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Hump Day Hunks: Boxing's Hottest Surprise Kisses

In honor of one of today's top Reddit stories, we thought a throwback to three of our favorite surprise kisses shared between some of the sport of boxing's top men would be fun for Hump Day. Sometimes the most debilitating move you can make isn't a punch or a block...


Are we watching the same clips? I get the second one but the first and third seem to me examples of the "gay panic" defense, right? Guy kisses guy other guys clocks, or tries to clock him?

Two men that are comfortable with their sexuality. They kiss and the world sees and walk away with a smile. Man of Mans.....No matter what happens is their business.

I love that second gif. They just give one another a goofy smile and dude gives him a little bop on the side of the head. Puts me in mind of two puppies getting rambunctious then stopping and one just batting the other in the nose when its all over.

Cool how very comfortable some straight guys are with their sexuality!

Very funny :) Sometimes you wonder about men who does protest too much smiley

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