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Hands On Learning! Professor Teaches Anatomy By Painting (Hot) Students' Bodies

We've gotta get back to school!!

RIMT University Professor Claudia Diaz encourages her students to have a very hands on approach to learning. After all, what better way to teach human anatomy than to have her students paint accurate anatomical parts on the body of a real (hot) man??

Chiropractic student Zac O’Brien sat for around 18 hours while fellow students painted him.

”We walked him in and I still remember the looks on the kids’ faces. They were just in awe,” Diaz says. ”I realised it shocked them, it inspired them and it motivated them.” 

Well, yeah!!

According to Beautiful Decay: 

Previously shy about taking off their clothes so classmates could study their bodies, the students began to shed their inhibitions through this painting exercise. ”I couldn’t get the kids to keep their clothes on. They were all throwing them off,” Dr Diaz said.

Indeed they were!

Check out these awesome photos of the process, Instincters! (And see more images at Beautiful Decay.)



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I had to boil a frog and rebuild the skeleton. FML

They went to all this trouble just to show us the end of his dick?

That was to funny!  I thought the same thing!

the last picture looks like a guy I used to date ;)  Kids tese days have all the best classes.

damn school was never this kool for me lol

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