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'Beware Of Homosexuals' Notice Encourages Residents To Report Gay Neighbors To Russian Police

The landlord of a building posted the following notice for the building's residents.  Despite the Russian government's claims that the anti-propaganda laws don't actively persecute gays, this notice shows how quickly this kind of government endorsed oppression can filter down into the general populace. 

As translated by O-blog-dee-o-blog-da, the notice states:

"Dear Residents,

According to our observation of your building,  during 1-2 quarter of 2013, in your building we discovered persons who are queer (gay, lesbian and etc…). At the moment  these people are in the process of explanatory work.

We ask you to show vigilance towards people who are doing propaganda of homosexualism.

Please note, that propaganda of non-traditional relationship by such people can be determined not only directly, for example describing the advantage of living as a homosexual, offering you or members of your family to have sexual relationship with you; not only by unusual style of dressing or unnatural behavior but also propaganda can be started little by little, holding homosexual propaganda in house for several years.

Please remember, that homosexuals can be dressed quite simply. He looks like you, he can be nice to talk to, and you can even know him.

Remember that homosexuals do not know the age limit and a person who does gay propaganda can be person who just graduated from school or an old man.

Increase your vigilance when you talk to your neighbors, when you are checking your mail and in elevators.

You can easily become a target of homosexual propaganda. There is one step from being homosexual and to start propaganda of homosexualism and molesting decent people.

If you become suspicious of one of your neighbors who does homosexual propaganda, immediately inform internal affairs bodies, local police officer or by phones: 02 or 240 60 30.



Gay Star News reports: "The posters were placed in a building in Rostov-on-Don, a port city and the administrative center of Rostov Oblast and the Southern Federal District of Russia.

City officials have distanced themselves from the flyers, urging them to be removed. While unconfirmed, there are rumors it could be a provocation in the upcoming elections of the city mayor.

Police are reportedly investigating the incident."

Something tells us the Russian police won't be putting in any overtime to get the bottom of this investigation. 

Reporting your gay neighbors to the police? Have the witch-hunts officially begun? Is history repeating itself?


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Truly sick, what is happening to Russia. Putin decided to isolate the country from the rest of the world once again. Don't forget Stalin is Putin's idol. Still can't understand how a former KGB spy could become a president or better say dictator. During his time in school he already started to work for KGB, and back then he reported his own class mates to the KGB, if they were talking badly about Ussr. Just imagine Putin used to report his own people to KGB and now he is proceeding doing that =(

Welcome to Nazi Russia

I thought Stalin was dead.

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