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WNBA Star Speaks Out Against LGBT Rights

The WNBA's Sophia Young's hate for LGBT civil rights is so strong that it's really confused her senses. The popular San Antonio Silver Star player thought she was there to pray to baby Jesus to keep loving same-sex couples from marrying in her city when she was actually supposed to pray to baby Jesus to protect the legal discrimination of an American minority group. 

But as long as whatever she prayed for in front of San Antonio city hall was anti-gay, Sophia's okay with it, though. 

Sophia tweeted a photo of herself at the pray-in held at City Hall on Wednesday as a protest against the San Antonio City Council's upcoming September vote on an anti-discrimination ordinance. But don't tell Sophia. She thought she was there to ensure that loving human couples were treated like second class citizens. 

"Should San Antonio be a city that allows same sex marriage?? I vote NO," she tweeted during the prayer rally. 

"My vote is still No... San Antonio should not allows Same sex marriages," Sophia later tweeted as a caption to the above picture.

How many others at the pray in had no idea what they were praying for?

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she isnt very pretty hahahaha


Ignorance at it's best. It's sad that she is in a role model position. Shame on her. 

Shes lucky she did not run in to me I would have let her have it Remember "UNTIL WE ALL MAKE IT TO THE PROMISE LAND" and stop acting your color

Unfortunately a number of the opposition speakers used various scare tactics to bully the council and those in favor of the ordinance This is just one example of that.  The Non discrimination ordinance has nothing to do with marriage equality, religious freedom or free speech.  She has the right to say it even if it has nothing to do with ordinance.  My prayer is that God open the hearts and minds of them to see that no one should be discriminated against.

Ingrate whore

I would love to send her back to 1963.

Most of the protesters probably had no clue they were just barely near-humans too! If the shoe were on the other foot, perhaps their ignorance wouldn't be so widespread, perhaps? I just hope her fans are as cruel to her sorry ass as she obviously is towards her fellow humans, she deserves nothing less! Stupid jock bitch!

Considering yesterday was the 50th Anniversary of MLK's "I Have a dream" speech, she should realize that signs like those were being used against her people not long ago.

Love this comment

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