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Cory Booker Rival On Booker's Unwillingness To Refute Gay Rumors: 'It's Weird. I Like Being A Guy'

Updated Wednesday at 4:55 p.m. PST

Cory Booker responded to Steve Lonegan's offensive statement in an interview with The Huffington Post Live. Booker said:

"It's just disheartening to hear somebody, in this day and age, in the United States of America, say basically ... that gay men are not men, they're not guys. It's shocking to one's conscience in this country, where we believe that the content of one's character, the courage in one's heart, the strength of one's sense of purpose, the love that one has for others and their service, is what defines them. And instead he's challenging the masculinity of millions of Americans.

"The thought that what defines manhood is the drink that you drink or the cigar that you smoke -- I think that he just really misses the boat on what it means to be a man in America.

"It's just really unacceptable and goes against everything I was taught about this country and what we stand for," he added. "So that kind of callous, bigoted, disrespect to gays and lesbians -- it just shouldn't be tolerated."


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Cory Booker's Republican rival Senate candidate Steve Lonegan had a very clever and enlightened completely ignorant response to Booker's assertion in a Washington Post interview that it doesn't matter whether or not people think he's gay. 

Apparently Lonegan feels that Booker's unwillingness to defend his sexual orientation makes him less manly because, well, Lonegan "likes being a guy," ya know??

Lonegan says: 

"It's kind of weird. As a guy, I personally like being a guy. I don't know if you saw the stories last year. They've been out for quite a bit about how he likes to go out at three o'clock in the morning for a manicure and a pedicure....Maybe that helps to get him the gay vote by acting ambiguous...I don't like going out in the middle of the night, or any time of the day, for a manicure and pedicure. It was described as his peculiar fetish. I have a more peculiar fetish. I like a good Scotch and a cigar. That's my fetish but we'll just compare the two."

Yep. It's totally weird and unmanly to be secure in your sexual orientation and unwilling to bow down in the face of homophobia.

Nailed it!


Um, let me see if I have this right - on the one hand, we have a guy who has demonstrated an amazing amount of intelligence, a commitment to the lives of his constituency, AND who cares enough about his personal appearance, not to mention his job duties, to get a mani-pedi at 3 a.m., versus some "dude" who, BY HIS OWN ADMISSION, fetishizes booze & cigars - whom would you rather date, let alone vote for?  Am I right, ladies?


I applaud Cory Booker for his response. He is a classy man, and a REAL man. Lonegan is just a waste of sperm.

I do, too.  If I lived in New Jersey, he would definitely have my vote.

So Mayor Booker has a grooming/personal hygiene "fetish" - Lonegan has an oral fetish, and Booker is the one that should be perceived to be gay? I mean really, it writes itself.

Hey Steve, you know what they say about cigars:  they satisfy your oral something-or-other.

What a prick! Apparently, Lonegan doesn't like to groom himself. Also, just because I'm gay, it does not make me any less of a man, nor does it make any other gay man less than a man. We are ALL equal: gay, straight, bi, whatever.

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