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Mother Accused Of Having Son 'Beat The Gay' Out Of His Brother

A North Carolina mother has been accused of having her 12-year-old son assault his brother in order to "beat the gay away."

An NBC affiliate reports:

Police were called to an incident on West Walter Street Saturday, and officers say when they arrived, there were several people yelling and screaming, according to a Whiteville police report.

According to the report, a 15-year-old said his mother, Mary Gowans, had his 12-year-old brother strike him repeatedly, and he was not allowed to fight back.

She then reportedly made the teen strip down to his underwear, and proceeded to hit him with a belt across his body.

Police say there was a large abrasion on the 15-year-old's back.

Gowans, however, says the allegations aren't true. She said her son was intoxicated when he reported the incident to police, and that although she doesn't agree with the gay lifestyle, she would never harm her children.

According to Gowans, her 15-year-old son has been visiting a gay man, whom she heard had molested him.

Gowans said she called the police about the matter, but nothing has been done. She admitted to beating her son in an effort to stop him from visiting the man, and claims she was just trying to protect her son.



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Gowans is now facing a misdemeanor child abuse charge.


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Okay, this is such poor reporting that I don't understand why people are getting all riled up.  There are too many intangibles--is the 15 y/o gay?  is he having relations with an adult male?  is he being molested by an adult male?  did he hit his younger brother first?  what's the custody situation?  what's the history with the mother and child welfare officials and/or court?--that passing quick judgment on the mother is premature.  Let the facts be presented in court before those who live inside their own glass heads throw stones.

Thanks Papi. You are right. A dramatic story without any facts. Just for sales value. 

It's called 'The FOX Syndrome'. :-/

Papi... yes not all the facts are there but one still stands loud and clear she hit her kid to the point that a Mark was present on the child's back that alone is enough to have a red flag go up. Regardless, if the child is gay not gay, molested not molested the child SHOULD NOT be getting hit for something he cannot or does not want to control. The mother is clearly unfit to be a parent....

Adrian, you are right, it is never ok to beat a child. But Papi never said he agreed with her. This is really bad reporting and from that people automatically passes judgment on the parents. We don't know if this is true or not. Does she have a history of violence? is the kids known to lie? were the two brothers just simply fighting like brothers do? These among many more are things we need to question before automatically saying people are bad parents. 

shouldn't someone investigate about this "Man" she speeks of. Just in case this man is molesting her son

"He not all there. He do not know right from wrong." And this sorry excuse for a mother DOES know the difference between right and wrong by forcing her younger child to beat up the older child?! She apparently is not 'all there' either and needs counseling to appreciate her alleged gay son! She should be denied any further contact with these young and impressionable children forever! What a pitiable mess of a woman! Makes my heart ache just listening to her miserable non-excuses for having one child assault another! Pathetic!

stupid bitch.. give that cat a comb!

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