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Korean Spider-Man Statue w/ Erection Is Removed After Public Complaints (NSFW-ish)

​A statue that depicts Spider-Man in a particularly excited state has been removed from Lotte Shopping Center in Busan, Korea after public complaints.

It's been up since last year, but we guess Spider-Man and his appendage are just getting attention from the public now.

​Artist Eunsuk Yoo explained the decision to remove the statue on Facebook:

I am the artist who made this piece. My reason for it was that I wanted apply the natural physical phenomenon to a superhero depict what’s natural in the morning without lies and superficial-ness in a comical way.

There have been some comments on various community sites and Facebook pages that this is lewd and a disgrace to the source material. Lotte Shopping Center has received many complaint calls this morning from a certain organization, and after their meeting, it was decided that I have to either modify or take the statue down. Instead of modifying my work, I’ve decided to take it down.

It was ok for about a year and now it has to be taken down due a sudden interest in the piece, which is sad. But I understand that a piece that could be potentially interpreted as lewd can be offensive at a place like shopping mall. It’s disappointing, but I’ll reach out to the public with a better work next time.

Do you agree with the decision to take the statue down??


(H/T: The Gaily Grind/ Kotaku)


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Wow. Anonymous huh? Can dish it but can't take it. Such a loser. Negativity attracts negatives. Must have an unhappy life. Thanks for trying to piss the world off while we laugh at your attempt. Lol

its funny how u post a comment like that but like to remain anonymous.....damn your homework man...educate yourself.theres enough negativity in the world without another ignorant comment...

Frankly, I think it's HOT!!!

I'm confused... why does it even have a boner to begin with? lol

It can barely be seen to begin with 

I love the statue, but come on.  It would've never been 'erected' in my city in its state of expression.  lol.  There's a place for boners and it's not on the faces of public buildings.  get real.  

Yeah's Korea. lol. They're more okay with things like this than us sensitive Americans. That's why it stayed up so long (pun not intended). I'm surprised they're gonna take it down.

Its "Korea"  do  you have any idea  how  meagerly endowed Korean men are? (lol) That is why they want it down!

haha funny stupid ass mother fucker 

Why have to remove. People keep sucking it all the time so why have to hide it away?

After all, he is Spider MAN.  He should have a man's equipment.

It should stay on that building I`d do it at my house on top

it looks great!!!!........

So what!!!! Spidey REALLY likes putting away the bad guys.LOL Better to be rescued by a REAL man than an anatomically incorrect GI Joe.

nice bulge though... great angle and it look powerful hahahaha hahaha not Toby Mcguire´s powerful... but more like Andrew Gardfield powerful... yeaaaaa....

oh please! some people need to get a life!

And if it was a female Spidey- women? And bare breast, fewer people would care, be bothered about it or noticed. We tolerate or permit objectification of a female's body but put objectify a man and it is dirty, rude and lewd. I guess our kids must think making babies is a disgusting act rather than a beautiful moment of creation, or perhaps I have been doing it wrong.

should be able to leave it. Can hardly see it. Look how far up it is.

That's something I can't wait to play with in the Amazing Spider-Man 3 which I can't wait to have played in a cinema near you... Mmmmm... ;)

ok korea has a penis park and pennis festival i think this is so fitting and i would love to have this on my house bad ass peice and anny man who dosnt wake up with a bonner is more than likely mot a man but a woman i agree with the artist its fun

Its japan not korea....

Nope. Definitely Korea. Nice try. 

I like the look of that piece.  If we have to destroy anything nude or sexually suggestive, many of the classic art works that have stood for centuries in museums must be destroyed.  We'll become like the sancimonious bigots who painted scraps of cloth over every nude in the Sistine Chapel.

While I admit that nudity for the sake of making a statement is not necessarily art, by the same token art with nudity is not necessarily pornographic or inappropriate.

PS  How are we supposed to type in a verification code we can't even read.  The humble users of these media sites need to make a stand together and petition for the removal of unnecessary verification codes.

.. blow it out yer ass .. yer not here to convince me otherwise. sheeeesh.

What ever happened to 'Art For Art's Sake'. Back in ancient times artists used to make statues depicting men with no clothes on, and have those statues displayed right in the town square and nobody criticized them. What has become of this world. I think people worry too much about insignificant things that used to be trivial, now they make major issues out of.

Hey....was that all......It is just spidermdatten with a boner....

Lol, I guess that is another way of dreaming of having big penises as Koreans are known to have little ones. No offences meant! :)

I think its funny  leave it up  we all need a good laugh every day

I find somewhat funny. 

No issue at all!  It's ART for goodness sake.  Ppl should wake up & enjoy what a true artist has to offer the world. KUDOS to you Eunsuk Yoo !!

I think it's wonderful, and shows that really Turns Spider Man on.  What he does TURNS HIM ON.  Awesome.  Get over it people.  Geeze!!!!

What was the purpose of the boner anyway?  Just being vulgar?   Was there some kind of statement being made, other than the sticky-fingered hero is also human with sexual urges?  Come on, it's not really necessary in public is it?

I agree. I am not offended at this at all. But there are places for this, and this was not the place. When we have a boner we do our best to hide it if we are in public. That is a private thing for you and your partner.

Very cool statue, but put it on a night club or art house. Not a shopping center.

we need playful and challenging art as much as the usual stuff. this type thing helps break down puritanical and shame-based attitudes, and recognizes the natural erotic energy in a fun way.

a boner is NOT vulgar.

Nah the statue was pretty stupid. Prudeness enforced properly here, I think that statue looks dumb. 

we need playful and challenging art as much as the usual stuff. this type thing helps break down puritanical and shame-based attitudes, and recognizes the natural erotic energy in a fun way.

.. ignorant prudes. no wonder there is are socio/phsychopaths .. acting out what is dimissed/repressed.

Hahaha okay blame other people for some psychopaths actions. I would say it's a lot more likely they're acting out because they're mentally unstable, not because a statue of Spiderman with an erection is being taken down. Don't blame 'prudes' for other people's actions to harm others. If you need to blame someone besides the agressor, blame the people that don't make sure these people are getting psychiatric help.

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