German Fitness Trainer Daniel Gildner Proves Lust Is A Universal Language

We admittedly have no idea what German personal trainer and bodybuilder Daniel Gildner is saying in this trailer for his "Muscle Commander" training series, but we certainly admire ethic.

Hell, the action starting at 19 seconds in would be enough to get us to sign up for twice-daily sessions!

Check out our Muscle Commander:

Who even needs to speak German?! Lust is a universal language, guys!!

Check out more Muscle Commander videos at the Shape You YouTube channel. Maybe you'll learn German??

(H/T: The Gaily Grind)



All I can say is, lecker lecker 

HOT ! 

I was going to translate what he said for everyone but then I realized no one cares. Lol. 

Lol I actually care!  He's hot but I really think he would be fun to watch and understand as it seems like he has a good sense of humor.  

fick mich

yes please.

With not a hair on his freakin sad.

I have no clue what he is saying but I don't think it really matter to me.. FCKING WOOF LIL MUSCLE PUP!

Wunderschönner Mann!!!!!! Würde ihm gern ficken!!!

So ein Affe.

J'en ai marre des HUNKS parce que tous Ils sont hétéros.

Mein Deutsch ist nicht gut.

as someone that may still have relitives in the "old country"   I'd  enjoy every minute with that

Er ist sehr HAWWT! 

Oh. mein. Gott.

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