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Denver Gay Man Brutally Attacked In Anti-Gay Hate Crime

A Denver, Colorado gay man was brutally beaten on Labor Day in what he says was an anti-gay assault. 23-year-old Jared R. Olson now requires reconstructive surgery to his face that will cost $50,000.

ABC 7 reports:

Denver police are investigating an alleged bias-motivated crime after a young gay man said he was badly beaten by a man in a group shouting gay slurs outside a hookah bar early Monday.

Jared R. Olson's Facebook page shows photos of him with a bloody, battered face.

"This is the aftermath of my assault that happened this morning at Sams Hookah Lounge!" Olson posted on Facebook Monday.

The 23-year-old Olson told 7NEWS he and two friends were leaving Sam's Hookah Lounge at 2370 W. Alameda Ave. about 2 a.m. Monday when he and a gay friend were attacked by a man in a group of men in the parking lot calling them gay slurs.

Olson said one man followed the trio when they got in their car, then pulled open the door to the back seat where Olsen and his friend, who's also gay, were seated. The attacker repeatedly punched Olson in the face and also struck his friend. The male friend who was in the driver's seat was not harmed.

Olson said the beating left him covered in blood, with broken bones in his face that will require reconstructive surgery. He also had several teeth knocked out and chipped.


Olson said he feels sorry for the man who attacked him, because he is receiving support and the attacker won't. 

"People don't like what they don't know," he said.

Olson's mother wept as she talked about what she'd say to the man who hurt her son.

"You hurt someone's child. I mean, you hurt another human being, who should have human rights," said his mother, Melody.


It's amazing that even in this moment when Jared is obviously in a lot of pain and is most likely feeling very uncertain regarding how he'll pay to fix the physical damage to his face, he's still showing his attacker compassion. 

Jared's friends have set up a Facebook page where you can show your support: Justice For Jared.


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Comments posts worthwhile reading from a wide variety of sites each day. I think this one qualifies. Its so frustrating that so many of the stories are like this, when we scored such a major victory on weddings and even the IRS!!!

I'm really amazed by the attitude that Jared has after going through such a terrifying ordeal. Also, the bravery it takes to show the world the result of how ugly anti-gay hate crimes can be by showing a picture of your injuries. I hope Jared is able to find a way to pay for the reconstructive surgery. How about they catch this guy and make him pay for all of it in restitution fees, along with some extra money for pain and suffering! Get well soon, Jared.

Hello Jared --

I was surprised, in the worst way, to see your picture and read about your ordeal. I'm one of those old, senile guys who goes around telling people about Stonewall and Act Up and expected by this point people in America would have come to the realization that our gayness does not affect them, good, bad, or other. You are certainly right when you say people hate what they don't understand. My fear is that our country is becoming dumber as we are increasingly run by the most limited minds (T Party) and people who have no knowledge gained after say, 2000 years ago, the Fundamentalists. Both want to "improve" America by eliminating groups, like us, whom they see as detracting from America's greatness. I really worry where this country is headed when southern states use classroom book that replace the chapters on Evolution with "creationism," and states like Texas, where teaching Critical Thinking Skills is illegal after the 6th grade (kids might question the bible). The worst thing about all of this is this group hate and outright stupidity is always built up in groups, concentrated, and focused on one very innocent person, like you. There is simply no "America" anymore. I am so sorry you paid a high price for the idiocy of others and am amazed by your incredible attitude.

This should be forwarded to other websites for many others to read.

Of course like so many of these worthless thugs they have to attack in groups...true cowards.

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