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Video: Lady Gaga Confronts Lack Of Respect For Artists, 'I'm Not A French Fry, I'm Foie Gras'

Lady Gaga defends her right to be creative and not to be "put into a box" in an interview with Sirius OutQ host, Larry Flick.

She also confronts the lack of respect she feels is given to artists today.

"'Applause' is about what I think about fame now. I feel that there is a lack of applause. A lack of elegance and sophistication in the way that the audience and the public treats the artist and the performer....I feel that it's rooted in everybody's a critic. Everybody has judgment. Everybody thinks that they have a right to say whatever they think about your music, your art. And truthfully everyone does have the right to an opinion.

"But this incessant negative force that's being charged at every celebrity, every artist. It's sad because there is an element of respect that's been lost - for the performer. People are not...grateful anymore,. It used to be a very unique and blessed experience to be able to experience theater and to be able to see it and only the most highest class people in Shakespearean times would be let into the theater and everyone else would have to watch it in the square. Nobody feels that way anymore. It's so easily accessible on the internet that it's treated like McDonald's. It's treated like trash. And so to get back to your earlier question, I'm not a french fry. I'm foie gras. And some  people  don't like it. But that's just who I am."

Do you agree with her assessment, Instincters? Or is Gaga falling a little too far over the line into self-importance?

(Also, wasn't theater for the public during Shakespearean times??)


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Artpop is the worst album of 2013. Time to sit down and stop bull$hitting people !!!

Her fascination with goose is so severe. I think this woman has some kind of beastility tendency in her.

Too self-absorbed and too trying hard to make her music relevant with some glossy productions powered by intensive marketing, PR strategy and social-media. In other words- too commercialize for the public to take her seriously. Whether it is an intentional and unintentional motive, Gaga should let the music speaks for itself.

Gaga, please STFU. Sing with your heart, not your chequebook !!!!

Yeah...What ever !

Omg some of these people taking this way over board, get over yourselfs.

try and make few good songs for a start...and be original for once. not just..ra ma.

These comments make me so happy that I am single.

Gaga, respect is earned not demanded. She is not that smart is he? :(

****big yawn******

Bla bla bla...

The Look- At -Me bitch is so desperate to do a "Thriller", a "Ray of Light", a "Jagged Little Pill" or a "Purple Rain" album. She thinks that her music is going to be meaningful to pop music history.

Good luck with that. 'Born This Way' sold for 99 cents in USA. Cheaper than a box of toilet rolls. Now that's a joke of the decade!

The whole freaking Gaga act is a lie. That's why she's a disgusting pig.

The number of perfumes sold, the number of albums sold, the number of Twitter followers. Gaga is synonym of lie and biggest pop culture hoax in the 21st century.

The problem is that now days people, especially young people like uneducated Monsters, take everything that the media throws at them as the truth. The media is no longer a reliable source of news. They manipulate the truth. Just look at Gaga's Twitter followers. 71% are spambots.

And young people are so damn lazy to look up history and realize that everything this pig does has been done before, and done better. Gaga is pathetic. Rehashing and repackaging others' ideas as nonsense is not artistic.

Just because you package your concept as ala-carte doesn't mean you didn't get it at Wallmart !!!


Wasn't Born This Way supposed to be just as revolutionary and the album of the decade? It wasn't an album of the year either. This is what happens when "talentless musicians" take the stage. They need shock value in order to make up for how mediocre they are musically. Lady Gaga is the epitome of filth. She's nothing but a role model for women with no self-esteem, and she believes everything she does is out of "art." Everyone knows she's NOT a new age Madonna or Cher. Not even close to Donna Summer. There's so many trends in this world, and she'll just be the flavor of the year. Then of course, there will be another piss poor self-proclaim musician that will come in and take her spot light making 90s- tampon- advert song again and again and calling it ..."art". Lets just hope this happens soon. Say no to this "Kim Kardashian" of music and Gaga's “artistic vision" seems to be researching and copying other entertainers". Sad isn't it?

  • Artistic value- 1 out of 10
  • Shocking value- 8 out of 10
  • Originality- 3 out of 10
  • Audience response- 2 out of 10
  • Message conveyed- NONE!
  • Fashion faux pas- 10 out of 10

Correction: 'I'm Not A French Fry, I'm Xerox Machine'

I think what she says about respect can be carried over to every other kind of service( may it be entertainment or functional service). One thing that gets me is how people get nasty when something which cost them literally nothing is not precisely what they wanted it to be. It is one thing to point out flaws and be critical of any form of art, but it is another to carry on like is a right of yours that someone else's piece of work should have been better. What it boils down to is respect.

In a certain way I agree with her... now everybody feels the need to say something about pop music and in general it's ok, but most of the times it's just to say bad things and throw away trash about the artist or the performer, the biggest example its in the comments of youtube, if you enter to any video of a pop star, there are always comments with an agression a comparison or some hate, that in my very own opinion it's sad... you can have your opinion but if it is not something constructive keep it to yourself, the negativity will not help the artist to reach the point where we as an audience will love to and deserve. In her particular case when she has a new single, the first comment always is "Madonna did it before, or Britney is better, or she is so ugly..." well for me each artist it's unique and maybe somebody did something similar before but it's ok, because its pop... just as simple ... at the end of the day I'm thankfull for the music that every artist do, so I can have a song for every moment in my life :P 

"each artist it's unique"... NOT Lady Gaga. Try to find one thing unique about her work. You can't.
Her music is generic contemporary pop - not unique. Her visuals are derivative.

And worse, she is dumb. Andy Warhol is rolling in his grave now that Lady Gaga conveyed (in this very same interview) that art used to be more appreciated when only the upper classes had access to it. That is the woman who recently set out to present a "Warholian" expedition. This girl has no idea about Pop Art or Andy Warhol. She is a dimwit.

And what about the parts she talks about the Shakesperean time? 

She is dead wrong (bothgrammatically and semantically) when she says that "only the most highest-class people in Shakespearean times would be let into the theater and everyone else would have to watch it in the square.” 

Contrary to what Gaga believes, during the Elizabethan era, drama was a unified expression as far as social class was concerned: the upper-classes attended the same plays as the commoners did in the public playhouses. 

Only towards the end of the English Renaissance theatre, with the development of private theatres, drama became more oriented towards the tastes and values of an upper-class audience. Before then, theatre was a form of populist entertainment, and both upper and lower classes had access to it. 

She is a complete moron.

I can finally conclude that Lady Gaga is not that smart after all. RIP.

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