity to validate his penishood.  Similarly, the atheist sneer monkeys flog atheism because it seems the best way to validate their born/bred belief that they're the brightest bulbs on the tree.

"It is better to be silent and though a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."

Yes!! Yes, you crazy religious nuts!! Please continue to spew your crap and destroy your own religion!! 

Quite agree that Christians should have the right to believe what they want to believe, and do what they wish should it not impede on anyones rights. Just in the same way I believe that John Doe can have sexual relations whith whichever man he wants and Jane Doe the same. Who are we to restrict another persons choice when it goes against our own beliefs?

Like that nurse in the abortion video - none of her bloody business what her patient wanted, it was her choice. If it upsets her that much then she should really consider changing jobs.

Makes me puke when the xenophobic Christians think that their religious freedom extends to other peoples.

Live and let live I say :)

My soon to be wife is a strong black woman: Smart and funny and sexy as hell and within our lifetimes there were people who would have opposed our marriage with the same vernacular and tone that are used to oppose marriage equality now. How dare you?

YOU Mr. Atheist are CLEARLY out of your mind! That is the lamest explanation I have ever heard!

If you gays don't believe in God, how in the heck do you all think we got here? SHEESH!

If you think gay people don't believe in God . . .  well, you are rather ignorant.  The largest gay organization in the world is an LGBT church - MCC with more than 250 churches around the world.  Think what you want, but at least have an informed opinion.  SHHHEEESH.

We grow, we learn. We evolve. 

Apparently, you have not evolved past the 9th century. Keep trying. 

The fact that we don't understand how we got here is no reason to be consumed by superstition, especially when that superstition causes us to treat others as inferior.  

We thought disease was caused by vapors until we discovered bacteria and viruses and prions. 

SHEESH is the reason for the season.  Keep SHEESH is Sheeshmas!

Well i am not gay, but i am a atheist and i might be able to help with this question.

If the universe is so complex that it demands a creator, this creator would have to be a more complex being than any of it's creation right? How did he come about, he always existed and is uncaused? Than a creator is not needed if that is true because the universe and all of it's contents could of always existed and is uncaused and it would be less complex than this god is supposed to be. God is a contradiction, it's like a chef hiring a chef to be his chef.

"Christianity Will Win Its War Against Gays"

Pretty much sums it up...Christianity is AT WAR with people who just want to have the same rights and respect as everyone else...need another reason to despise Christianity? Here it is.

And NO, and your hateful, xenophobic types will LOSE...PERIOD.

Kirk Cameron must have a prophetic "in" with God, because all indication is that the opposite of what he predicts is already happening. Fundamentalist churches always have to be dragged kicking and screaming to every new social advancement. But even the rabidly fundamentalist ones eventually come around, because it's either stay relevant or die. 

I seriously doubt Kirk C. has a special line open with God, and if he doesn't, then the current trend will quickly prove him wrong.

Funny how in the donor testimonials, only the men speak, while the women just nod.

Funny how in all of the donor testimonials, only the men speak while the wives just nod.

Seems to be a lot of stupids on here

Boy, I had such a huge crush on him growing up!  If he would just shut up and take off his clothes, I think I'd like him more today...

Kirk, You are as gay as GAY can get!

I support love.  Period.  Live your own goodness-we are all human.  Take care of YOURSELF and stop spreading hateful words.  


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