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Skip The Gym; Amazon's Fake Muscle Torso Is Ready To Order

Meh, who cares about the physical and mental health benefits achieved by slaving away at David Barton? What we really want is the faint outline of a six pack poking through our t-shirts and pecs that would make Thor himself hand us over his magic hammer. Thankfully, Amazon's got our back, err, front. 

A fake muscled torso that provides the illusion of gym dedication is a popular rising product on the Japanese Amazon

But what happens when the pecs and abs made of more silicon than Detox work and it's time to take off the shirt?



Actually, Joe, I beg to differ - not only was it in the first episode, it was in the first ten minutes of the first episode!  

That said, we ALL, unfortunately, live in a world obsessed with surface over substance, not just in the LGBT community, but society at large.  Frankly, I don't think that this was specifically targeted at our community, although I can imagine there are plenty of gay guys who will blow unnecessary funds on such crap; we were just the first to pick up on it - because we are that quick to do such things ;-)

@ JC not the 1st  but there was a episode with it, So with this being said , I just what to say that this is the Shit that pisses me off, people can't look at the inside, they have to look at the outside. you know i can understand that people would want to go to the Gym and workout to loss a few pounds (like me). but i so do think that the OVER  worked out guys, are going to be worst when they hit 65 + (no I am not there yet). and we will not even go there on the Metal side of this and what it does, Bottom line I would take me for who i am. and not something that i am not.  

BTW it's not every gay mans dream to have a dream date with a 6 pick :) 



Wait, wasn't there a scene in "Queer As Folk" about this?  In the very FIRST episode?  Where the guy had fake EVERYTHING, abs, pecs, gluts, dick?  Isn't THAT every gay man's dream date?

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