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Anti-Gay Groups Sign Pledge To Defy SCOTUS' Prop 8 & DOMA Rulings

A ragtag coalition of anti-gay groups including the Family Research Council, NOM, Focus on the Family, the Liberty Counsel and more have issued a joint statement promising to defy the Supreme Court should the justices rule against Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act next week. 

Reads the symbolic statement in part: 

Experience and history have shown us that if the government redefines marriage to grant a legal equivalency to same-sex couples, that same government will then enforce such an action with the police power of the State. This will bring about an inevitable collision with religious freedom and conscience rights. We cannot and will not allow this to occur on our watch. Religious freedom is the first freedom in the American experiment for good reason. 

The Supreme Court has no authority to redefine marriage and thereby weaken both the family and society. Unlike the Legislative Branch that has the power of the purse and the Executive Branch which has the figurative power of the sword, the Judicial Branch has neither. It must depend upon the Executive Branch for the enforcement of its decisions. 

As Christians united together in defense of marriage, we pray that this will not happen. But, make no mistake about our resolve. While there are many things we can endure, redefining marriage is so fundamental to the natural order and the true common good that this is the line we must draw and one we cannot and will not cross.

There are so many logical loops made here that I'm too dizzy to know where to begin, but JoeMyGod's comparison of this pledge to the "impotent" Manhattan Declaration is a great place to start. "That they felt the need to retread this garbage today only tells us how they are completely convinced that an epic and delicious (for us) case of the sadz is coming," Joe writes.

Still, this statement full of illogical circular reasoning is unacceptable and causes blatant and direct harm to a segment of the American population. Shame on this who's-who list of dbags/


This country guarantees you the right to defend your fundamental belief but does not give your the right to enforce it upon others.  I have a very nice traditional marriage that doesn't need protecting.  My marriage is secure and intact, was not formed for any purpose of procreation, but does support the needs of our children.  It is also a civil contract issued by the state and although a religious ceremony was performed the state license is the document that was needed to legalize the union.  Those that are trying to protect marriage from threats that are as real as the bogeyman are laughable. 

Thank you, Lkjhg.  Beautifully stated.  I have a very nice non-traditional marriage that, unfortunately, does need protecting.

Is this a declaration of war?  Where is the NRA when we need them?

Nope. The first law of this country is that the government will not and cannot dictate law based on religion. Uneducated trash.

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