The End Of Homosexuality?

One "ex gay" group has revealed the entire fraudulent movement's true goal in a new newsletter sent out this week: the end of homosexuality.

How does it hope to achieve it? Through the outstandingly discredited, harmful and unscientific method of "conversion therapy." What does it hope to achieve by wiping homosexuality off the planet? The end of bullying and, perhaps collaterally, Lady Gaga.

As New Civil Rights Movement points out, preventing bullying by "ending homosexuality" is kinda like saying you want to prevent bullying by getting rid of all non-whites, redheads and overweight or intellectual kids. What's next? Throwing gays in concentration camps under the guise of "ending anti-gay hate crimes"?

Anyway, here's the copy announcing the "ex gay" movement's newest mission:

Want to Know How?


Want to be part of an exciting revolution? Want to end homosexuality and prevent bullying? Want to protect your children and grandchildren?

Everyday our kids are being inundated with false information about homosexuality-born that way and cannot change. This is both scientifically and scripturally untrue.

The "International Healing Foundation" plans to make the LGBT community extinct by allowing bigots to anonymously send a DVD touting dangerous and disproved "ex gay" propaganda to someone of their choosing (for a donation of $50 or more, of course. Baby Jesus' work doesn't come free!).

You can help end homosexuality and prevent bullying today! We invite you to step out of your box, make a difference, and spread the solution.

Here’s how:
With your generous donation of $50 or more, we’ll send a complementary copy of our groundbreaking Acception film to anyone of your choosing (your name will not be mentioned).

With your donation of $100 or more, we’ll send the film, curriculum, poster, and wristband to anyone of your choosing. Let’s make our public or private schools and youth groups be part of the solution to save more innocent lives, end homosexuality, and prevent bullying by using Acception in their health education curriculum.

We need you! Please contribute monthly $25 or more. We will be your voice in the public venue to end homosexuality and prevent bullying. We will be relentless to protect your children and grandchildren by spreading the truth in love-no one is born with SSA and change is possible!

These struggling "ex-gay" groups are certainly becoming more audacious in their Hail Mary plays, aren't they?

(Via New Civil Rights Movement)



Message to International Healing Foundation:

To Whom It May Concern:

As a Christian leader, I will be keeping an ear out for developing news of your mission and your progress.

Although you may feel that your intentions are good, your mission is based on a lie--if you truly believe your stated purpose that human sexuality is a choice that can be ended.

I will urge those both within and without the church to monitor your activities and encourage you to stay transparent and honest, Since your starting premise is a lie, however, your mission can have only one of two possible outcomes: 1) It will inevitably fail, and you will graciously accept this as God having closed a door so that He may open a new window of opportunity for you; or, 2) Your enterprise will inevitably begin to crumble upon its sandy foundation, and through pride, you will begin to manufacture untruths to cover up your lies and failures, and of course, to continue to keep "God hates Fags" money flowing into your bank accounts.

In any case, God bless. I will include you in my daily prayers that you may come to know God's love and forgiveness.

Tim V. Johnson


Ok looked a veiled threat of mass murder from the "Christians". My second amendment right says over my dead body.


HAHAHAHAHAHA Desperate closeted asshats all, what an f ing joke!!!

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