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PA Rep. Brian Sims: 'We'll Have A Gay President In Ten Years'

Someone pass us Brian Sims' crystal ball! The openly gay Pennsylvania state representative tells French LGBT magazine Tétu that the United States will have a gay president in the next decade!

“It doesn’t bother me that people label me as the ‘gay elected representative of Pennsylvania,’” Sims said. “In 50 years, it won’t be an issue anymore. Looking at the current trend in the American opinion, we’ll have a gay president in 10 years.”

Could he right? 

Sims also shared his thoughts on President Barack Obama's role in support of the LGBT community:

“Barack Obama is probably one of the top 10 pro-LGBT activists in America. No other president has done more than he has. Did he always do it the way we wanted? No, but he’s done more than all the other presidents put together. He’s changed mentalities, particularly within the African-American community.”

What do you think, Instincters? Will we an openly gay president in office? Will it be soon?


(H/T: The New Civil Rights Movement)


We have had a gay president Lincoln, who with no surprise RUINED THIS COUNTRY by releasing the niggers from slavery.

If we do have a gay prez, I sure hope he looks as good as Mr. Sims. Call me 'shallow' but the image of the Prez goes around the World many times over. It is a source of pride as an American to portray a great image to the rest ot the World. When we had Dubya and Janieburton, I was so ashamed, I threw up every single day.

20 years.  I'm 58 and I do think I will see it in my lifetime.

No way in 10 years. And do people not know their history? Herbert Hoover, REALLY?

Maybe Sims is letting us know he plans to run for US President in the next 10 years?  

No.  If Hillary is elected that will take 8 years.  I say 40 years, but maybe VP is possible.

James Buchanan was the first "gay" president. He was partnered with Senator William King from Alabama and it wasn't a well-kept secret even on the national stage.

Herbert Hoover wasn't gay. That was J. Edgar Hoover who was the FBI Director. 

I think that an OUT gay President in the next 10 years is unrealistic.   It took 40 years after the Black Community was granted equal rights, for a black President to be elected.    We still haven't had a woman in the Oval Office.    I think that it will be closer to 20 years or more.   We may have more Presidents that are in the closet however....

Buchanan was too.  He had a male companion for years...

We already had a gay president.  Herbert Hoover....

If we do, it will be a big impact with the LGBTQ community and our country. There will also be a rise in religious protests, but we've already overcame them. I hope we do get a LGBTQ president soon because of the change it will bring. Now the question is, WHO will it be?

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