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Video: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis On 'Chelsea Lately': "We're Gay!"

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis sat down with Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately following their successful appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards this weekend. 

The duo opened about facing rampant gay rumors and discussed how they met--on Myspace--which did nothing to squash those gay rumors. It all led to a hilarious "confession." Watch!!

Welcome to the team, guys!!


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Never heard of them, and who the helll cares anyway??

I'm with the previous poster that is now confused!  So, are they gay or not?

Nothing confusing about it. Saying they're gay was in response to meeting on Myspace. Prior to that the whole conversation was about being straight, etc. Geeze. No they're not gay. 

Well after watching it I am even more confused so I assume it was just a joke - or?

I would love to watch the video but its not available in my country. Drats I know I should not have moved to Narnia. 

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