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NOM Upset Over U.S. Government's Recognition Of All Same-Sex Married Couples For Taxes

Color us shocked. NOM is pissed that the U.S. government will now recognize all same-sex marriages for federal tax purposes no matter what state the couples live in. 

NOM writes:

Today, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) denounced the U.S. Treasury Department’s ruling that same-sex couples who "married" in a jurisdiction that recognizes same-sex 'marriage' will be treated as married couples for federal tax purposes even if they live in state that does not recognize same-sex 'marriage.'

"The Treasury Department is grossly overstepping its authority. This is a nation of laws. Only Congress has the authority to change the law," stated Brian Brown, NOM president.

This action continues a pattern of lawlessness across the nation where administrators and clerks have taken it upon themselves to interpret and re-write laws as they pertain to marriage. Only the legislative branches of the Federal or State governments enact or rewrite the law.

"The Obama administration is intent on forcing same-sex 'marriage' on an unwilling public," Brown said. "Congress alone has the responsibility of determining federal tax law."


Wash, rinse, repeat. 



The public in my area is more than willing.

Dear AssHat Mr Douchebag Brown.  As Troy so honestly,openly says,,,(,Fcuk Off!!!).

Dear Mr Brown ( Fuck Off )

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